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Christy Roxburgh chats with Bernardo Moya

  The Best You is continuing to release educational and insightful podcasts featuring notable and influential people. Our latest one, which was featured on an online radio show called Natural Health Radio, is a conversation with The Best You editor and CEO Bernardo Moya and professional hypnotherapist Christy Roxburgh, who hosts the show. Christy helps

Don’t be an education Dinosaur by Bernardo Moya

  Einstein didn’t excel as a student. Far from it. Teachers thought he was lazy, and he failed the non-science subjects he was taught. He was fortunate to have a spark for science ignited by an uncle who recognised and responded to young Albert’s curiosity. I’ve seen variations on that story time and time again

A new approach to education by Bernardo Moya

  If you do a bit of research, you’ll find the education system was designed to create obedient soldiers to do the bidding of their commanders. That was the specific reason for the creation of kindergarten in the 19Th century. It’s the 21St century, and we’re living with the consequences of that legacy. Schooling designed to create

Do people support you by Bernardo Moya
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  However tenacious you are, however flexible and focused and the rest of it, there will be times when what makes the difference to achieving what matters is the backing you get from the people in your life.   Your vision is just that – yours. Vision takes passion, and when you are dedicated to

It’s happening next week. It’s so exciting!

  Next week you can join us in an extraordinary adventure. We want more people to experience what The Best You magazine can do, and we want you to help us achieve that. How? By participating in a campaign to rally financial support for what we’re doing, in return we are offering amazing rewards

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