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Ring out the old, bring in the new by Sophia Husbands

As we progress through this journey called ‘life’ we pick up habits, beliefs, possessions, friendships, enemies, or even frenemies sometimes. Sophia Husbands urges us to let go of some of these things if they are no longer serving us.


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Knowing when to let go is great in terms of awareness. But there are other times when this may not be the case and we are still holding onto stuff. This may be due to many factors. It may be because of wanting to remain in our own comfort zone. It may be that at times we believe that we were making the best decisions based on our current foundations. Here, I am talking about how our experiences up until this point shape our consciousness.


While I was at University, I befriended the daughter of one of my landlords. She told me a story about her older sister, who had a bright personality, was a mother and, who had always been a high achiever. She shared with me some insights into her sister’s first marriage and how it had broken down. I can remember she made reference to how she had rushed into the marriage, as during that time she thought that it was the only option to get away from her controlling parents. So she got married to escape her family, as she thought that was the best that she could do in the situation. She really did not know her husband and found out over a time that they did not complement each other. She then made the difficult decision to end the marriage.


To transform your life, you need to start a new way of thinking. This includes letting go of things that do not make you feel good, especially those that are no longer serving you. Going through a detox is a good thing. I am not only talking about the detoxification of your body, but also of your mind. I am a firm believer in ‘happy mind, healthy body’.


This involves releasing those negative feelings that you may have on different areas of your life. It can be about your relationship with food, love and other people.


A habit is hard to break. That is why it is going to take some time, patience and consistent behaviour to transform it. You may need to address other underlying issues, which may be a lack of self-esteem for example. But remember that you are supported. When you need help, it will come if you look for it. One attitude that can help you is, “’Faith it until you make it!”


Faith it until you make it is about putting aside those fears you may feel when embarking on a new way of doing things. You may not be aware of this, but you have probably been practicing this approach for some time. This may have occurred when you started the first day of a new job, when you first got your driving license, and even starting a new day. Yes, there are many first times and unknowns.


I have a confession to make: approximately 85 per cent of the times when I am about to embark on a new project or major life change, I get scared. But what I have learnt is that I need to have belief and faith in myself that it will work out. Let me rephrase that, I know it will work out to my highest good. It is only human to get scared at times, allowing the negative thoughts and beliefs to take over. You may call this the time when the ego mind may be taken over. One way to combat this is to remember to focus on the end goal and feelings that you would like to achieve. Your end objective may be benefiting not only you but also others. When I was bringing my Go-Getter Me podcast to life, I had times when I got afraid and one interviewee taught me a valuable lesson that highlighted why I must proceed with my goal. I like to share with you a powerful quote here to keep you going when you have a moment of doubt and may feel like giving up: “Get out of your own way.”



Sophia Husbands

After reading Law and Accounting at university, I spent ten years creating a portfolio career in accountancy and as a business SopiaWorld-contactmeanalyst for a number of large multi-national organisations; I also worked as a lecturer during this time. I loved my career and have always been a high achiever but I also began to see that without some balance, I could easily end up on a fast track to burn out. There were times when I felt my friends were all finding love and settling down while I was working round the clock. Yes, I was earning good money and achieving all the things I’d wanted in my teens and early 20s but at what cost? It was a question that plagued me. In 2011, I decided the time had come to make a change in my life, one that would create new patterns and help me achieve my core desires, to write, coach, travel and connect with other people. As well as running a law tuition business, working as a consultant and featuring as a guest writer for a number of online publications, I launched Sophia World as a lifestyle blog focused on life, happiness, love and much more.

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