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A little more empathy please by Bernardo Moya

The feeling I get is that we are all slowly becoming more insular, more self-absorbed and massively less empathetic to a degree that we seem not to care. Media coverage has made us quite impermeable, and we are ‘used to’ seeing people suffering with natural disasters, starvation, immigration and vulnerable people living on the streets. Individuals are quick to dish out ‘digital abuse’, with an extreme point of view that separates ‘us’ and ‘them’ seemingly becoming the norm. It’s only when we see situations such as the recent photograph of a small immigrant child lying dead on a beach that we seem to wake up and suddenly want to help others. Is it really difficult to be empathetic? The answer is most definitely no.

Take a few minutes to disconnect from your daily routine. Close your eyes and really try and understand what other people are going through. Imagine for a few minutes what they might be feeling, what a day in their life must be like. Think of what you would do to save your loved ones if they were in such a situation. We can all make a better place, so let’s not leave it to world leaders and politicians to effect change. To be the best you, empathy is essential.

This month, The Best You features some truly amazing individuals who have made an enormous difference to their lives and the lives of others. Barbara De Angelis, Jason Vale and Janey Lee Grace are featured ahead of their appearance at The Best You Exhibition.

We chat with singer Alexandra Burke, profile music mogul Simon Cowell and former Olympic cyclist-turned-jockey Victoria Pendleton and discover how Dave Asprey hacked his own biology. There’s so much to inspire you, so make this the month you make the changes needed to become the person you really want to be.

Bernardo Moya

Bernardo is the founder of The Best You, author of The Question, Find Your True Purpose, an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development. He is editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine – a fascinating voice in the Personal Development world.

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