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The New Three R’s – the building blocks of success

At different times and in different contexts, success can wear many different faces. So what is success? What is it not? And what three traits are common to all successful people? Success – what is it? In the self-improvement world, the word success is often used, yet never really explained. In reality it is person and context specific. Most people imagine […]

5 Networking Hacks to Become a Better Networker

Networking is a skill you can acquire just like any other. Sure, while you’re learning you might make some mistakes but the reality is, mistakes are lessons to learn from. To help you quickly master the skills you’ll need, here are 5 networking hacks from Bernardo Moya, author of The Question: Find Your True Purpose. If […]

How to be brilliant at failing in life/love/work and why it’s important

Oh, I am such a failure. I’m useless. Why did I even start this? Sound familiar? If that’s how you talk to yourself when things start heading south, then maybe, just maybe, you haven’t learned the art of brilliant failure. To help you – here are five useful things to ask the next time you […]

What your goals reveal about your personality

Have you ever wondered why you set your goals differently from those around you, or wondered why it is that two friends can have such different ways of thinking about their futures? From the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) say hello to the meta-program. No, these are not crazy programs that turn your into a […]

20 Ways to Become More Emotionally Intelligent In 2020.

1. Think. Think about what you are thinking about. Spend time thinking. Meditate.  2. Listen to your Internal dialogue. Do you encourage yourself, are you positive? It’s your internal dialogue, change it!  3. Be aware. Be aware of being aware, of how you feel. If you change how you think, you can change how you […]

Bernardo Moya launches his new Mentorship programme for 2020

Bernardo Moya founder of The Best You launches his new mentorship programme for 2020. Bernardo has launched and supported the careers of hundreds of speakers. Bernardo has the expertise and training not only to coach and mentor you but additionally to that to provide you the exposure you need, the platforms, The Best You Magazine, […]

The Best You A Better World

Bernardo Moya

As this year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on all that we’ve achieved, as well as focuse on future goals. Here at The Best You we’ve had an incredible year, not least in forging new partnerships through the creation of our initiative The Best You: A Better World. In this […]

The Best You: A Better World

Bernardo Moya - Gala Awards

The Best You: A Better World It has been over five years since The Best You was born, and it is with great pride that the brand continues to grow and to evolve. I believe that it is our responsibility to become the best version of ourselves, and that it goes hand in hand with […]

The Best You: A Better World

The Best You: A Better World I recently visited California where I connected with new partners for next year’s Stateside edition of The Best You EXPO. I met some amazing experts including James Arthur Ray, Michelle Patterson, Renée Piane, Dean Graziosi, and Joe Polish. It was an inspiring trip, and a reminder that America is […]

The Right Reasons by Bernardo Moya

It’s been over 12 years since I decided I wanted to do something different, something that would help and inspire others. For me, It all started with my NLP training, and next year I will have been in ‘the business’ of personal and professional growth for a decade. I’m lucky enough to come across many […]

Practical Techniques to Develop Self Improvement and Change Your Life

The expression ‘personal growth’ is very commonly used in the 21st century. In fact, it is so popular a term that actually, many of us have lost sight of exactly what it means. The expression ‘personal growth’ is very commonly used in the 21st century. In fact, it is so popular a term that actually, […]

Two sides to a story by Bernardo Moya

Today I was thinking of a discussion I had with a close friend about the outcome of a particular day that has changed so much in Europe. The fact is, we have known each other for years, but we see the circumstances of that day in a completely different way and that’s OK! In life, […]

The revolution begins here – The Oola Guys by Bernardo Moya

There’s a movement spreading across America. It’s called Oola, and it was created by the Oola Guys – Dr Dave and Dr Troy. With its simple methods of finding balance in an unbalanced world, it looks set to grow and grow. Bernardo Moya speaks to The Oola Guys What is Oola? “Oola,” Dr Dave tells […]

Son of an Immigrant by Bernardo Moya

I recently chaired a panel at a great event called Migrant Women, promoted by Mirela Sula. It was such an overwhelming and inspiring day with so many amazing stories of women and men that have overcome great adversity in their lives. It was a room full of true empowerment and resilience. I often say that […]

Where Will You Go? by Bernardo Moya

I recently chaired a panel at a great event called Migrant Women, promoted by Mirela Sula. It was such an overwhelming and inspiring day with so many amazing stories of women and men that have overcome great adversity in their lives. It was a room full of true empowerment and resilience. I often say that […]

 Nathan Douglas: Jump to it! by Bernardo Moya

  Nathan Douglas, Olympic triple jumper twice won silver for Great Britain in the 2006 and 2007 European Championships and European Indoor Championships. But his plans to make London 2012 his games were wrecked after a freak injury. Now, Douglas is back. He talks to Bernardo Moya about his early life, his influences, and what […]

Sharing Stories by Bernardo Moya

Recently, I was asked what The Best You does. Trying to find a simple, definitive answer, I suppose the easiest response is ‘we share stories’. We are in the business of helping people to achieve their dreams but what we really do through The Best You Magazine, channel and at our events and seminars, is […]

Master of Success by Bernardo Moya

Many people have asked how Bernardo Moya became CIO of The Best You Corporation. At The Best You Expo, he spoke about his own story, about resilience and the desire to keep on going, and finally gave six steps to help keep us on track   Bernardo Moya has seen setbacks in his life, and has learned […]

Next Steps… by Bernardo Moya

We have just completed our first personal development Expo, and I would like to thank all of those who supported us, exhibited, spoke at the event or came along to attend and find out more about The Best You.   I also want to thank my team, for their support, loyalty, belief, hard work and […]

Happy in your work? by The Best You

At the start of 2016, The Best You performed a survey of attitudes to work of people throughout the UK, including questions about happiness and what can be done to give people more fulfillment in their working lives. The Life Meaning survey had some surprises and shocks. We take a look at what this means […]

Mind and Matter – Sandy Newbigging by Bernardo Moya

Sandy C Newbigging is the creator and award-winning trainer of Mind Calm Meditation and the Mind Detox Method, the author of more then ten best-selling books and numerous television shows. Here, he tells Bernardo Moya how he became an international meditation coach, and how the technique changed his life   It’s always refreshing to meet […]

Happiness is the best – Robert Holden by Bernardo Moya

Happiness expert Robert Holden talks to Bernardo Moya about feeling good, love and success, and the place they all come from   Robert Holden has his parents to thank for his becoming a leading light of the Positive Psychology movement. He was aware of the flipside of happiness early on. His mother suffered depression which […]

Will you change? by Bernardo Moya

For many of us happiness isn’t something we think about as we begin each day. It’s usually the case that events dictate our mood as we start each morning. Have you and your partner snapped at each other over breakfast? Have the kids made you late leaving the house? Was the first email you opened […]

What will you change in 2016? by Bernardo Moya

Do you love your life and what you do? Are you happy and fulfilled? Are you working on your personal development? The Best You’s survey reveals that most of us want to make positive change in the year ahead – and The Best You Expo on 27-28 February is the perfect place to start… New year, […]

Sir Clive Woodward: Maker of champions by Bernardo Moya

Prior to his appearance at The Best You Great Minds Seminar on 28 February, former England Rugby Union coach Sir Clive Woodward – who is famous for bringing the Rugby World Cup home to England in 2003 – tells The Best You about his life, his attitude to coaching, and what exactly makes a champion […]

It’s that time of year to show the love! by Bernardo Moya

There are many ways to show your friends or loved ones your appreciation and love, and at this time of year we tend show it with a gift. The latest gadget, an expensive suit, those heels she wanted. It’s a time of excess… It’s also a time of mixed feelings, a time of the year […]

Changing lives, inspiring people, one at a time by Bernardo Moya

With our sister company NLP Life Training, we’ve just delivered eight seminars in 19 days to more than 1,000 people who attended our courses. We love what we do and we love to meet the people who attend our courses and when we see a sparkle in their eye. We have seen this many times […]

Singer of good soul – Alexandra Burke by Bernardo Moya

With an outstanding musical heritage, X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke has enjoyed international success as a singer. Bernardo Moya catches up with the star   When she was a little girl, Alexandra Burke believed that she owned Alexandra Palace. Her mother would take her there from their home in Islington to roll down the hill at […]

A little more empathy please by Bernardo Moya

The feeling I get is that we are all slowly becoming more insular, more self-absorbed and massively less empathetic to a degree that we seem not to care. Media coverage has made us quite impermeable, and we are ‘used to’ seeing people suffering with natural disasters, starvation, immigration and vulnerable people living on the streets. […]

The advantages of Evolution by Bernardo Moya

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”right-to-left”]In an article of the Harvard Business Review of Larry E. Greiner, he discusses how, ‘In stressing the force of history on an organisation, I have drawn from the legacies of European psychologists who argue that the behaviour of individuals is determined primarily by past events and experiences, rather than by what lies ahead’. It […]

No limits ahead: Tanni Grey-Thompson by Bernardo Moya

Outstanding Paralympian, member of the House of Lords, television presenter and disability rights campaigner, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson tells Bernardo Moya how disability must never limit your aspirations   Carys Davina Grey-Thompson was born on 26 July 1969 with spina bifida, a birth defect which left her paralysed below the waist from an early age. Brought […]

Get ready to train for your success by Bernardo Moya

    A summer of sport is one of the season’s treats, and each year I am astounded by the levels of physical achievement that athletes around the globe reach in every event. If, like me, you’ve ever pondered what it takes to become an elite sports star, we have real insight in this month’s […]

The challenges of life – Bernardo Moya

Day to day, life, the universe or god throws challenges at us that sometimes can feel slightly overwhelming. How we overcome them is by being resourceful. Being resourceful is having the ability to find ways to solve difficult situations quickly. Being resourceful will not prevent us from going through crisis, but it will help us […]

What’s your state of mind? – Bernardo Moya

just by picking up and reading The Best You, you are probably more predisposed than most towards discovering ideas that will help you to achieve your goals and work towards the life that you really want. This issue, we have plenty of expert advice and tips for all areas of your life. Our cover star […]

Are you ready for the new season?

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s almost time for shorts, flip flops and bathing suits. The sun is out (if you don’t live in London it has probably been out for a long time already). It’s time to get our bodies into shape and prepare for the effects of the heat and sun. […]

What’s new at The Best You?- Bernardo Moya

With a range of upcoming events, editor Bernardo Moya shares the latest developments at The Best You. As our audience continues to grow on both sides of the Atlantic, we are excited to announce our plans to extend the ways that our readers can interact with the UK’s leading personal development magazine and channel to […]

Can you see the other side?

Are you too self-centered? Are you a ‘me-me’? We go through our day-to-day lives doing what we do, thinking what we think is right, or we focus on our thoughts and deeds. In neuro-linguistic programming it’s defined by the phrase, ‘the map is not the territory’ – in other words the way that we see […]

Are you too comfortable? by Bernardo Moya

We all prefer to live within our comfort zones, in every aspect of our lives. You will find that behind every comfort zone there are strong limiting beliefs that are restrictions about your abilities, which you are convinced are true. These limiting beliefs tend to keep you ‘safe’ with what your unconscious feels is appropriate […]

Making the decisions by Bernardo Moya

Making the decisions Life is passing us by, seemingly ever quicker, and this month my question is, ‘What kind of decisions are you making?’ Sometimes making the ‘right’ decision can easily lead us to paralysis. How can we decide what is the‘best’ job offer, who will be our future life partner, or simply what is […]

What change will you make? by Bernardo Moya

Out with the old, in with the new? I’m not sure how is it is for you, but for me the years seem to go by faster and faster. New Year is a great time for reflection, and I would encourage you to consider how much your life has changed during the last year. Are […]

The $1 million question: Why? by Bernardo Moya

I recently read Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why. It’s a brilliant book aimed at business, but it has really made me think about myself, and my company, on a deeper level. I’ve frequently asked myself the questions, “What would I like my legacy to be?” and “Why am I here?” But after reading this […]

Better safe than sorry by Bernardo Moya

  For the past 11 years, the month of November has been christened with a new name – Movember. What started out as a humble gathering of 30 moustachioed men has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, and we at The Best You are unashamedly jumping on the bandwagon. Movember is a fantastic cause, one that […]

Feeling let down? by Bernardo Moya

  What does being let down really mean? It has many connotations, but the dictionary defines it as: 1. To make someone disappointed by not doing something that they are expecting you to do 2. To work less hard or make more mistakes than the people who you are working with This month I want […]

Let’s compliment a bit more by Bernardo Moya

  Living in a big, and at times stressful, city like London can make us less receptive to communicating and engaging with others. Add modern technology into the mix, and it’s a wonder we still communicate face to face at all. Recently I’ve been thinking: Do we compliment each other enough? I don’t think we […]

Are you living? by Bernardo Moya

  William Wallace said, “Every man dies, not every man really lives.” So my question to you this month is are you living? Or are you letting time pass by? We are all very different, in so many ways.   Some people focus on working and saving their money for a rainy day. Others focus […]

In the Summertime by Bernardo Moya

    Hallelujah, it’s finally arrived! Despite the fact that we didn’t have a very harsh winter this year, there is nothing quite like the joy that comes when spring turns to summer. It’s the time of the year when we can finally get outdoors and enjoy the sun, when it bothers coming to the […]

Get the help you need by Bernardo Moya

  In the immortal words of The Beatles, everybody occasionally “needs a little help from their friends.” The average person has 130 Facebook friends, but with all types of relationships – from romantic to platonic – migrating online, people are feeling more and more disconnected and alone. Whether it’s shopping, going to the movies, gaming, […]

Gifts really do keep on giving by Bernardo Moya

    What is it that makes gifts so special? First, think less of the gift itself and more the act of giving. Being generous makes both the donor and the receiver feel good – and that buzz encourages both to do more of the same with other people.   It shouldn’t be surprising that […]

Christy Roxburgh chats with Bernardo Moya

  The Best You is continuing to release educational and insightful podcasts featuring notable and influential people. Our latest one, which was featured on an online radio show called Natural Health Radio, is a conversation with The Best You editor and CEO Bernardo Moya and professional hypnotherapist Christy Roxburgh, who hosts the show. Christy helps […]

Don’t be an education Dinosaur by Bernardo Moya

  Einstein didn’t excel as a student. Far from it. Teachers thought he was lazy, and he failed the non-science subjects he was taught. He was fortunate to have a spark for science ignited by an uncle who recognised and responded to young Albert’s curiosity. I’ve seen variations on that story time and time again […]

Time For A New Approach To Education? by Bernardo Moya

  If you do a bit of research, you’ll find the education system was designed to create obedient soldiers to do the bidding of their commanders. That was the specific reason for the creation of kindergarten in the 19Th century. It’s the 21St century, and we’re living with the consequences of that legacy. Schooling designed to create […]

Do people support you by Bernardo Moya

  However tenacious you are, however flexible and focused and the rest of it, there will be times when what makes the difference to achieving what matters is the backing you get from the people in your life.   Your vision is just that – yours. Vision takes passion, and when you are dedicated to […]

Life is Sweeter, with Less Sugar by Bernardo Moya

  There are things we take for granted, assuming somehow they’ve always been that way. Adding sugar to your coffee, tea, or breakfast cereal is one of them. At home, there’s a bowl of sugar. Out and about, sachets of it are found at every café. Actually, adding sugar to our diet has only been […]

Mind the avalanche by Bernardo Moya

  I came across a report by Institute for Public Policy Research that was brought to my attention by a friend, Ami Shapiro.  In the report they state: ‘Our belief is that deep, radical and urgent transformation is required in higher education as much as it is in school systems. Our fear is that, perhaps […]

Hit the ground running by Bernardo Moya

  Here we are again. The very young will be thinking how slowly time passes by, I am not that young any more, and for me time is flying by.  With another New Year comes those goals, commitments and things on your to-do list. We cover a number of ways to make 2014 your year, from […]

Drawing to a close by Bernardo Moya

  It’s been an interesting, challenging but very fulfilling year. As a company The Best You Magazine is now a year old, we have learnt a lot and we feel we have provided some great content with interviews with the likes of Jacquline Gold, Bill Curbishley, Kanya King, Kubi Springer, Richard Bandler, Tim Lovejoy, John […]

The Weekly Inspirer London Paralympics 2012 – Prepare To Be Astounded!

  Amazing stories of incredible people are the norm at the London Paralympics. Every one of the men and women who are competing over the next two weeks have wonderful stories to tell that can inspire, uplift and empower everyone of all abilities. Take Ellie Simmonds, who was born with dwarfism. She was one of […]

Work at your worth by Bernardo Moya

  We all know the old saying that begins “give a man a fish…” that basically tells us that it’s not enough to do something good for someone. You’ve also got to think about exactly what it is you’re doing. The saying argues against short-termism and taking a view on the long-term outcome for the […]

Prevention is better than cure by Bernardo Moya

  The statistics are extraordinary. In the UK nearly one in five adults experience anxiety or depression, according to a recent survey by the Office of National Statistics. And of course, on the back of that, there’s also a rise in the level of prescribed drugs to treat it. But I wonder, is prescription the […]

Inspiring People Logan’s Run: An Olympic Torch With A Difference

  “Logan’s Run: An Olympic Torch With A Difference”   When 5-year-old Logan McKerrow heard that people taking part in the Olympic Relay around Britain were selling their torches on eBay for thousands of pounds, he came up with a great idea. Logan decided that he would sell the Olympic torch he had made out […]

You Are Not Alone, The Story of Jeffery Ragsdale by Bernardo Moya

  When Jeffery Ragsdale split up with his partner, he found himself isolated and lonely in New York City. He wanted to talk to, but found it difficult to meet people. So he put up a flyer around New York inviting people to talk to “A Lonely Guy”. “Within a week it went viral,” Ragsdale […]

Seeing With Your Ears

  Lucas Murray is a boy with an extraordinary skill. Although Lucas, from Poole in Dorset, is completely blind, he can throw a basketball accurately into a hoop, he can walk around his street and he can even identify what objects are made of without touching them. What’s more, he’ll never need to use a […]

It’s never to late by Bernardo Moya

  It’s Never Too Late   As time goes by, we often think that we have missed our opportunity to do something. But the truth is you’ll never get something done unless you start it. And the story of the following two women should make anyone who thinks they’re “too old” to think again. Mary […]

5 Golds in 5 Olympics – The story of Steve Redgrave by The Best You

  With the Olympics in full swing, remembering the amazing achievements Olympic greats will inspire anyone to get out there and succeed.   One of the great Olympian athletes of all time is Sir Steve Redgrave – not because he won Olympic gold in his sport of rowing – but because he won Olympic gold […]

War and Peace Around the World by Bernardo Moya

  War and Peace Around the World Today, the 8th of May, is the anniversary of two really important events that reverberate around the world to this day. The first is the birth of Jean Henri Dunant in Geneva in 1828. A key event in his life was to change not only his ideas, but […]

More Confidence in Spain – and everywhere else, too! – by Bernardo Moya

  Bernardo Moya, the CEO of The Best You, writes about his new venture – bringing his Personal Development ethos to the Spanish-speaking world. Athough I grew up in a bi-lingual household, spending part of my childhood in the UK and part of it in Spain, my first experiences in Personal Development came via an […]

Inspiring people Jesse Owens and Why Sport Matters by Bernardo Moya

  People sometimes ask what is the point of sport. But for anyone who knows about the events that unfolded in the Berlin Olympic Stadium during the 1936 Olympic Games, the question is dramatically answered. In front of 100,000 people, the African-American athlete Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the 100m sprint, the long […]

Branding With The Best – by Bernardo Moya

  With years of trading behind us, and intensive study and development of brands, my group of companies including The Best You,  NLP Life Training, The Best You Ediciones have built up a strong understanding of how to create and project brands. During this time, I’ve had many different writers come to me with ideas […]

Claire Squires – Making A Difference

  Claire Squires – Making A Difference We talk a lot at The Inspirer about people doing amazing things and about excellence – about people being the best they can be. Last weekend, London saw 35,000+ people come together to celebrate another field of human excellence, when they ran the London Marathon. Whilst a handful […]

Inspiring people. Monique Newton – The Power Lies Within!

When Monique Newton was just three years old, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer – the final stage. Her doctors told her parents that the disease would kill the child in two years. Yet somehow, Monique pulled through with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and while she survived the cancer, it left her a small, […]

Long may innovation reign! by Bernardo Moya

  Long may innovation reign! This week marks 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in the United Kingdom. At The Best You Can Be, we thought we’d look at some of the amazing changes in everyday life that have happened during her reign. 1952 Queen Elizabeth comes to the throne of the […]

Weekly Inspirer: Positive Attitude and Hard Work Wins!

  Positive Attitude and Hard Work Wins!  The Best You Can  would like to congratulate James O’Shea for getting into the GB Paralympics Swim Team.   James lost his legs in a accident as a teenager and while he freely admits that making that adjustment was tough for him at first, he has gone on […]

10 Questions to Bernardo Moya

  Today, we start interviewing some of the world’s most inspiring self-development coaches, gurus and personalities with 10 questions to see what makes them tick. First off, we speak to Bernardo Moya, CEO of NLP Life Training and The Best You. 1. Who are you and what you are you about? I’m an author, NLP […]

Weekly Inspirer: 75 Year-Old’s Formula for Health, Happiness and Prosperity

  If ever you’ve wanted to exercise but thought it was too late to start, the story of Ernestine Shepherd is an inspiration. At 75 years old, Ernestine is the world’s oldest competitive female bodybuilder. She has the physique and attitude that would put people half her age to shame. So what’s her secret? “If […]

Weekly Inspirer: Guidance and Mentorship – A Secret of Success

  Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth – an absolutely amazing achievement. While Bolt’s natural ability was key to his success on the track, it’s important to note the mentorship and interest of others that got him where he is today. Born in 1986 in Sherwood, a small dusty town in Jamaica, there […]

Changing The Rules Of The Game To Become Extraordinary by Bernardo Moya

  With the Olympics about to come to London, Bernardo Moya discusses the skills it takes to get ahead – and how to develop the ability to face problems with fresh eyes. The video above is a great example of doing something other than what’s expected of you, and using your brains rather than following […]

Become the Better Version of Yourself by Bernardo Moya

Become the Better Version of Yourself In the first half of the 20th Century, sports “experts” announced it was impossible for the human body to carry enough energy and maintain the strength to run a mile in under 4 minutes. For years, that pronouncement seemed to be true. Athletes tried, but they never broke the […]

Three Ways To Turn Failure into Success – Napoleon Hill

    Three Ways To Turn Failure into Success – Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill made a study of the world’s most successful people. Something he noticed was they never experienced “Failure”. If something didn’t work for them, they learned from the experience and moved on. “Failure” was never the end of the process, but a […]

How Harry Potter Turned Adversity Into Inspiration – the J K Rowling Story

  There are times in everyone’s life when things look hopeless. But if ever you get that feeling, J. K. Rowling’s story is certainly worth remembering. Before she became the world famous and wealthy author she is today, things were not easy for Rowling. Separated from her husband, living in a rented flat in Edinburgh […]

Imagination And Instinct – The Keys To Einstein’s Genius

  12th April 2012 Imagination And Instinct – The Keys To Einstein’s Genius Albert Einstein recalls how his first insight that would lead to his Special Theory of Relativity came to him unexpectedly. He was just 16 years old, and he was daydreaming. “What would it be like,” Einstein wondered, “to run beside a light beam, […]

Going For Your Goals

  This week, I want to talk about what goal-setting can do for you.   Goal-setting is a useful antidote to negativity and helps you stay on target – so I’m going to suggest you really think about your goals. There are several steps I take when goal setting.  Maybe these steps will be useful to […]

Looking to the future

  2012 is going to be a fascinating year. Here in London, we’re geared up for the Olympics this summer. It’s going to be a time when the rewards of dedication, planning and no doubt a little bit of luck, will combine together to produce champions. It’s a lesson we can all learn from. In […]

Having a restful Christmas

  Give Yourself The Rest You Deserve This Christmas A recent report tells us something about Christmas that most of us already knew: The approach to Christmas can be a stressful time. A build-up of “Christmas hormones” in the body over the festive period can lead to over-eating and fatigue, with many people seeking to […]

There’s a big difference between coercion and persuasion by Bernardo Moya

  If you’re anything like me, there are times in your life when you find it’s important to persuade other people. It might be something obvious, like discussing a business deal, or it might even be simply deciding where to go on holiday with the family. That second example highlights a really important point about […]

Time for a hug? By Bernardo Moya

    In London last year, we’ve had the “hugging saint” over from India. Amma (born Sudhamani, meaning “Ambrosial Jewel”) was born into a low caste in the fishing village of Parayakadavu in the district of Kerala in 1953. She has been living a life dedicated to “unconditional love” ever since. Considered a saint by […]

What’s the big deal? by Bernardo Moya

  We are constantly being bombarded with adverts telling us to get our cholesterol and blood sugar checked and we all know someone who has been affected by the ‘Big C’. It is debatable whether the percentage of people affected by cancer has actually increased over the years, or if it just seems like it […]

They didn’t listen… by Bernardo Moya

  Do you know what the following people have in common? Richard Branson, Whoopi Goldberg, Albert Einstein, Keanu Reeves, Muhammad Ali, Cher, Steven Spielberg, John Lennon, Keira Knightley, Pablo Picasso, Tom Cruise, Liv Tyler, Thomas Edison, Tommy Hilfiger, Leonardo DaVinci, Alyssa Milano, Steve Redgrave, David Bailey and Jamie Oliver? Did you guess? Among many others, […]

You are your brand

Kubi Springer is the CEO and founder of the Kubi Springer Company – a brand management agency, and the producer and host of The Kubi Springer Show.  Bernardo Moya discovers what makes the Kubi Springer brand. In conversation with Kubi Springer, you get the feeling she’d have made a success of whatever she did.  “I […]

What does it take to be the Best? by Bernardo Moya

    In the month that we hear that David Beckham, the world’s highest-paid footballer is to retire from the game, it’s a question well worth asking. In The Best You this month, we put David Beckham under the microscope to find clues about his life. The lessons we learn from him are true for […]

What Andy Murray’s Success Can Teach Us

Andy Murray

  How often have you heard it asked, “What is the difference that makes the difference?” often, it can be very little that distinguishes greatness from the ordinary – but that seemingly unimportant extra ingredient can be everything. Look at the amazing tennis finals we’ve seen this year between Nadal and Federer, or Nadal and […]

Are you making a difference? by Bernardo Moya

  Good day to you wherever you are in the world! Here we have our latest, bright and shiny issue of The Best You. This last month has been a fabulous time for me in which I saw many projects coming to fruition. One of them was the Masterclass Series of seminars. These were two […]

Parenting the balance of society by Bernardo Moya

    I recently saw a report from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers about the problems teachers face in education. ATL General Secretary Dr Mary Bousted said: ‘Regrettably teachers and support staff are suffering the backlash from deteriorating standards of behaviour. They are frequently on the receiving end of children’s frustration and unhappiness, and […]

So, it’s officially over by Bernardo Moya

I was lucky enough to have spent my early years being brought up in Spain, and I can tell you one thing for sure: in Spain you don’t normally talk about the weather! It’s sunny. It’s lovely. So there’s not much to talk about. When I was younger, I never understood why people in this […]

Become the Better Version of Yourself by Bernardo Moya

Become the Better Version of Yourself In the first half of the 20th Century, sports “experts” announced it was impossible for the human body to carry enough energy and maintain the strength to run a mile in under 4 minutes. For years, that pronouncement seemed to be true. Athletes tried, but they never broke the […]

Are we good friends by Bernardo Moya

  I wonder in these moments of “change and new times” – are we losing the value of friendship? I have asked a few people recently and I do wonder if we are spending enough time talking, caring, nurturing, appreciating and helping our friends. Do you value yours enough? Are you losing friends? I mean […]

Making your own luck by Bernardo Moya

Do you believe in luck? Answer “yes” and you probably will be lucky – that’s the message coming out of studies about lucky people’s mindsets. Believing you’re lucky makes you feel more confident, in control and hopeful – feelings that change the way you interact with the world. Lucky people tend to be curious and […]