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Christmas Tech by Bryan Szabo

If you’ve got a tech-lover on your ‘nice’ list this year, you’ve probably already prepared a laundry list of ideas (tech fans, after all, are never truly up to date). Why not surprise them, though, and get them something so cutting edge that they might not even know it’s an option? Here’s a few of […]

Lives on the line

  There are an alarming number of people in the UK who are not comfortable using the Internet. Argos has teamed up with a few charities including the Tinder Foundation to try and bring these members of the population into the 21st century.   We live in a thoroughly digital age, with seemingly everyone hooked […]

Jay-Z: Empire State of Mind

  “I’m far from being god, but I work god damn hard.”   Hailing from the projects of New York City, Jay-Z came straight out of Brooklyn in 1969. He was raised with three siblings in a broken home, after his father abandoned the family. A culture of drugs and violence surrounded him through high […]

Celine Dion: A Voice for the Ages

  “I want to be more successful as a mother than I am in show business.”   Celine Dion was born to be heard. She had to be, as she was the last child born in a family of fourteen siblings in French-speaking Canada. Despite their lack of money, the family did own a small […]

Becky Hammon – Digging In for the Win

  “It’s a chance for girls to play and a chance for us to do something different.”   Becky Hammon would travel a long way before she would return to the American heartland. Born in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1977, Hammon grew up on steady diet of basketball. Before heading off to college, she […]

How Arnie Got To The Top by The Best You

“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that. “Early and often” is the motto by which Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived his entire life. It’s a life that began in Thal, Austria in 1947. His father was the local police chief, an occupation that extended into the home whenever […]

The rise of the mumpreneur

  New research from Direct Line for Business (DL4B), reveals nearly two thirds of mums with children under the age of ten are considering starting a business from home in the next three years. The Best You reports.   One sixth (16 per cent) of mothers are exploring the route of the mumpreneur because of […]

Life after debt by Ann Wilson

  There is life after debt. In fact, it’s a pretty glorious life. Sadly, for many people mired in debt who feel desperate and unsure where to turn, that life seems like a pipe dream. Ann Wilson has seven steps to break free.   Step 1: Imagine Get very clear on what you want and […]

Put your best foot forward by David Sturt

  The big questions about being the best you at work are: Do you contribute to the best of your ability? Is your best work getting out there? Is it breaking through? Is it creating a difference people love? David Sturt tells us how to make a difference with great work.   Many of us have grown up believing that our ability to succeed at […]

Google trumps GP

  New research by a specialist firm of medical negligence solicitors has revealed that as many as one fifth of Britons trust Google to diagnose their symptoms more than they do their doctor. The Best You reports.   According to the study, more than half of those who use a search engine to research information […]

Hacking happiness by Sebastian Nienaber

  Do you remember when Western science scoffed at meditation? When it was considered pseudo-scientific (if not New-Agey) to talk about a mind-body connection or the possibility that our brains remain malleable and plastic throughout our lives? Sebastian Nienaber asks if you’ve noticed how things have changed.   Nowadays, hardly a day goes by without […]

Working health by Scott Roberts

  Sitting behind a desk all day and snacking on unhealthy foods will make you feel tired and irritable. Personal trainer and nutritional advisor Scott Roberts offers a few top tips for office workers who want to stay fit in the workplace and safeguard their health.   The French have a saying: “Metro. Boulot. Dodo.” […]

What does it take to be a policeman?

  Part of being the best you can be is focusing on what it takes to get there. We’re continuing the “What does it take…?” column, which looks at this aspect of being the best. This month, we’re chatting with London City policeman A. Hoffman.   How do you become a policeman? A written application […]

Why you don’t fit in by Jim Aitkins

  Jim Aitkins is an American writer and speaker who enjoys making simple observations about everyday life that can provide powerful lessons that lead to personal growth. This month he reminds us that the best you may be closer than you think.   Do you ever wish you looked like someone else? Perhaps you’ve wished […]

Their inspirational stories

  There are so many challenges in the world, and everyone goes through a fair amount of these in their lives. But some have to go through more than others, so we have three amazing survival stories from people who have overcome these challenges.   Dries Millard T8 complete paraplegic Before my disability, the course […]

To thine own self be true by Anne Mulliner

  As the year draws to a close, you might be reflecting on your inner peace and happiness and be keen to make 2015 a year of attitude adjustment. Anne Mulliner has some great tips for doing this.   As the nights close in and the temperature drops, many people find themselves feeling melancholy, restless […]

Peter Rodgers- Saving the day

  On 26 October, the clocks in Britain went back, giving us an extra hour to spend in bed, or, for the motivated, to get up and do something productive. But studies have shown that many people have a negative reaction to Daylight Saving. The Best You Investigates.   Even though many earlier civilisations adopted […]

A pitch in time: an interview with Paul Boross

 Bernardo Moya tracks the rise and rise of Paul Boross from tough State school to TV star and international speaker.   When it comes to upbeat attitude, Paul Boross has it by the barrowload. Perhaps his constant readiness to laugh and his freedom in conversation is explained by the fact that he regards everything he […]

Still Jenny from the Block

  Pop superstar, actress and TV judge Jennifer Lopez on juggling her career, being a single mom-of-two and dealing with the pressures of being in the public eye.   She’s been a Fly Girl, a movie star, a pop superstar, a tabloid staple, a businesswoman, a philanthropist and, most importantly to her, a mother. It’s […]

Ring out the old, bring in the new by Sophia Husbands

As we progress through this journey called ‘life’ we pick up habits, beliefs, possessions, friendships, enemies, or even frenemies sometimes. Sophia Husbands urges us to let go of some of these things if they are no longer serving us.   [Body copy] Knowing when to let go is great in terms of awareness. But there […]

The Good News

Bluefin’s chance to grow Countries fishing in the eastern Pacific Ocean for bluefin tuna have heeded scientific advice agreeing to almost halve their fishing quotas for the fish.   The European Union, US, Mexico, China, and Japan, along with 16 other nations belonging to the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission agreed to establish a catch […]

We Support Extreme Abilities

  Extreme Abilities is an innovative group of disabled people whose taste for adventure and desire to explore and travel the world drove them to create opportunities for themselves and other people living with disabilities.   The disability world is rapidly growing. With all the new advancements in disability aids, inspirational philosophies and brilliant sporting […]

Top 6 Christmas getaways

  If you live in a big city, you might want to get away for the holidays. Trying to negotiate your way down London’s Oxford Street or New York City’s Fifth Avenue in the days leading up to Christmas can be exhausting. We’ve put together a list of our top six Christmas escapes.   Amsterdam, […]

Free yourself from stress by The English Sisters

  The English Sisters are experts when it comes to letting go of life’s unnecessary stresses. Join them on this journey, and you too could be stress-free in minutes.   We all have the potential within us to be the best version of ourselves each and every day, yet so many of us keep this […]

Get them while they’re young by Gemma Bailey

  At The Best You, we have long believed that Neuro-Linguistic Programming should be taught in schools. It would set children up with a set of life skills they could use for the rest of their lives. Gemma Bailey from NLP4Kids tends to agree.   Not too long ago, I was with a friend of […]

The $1 million question: Why? by Bernardo Moya

I recently read Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why. It’s a brilliant book aimed at business, but it has really made me think about myself, and my company, on a deeper level. I’ve frequently asked myself the questions, “What would I like my legacy to be?” and “Why am I here?” But after reading this […]