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Free yourself from stress by The English Sisters


The English Sisters are experts when it comes to letting go of life’s unnecessary stresses. Join them on this journey, and you too could be stress-free in minutes.


We all have the potential within us to be the best version of ourselves each and every day, yet so many of us keep this potential at bay.


Maybe it’s because we are stressed and frightened of what we do not know; maybe it’s because we hold onto unhelpful thinking patterns simply because they are familiar to us; maybe it’s because what we really fear is discovering our own immense inner power, so we tell ourselves stories based on our own limiting beliefs.


We tell ourselves that we could never do this and that we can never become that, and then we end up believing these stories and feeling even more stressed and uneasy.


Being the best you is all about learning how to be who you really are.It’s about letting go of the labels and judgments you have placed upon yourself with or without other people’s help.


It’s about remembering to forget the unhelpful stories you tell yourself everyday.

It’s about remembering to tell yourself a different story, a story that inspires you, a story that empowers you and leaves you feeling good and at ease.


You are more than what you will ever truly know and when you think you can be no more, you will discover yet another side to yourself that you have not yet discovered.


You have the potential within you to become the best version of yourself at any given time, and that is extremely empowering and freeing. The word potential itself is derived from the Latin verb meaning ‘to be able’. You are able!


The power and ability to excel at being yourself is within you, and it will happen naturally once you allow it to happen, and the more you begin to get curious about the wonderful future possibilities, the more you will be able to create these for yourself.


You are your own master; nobody knows you better than you do, and you may have forgotten what it feels like to be the best. However, you have the capacity to embrace lifelong learning and to develop day by day.


Being the best you is what you naturally did as a very small child when you took your first step forwards. You cried and laughed in the best possible way and you did it naturally and with ease. Those first words you spoke and those first steps you took were you at your best and naturally stress-free. Free from worry, free from anxiety and free from not being good enough. Free from fear except for the fears that kept you safe and sound and are innate in all of us.


Take a moment between moments now to close your eyes for a moment or two and focus on how easy it is for you to take a deep breath and begin to wonder about who you truly are. Just as the sun is always above the clouds you can wonder about the earth you live on.


The sky, and the deep blue seas all nurture a longing to fulfill their purpose and do so without any effort at all. The trees and the flowers and nature all come together and flow like a wondrous poem.


When you are just you, you are naturally in a state of calm wellbeing, without a care in the world just growing and learning and feeling inspired by what is.


We can all benefit from this feeling of connection and you are no exception. And the more we feel connected to our loved one’s our friends and our colleagues the more we feel a sense of wellbeing, purpose and satisfaction.


You can begin to notice the moments throughout your day when you connect to your heart and through that connection travels love, for yourself and for those your heart touches that day. Take a moment to share your sunny rays with those that just now are touching the clouds.


As you know, clouds come and go and the winds of change blow and you can think about the fact that potential does not come in a fixed quantity. There is no end to your potential and the good news is that it doesn’t finish or run out.


There are no limits to what you are about to achieve and with each new achievement comes a new sense of wellbeing the kind of wellbeing you felt as a child when you took your first step and when you spoke your first words and smiled.

Thank you for reading we would love to connect and help you manage your stress, please get in touch. Smiles from The English Sisters, authors of Stress Free in Three Minutes

The Best You

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