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The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning by Peter Thompson


Keep looking for new answers, it will have massive rewards, says Peter Thompson.

All the activities that you and I undertake on a daily basis there is one that has so much impact on our lives – that it surely must become our top priority.

We must keep on learning.


As a truism says:

This world will belong to the learners (the one ones who keep learning) whilst the learned will find themselves perfectly prepared for a world that no longer exists.

Who would have thought that in the last 30 years so much would have been discovered just about communication skills and personal development.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is just one example.

With everything and everybody moving so fast there just isn’t time to make all the mistakes we need to make to learn all we need to learn. So we have to learn from others.

These days it’s so easy to keep up to speed. Never before have there been so many books, seminars, audios, CD’s, videos and on-line learning opportunities.

Every car/train/plane journey can be a journey of discovery with audio/CD programmes on every conceivable subject. It’s essential to constantly update our skills in every area that impacts our success! See below – the quote from Michael Gerber as to why people don’t keep learning.


Michael Gerber the author of the EMyth said it brilliantly:

The challenge isn’t that most business people don’t know enough about sales or finance or administration of a business – they don’t!

The challenge is that they think they do! And therefore spend their time defending what they know rather than finding out what they don’t know!

Isn’t that so true? I’ve certainly been guilty of this sin in the past – have you?

And so to make certain that we stay up with the game and have the best chance to be ahead of the game – we have to keep on learning new skills – and updating our old skills.

My suggestion is that you have a knowledge-gathering plan where you establish which skills and knowledge areas you wish to update. Then decide on the amount of time and budget you wish to allocate to that process. Then as always – take action!

The day we stop learning – is the day we stop earning!

Why? Because an expanding group of people are now realising that to be successful they have to spend time and money to stay ahead.

And – they’re doing it!


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