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Inspiring people. Monique Newton – The Power Lies Within!

When Monique Newton was just three years old, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer – the final stage. Her doctors told her parents that the disease would kill the child in two years.

Yet somehow, Monique pulled through with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and while she survived the cancer, it left her a small, puny child.

At 15, Monique was a troubled teenager and left home after arguing with her parents. She fell in with the wrong crowd and after falling into clinical depression she tried to kill herself.

The failed suicide attempt was the start of Monique’s turnaround. She began to see the value in her life, went to college and began a whole new sporting regime.

Although she weighs only 48kg (7st 8lb), Monique’s tiny size belies her giant spirit and her amazing power. Monique is now a World Championships powerlifter able to lift three times her own weight above her head and has won 18 out of the last 19 tournaments.

Now at the age of 19 she is tipped to take gold for Great Britain at the London Olympics.

For anyone thinking that life holds them back, Monique’s is a fabulous story.

It’s a story to inspire anyone who had suffered setbacks to remember – the power is in you to succeed!

Best wishes,

Bernardo Moya,

CEO The Best You

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Bernardo Moya

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