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The Power of When

Michael Breus PhD explains why learning your best time to do everything could be the greatest life hack of all. Do you want a simple, straightforward life hack that requires little effort and gets you closer to happiness and success? Of course you do! This might sound like a promise waiting to be broken. It’s […]

“Home is where the heart is”. by Ali Bastian

Actress Ali Bastian writes about her life as a yogi on the road – this issue she shares her experiences with London-based teacher Mollie Morris My pursuit of a yoga practice has often been accompanied by the notion that I need to travel far and wide to get to the ‘root’ of yoga, or perhaps […]

What have you memorised? By Jim Aitkins

Jim Aitkins believes that we can create results by learning from the success of experts   Some 30 years ago, my first ‘real’ job was in sales. I was hired by a life & health insurance brokerage firm to sell its insurance products to people who had requested information. It was 100 per cent commission […]

Man of the people – Benjamin Bonetti

Benjamin Bonetti has already made his mark in the world of self-help. With a string of books and recordings behind him, a regular blog on The Huffington Post, he was also adviser on the hit television show Celebrity Wife Swap UK. The Best You meets the industry’s rising star .     Although he’s always […]

What does it take to… give your kids a good education

Cyrus Afkhami, founder of My Tutor Club, the UK’s leading online tutoring site, advises on giving your children a good start   How did the idea for My Tutor Club come about? By accident! In August 2011, I resigned from my investment banking job as I found the work repetitive, uninspiring and that sitting in […]

Are you too comfortable? by Bernardo Moya

We all prefer to live within our comfort zones, in every aspect of our lives. You will find that behind every comfort zone there are strong limiting beliefs that are restrictions about your abilities, which you are convinced are true. These limiting beliefs tend to keep you ‘safe’ with what your unconscious feels is appropriate […]

Kabbalah: a growing faith

Madonna and Ashton Kutcher led the way, but the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah appeals to people from all walks of life. Marcus Weston, lead teacher at the London Kabbalah Centre explains why the faith can help you get more out of life What is Kabbalah?  Kabbalah is a spiritual teaching – not a religious one […]

Get them while they’re young by Gemma Bailey

  At The Best You, we have long believed that Neuro-Linguistic Programming should be taught in schools. It would set children up with a set of life skills they could use for the rest of their lives. Gemma Bailey from NLP4Kids tends to agree.   Not too long ago, I was with a friend of […]

The Beauty of Self Reliance by Dennis Do

  Depending on people all the time is like re-election season—candidates are everywhere to annoy you until you vote for them. The reality of all this is that, the more frequently these annoying candidates pop up, the less chance they have of us actually voting for them. And the reality of relying on people is […]

Quick Tip – How Teaching Improves Your Learning

  There is no better way to learn something new, than to share it with others. When you make it a habit to share knowledge that profits you –– it sinks deeper into your own subconscious mind. The person who takes the time to share knowledge, always knows the subject matter best. There is no quicker […]

Overcoming illiteracy by Paul Connolly

  On the 8th of this month, we celebrate International Literacy Day. Illiteracy is something many people think of as a problem of the developing world, but many people in first world countries struggle with it. Paul Connolly gives us a firsthand account.   I’m sitting writing my new book, Beating the Odds. My laptop […]

Time For A New Approach To Education? by Bernardo Moya

  If you do a bit of research, you’ll find the education system was designed to create obedient soldiers to do the bidding of their commanders. That was the specific reason for the creation of kindergarten in the 19Th century. It’s the 21St century, and we’re living with the consequences of that legacy. Schooling designed to create […]

Letting go…. by Otiti

  Tough, innit? It’s really hard for me to admit that sometimes, no matter how much you love them, there’re inevitably parts of your life that you just have to leave behind: old clothes you used to love but never wear anymore; CDs you thought were IT when you got ‘em but wouldn’t be caught dead near any […]

How to Appreciate Life Again by Dennis Do

  Depending on people all the time is like re-election season—candidates are everywhere to annoy you until you vote for them.   The reality of all this is that, the more frequently these annoying candidates pop up, the less chance they have of us actually voting for them. And the reality of relying on people […]

25 Productive Things You Can Do While Watching TV by Mike Vardy

  Want to know an easy-to-implement “secret” that could dramatically increase your productivity? It’s a very simple concept you may have heard of. It’s called multitasking.   You see, the average person watches television for nearly 3 hours every single day. Imagine if you used that time to simultaneously get other things done. Granted, most of us have […]

Handling Resistance by Mike Clayton

  The Handling Resistance Pocketbook is a forthcoming book by author and speaker, Dr Mike Clayton.   Due for publication in autumn 2010, this will be Mike’s second contribution to the Management Pocketbooks series following his highly successful Management Models Pocketbook. In this book, Mike will turn to a topic about which he is passionate: the need to engage […]

Your Speed Reading Potential, from The Speed Reading Book

  Tony Buzan on how you can improve your speed reading, from The Speed Reading Book. Your speed reading potential Your own potential to improve your reading speed to at least double your present rate, and eventually to reach 1000 wpm is identical to all those in the world’s current top ten. Each one of […]

The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning by Peter Thompson

  Keep looking for new answers, it will have massive rewards, says Peter Thompson. All the activities that you and I undertake on a daily basis there is one that has so much impact on our lives – that it surely must become our top priority. We must keep on learning.   As a truism […]

Why did Ivy Lee get paid $25,000? by Peter Thomson

  Peter Thomson reveals the best way to make the very most of your time.   You’ll have heard of ‘Do Lists’ I’m sure – but you may be unaware of the story behind them and an extra idea that makes the humble Do List so much more effective. The other day as part of […]

If you’re going to Set a Goal, set a Real Goal by Peter Thompson

  How do you go about setting a REAL goal? Peter Thomson investigates.   You and I are interested in personal development – so we’ve been exposed to the idea of goal setting many times in our lives. Here’s a slightly different way to think about the everyday goals you set for yourself. Sometimes the […]

Lucky Roger Federer?

  Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis player, and is currently ranked number two in the world, perhaps the best ever. He holds many records, but players are ultimately judged on how many grand Slam titles they have won. Federer holds the current record with 17, and notably demonstrated his versatility and adaptability by winning […]

Nikolai Tesla – The Amazing Life Of A True Genius by The Best You

Born in Croatia in 1856 to an illiterate mother and a priest, Nikola Tesla was no doubt a genius. At college he showed how he could perform integral calculus in his head, prompting his teachers to accuse him of cheating. During his first year at University he worked from 3am to 11pm every day, but […]

Bottling magnetism by Fiona Thompson

The charmed ones. The superstars. The lucky few. Call them what you like, but it’s clear that some people attract positivity while others struggle to get through each day. Fiona Thompson, former banker and current leadership expert and entrepreneur, tells us that we can all be superstars. You know the type of person. The woman […]

Parenting the balance of society by Bernardo Moya

    I recently saw a report from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers about the problems teachers face in education. ATL General Secretary Dr Mary Bousted said: ‘Regrettably teachers and support staff are suffering the backlash from deteriorating standards of behaviour. They are frequently on the receiving end of children’s frustration and unhappiness, and […]

The Colour of Magic by Kay Cooke

Education expert Kay Cooke knows many creative ways to facilitate changes in people. Here she describes how she uses colour to bring about transformation. Sitting at traffic lights a few days ago, I remembered a seven-year-old called Adam whose rage I had helped to manage by associating his feelings with colours. We’re conditioned early on […]

Input and output and something in between by Laura Spicer

Voice specialist Laura Spicer explains how NLP can help you be better understood I am often asked what NLP is and what I do as an NLP consultant and Voice Coach. As with any tool that has myriad uses, it’s difficult to describe in few words. How would you describe what a car is to […]