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Your Speed Reading Potential, from The Speed Reading Book


Tony Buzan on how you can improve your speed reading, from The Speed Reading Book.

Your speed reading potential

Your own potential to improve your reading speed to at least double your present rate, and eventually to reach 1000 wpm is identical to all those in the world’s current top ten. Each one of them was a reader who, like you and I, was initially dissatisfied with his or her normal reading speed and decided to put time and effort into developing this most powerful of human skills. The Speed Reading Book gives you the perfect opportunity to follow in their eye-steps. It is the result of over 50 years of practice and research in the field.

Going back to my teenage years, by learning about the miracle of my eyes and the extraordinary capacity of my brain, I increased my speed, comprehension and memory; I also found myself able to think faster and more creatively, to make better notes, to pass exams with relative ease, to study more successfully, and to save days, weeks and even months of my time.

In The Speed Reading Book you will be introduced to exercises that allow you to develop your brain, enabling you to combine the two into a single tool that will make you an intellectual powerhouse. Its pages contain the essential secrets I learnt during my speed reading journey. I hope you find your journey exciting, and benefit as much from the mental literacy techniques as I have done. If you follow up my speed reading programme with regular practice, then 1000-2000 wpm with good comprehension is certainly attainable. This would mean that you could read this 250 page book in an hour! Now read on to find out how.


You can get Tony Buzan’s The Speed Reading Book, here

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