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Get comfortable with discomfort by Kate Tojeiro

Kate Tojeiro urges us to deal with the gritty stuff to achieve real results Who knew that watching Long Way Round (Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman) on a cold winter’s evening would be such an extraordinary catalyst, learning to ride an off-road motorbike and confronting some huge blocks about possibility. It led to not only […]

How to be a Media Magnet by Fiona Harrold

You cannot be a secret and a success. Make the decision to get known and get seen and start getting in the media! fionaharrold.com   Hi, I’m Fiona Harrold. You may know me from articles and appearances in the media where I’m known as Britain’s leading coach or as the best-selling author of Be Your […]

Making Wealth by John Demartini

When John Demartini set himself the task 43 years ago of understanding how wealth was created, he couldn’t have foreseen how he would find the keys to wealth. At The Best You Expo 2016, he revealed the mindset of the most successful people on the planet   John Demartini is a fascinating individual with extraordinary […]

Zen & The Art of Smiling by Garry Jones

Garry Jones explains that the simple act of smiling can make an enormous difference to your wellbeing   My all-consuming passion for martial arts complements my work in mind coaching. They are intertwined in one particular way. The Zen quest of discovering the mind and body relationship. I relish the application of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic […]

Professionally Speaking by Susan Armstrong

Susan Armstrong shares shares her five tips for a powerful presentation   You cannot not communicate. Did you know that? And all communication is influence. Therefore, you cannot not influence. Like it or not, every day, all day you are influencing people as to what to think about you. Do they like you? Trust you? Find […]

5 Steps to Powerful Personal Change by Paul J. Spencer

Change is tricky to accomplish but Paul J. Spencer has the formula for success Many people are aware that they have something in their life that if they changed, would help them to achieve greater success and happiness. We are inherently programmed to seek out the possibility of fear, our instincts are designed to scan […]

Power of Creativity by Prof. Philip Bond

Philip Bond explains how we can refocus our brains to reclaim our innate creativity   Whether in business or in their personal lives, many people want to achieve success. For some people success means ‘doing fairly well’ while for others such as top Olympic competitors it means ‘being the best in the world’. Whatever your […]

Seeing the signs by Ian Young

How can you spot the signs whether a loved one is an alcoholic or addict? There are certain characteristics that can be assumed for someone that is addicted or severely dependent. Ian Young, addictions consultant and founder of Sober Services, discusses these   There are three different aspects of addictive behaviour: Being unable to control […]

Time to think by Elliot Kay

Elliot Kay has a vision for his clients’ businesses’ growth, and it all starts with strategy   – Tell us about Strategic Brilliance Services and how you help companies to grow their businesses. What we do is give people a tool that has been tested and tried over the last four years which has proven […]

How to survive your break-up by Sara Davison

Having survived her own break-up, Sara Davison is the divorce coach, helping others to move forward positively and confidently to the next stage of their life. Here she shares her insights with The Best You Did you know that divorce is often referred to as the second most traumatic life experience after death of a […]

The Best Yet by Steve Consalvez

It’s taken 25 years, but finally there’s a formula for success, says UK certifying firewalking instructor trainer Steve Consalvez I have been to many personal development shows over the years, some larger, some smaller and having been both a recipient of personal development and an agent of personal development, I have seen how this industry […]

How to find your ideal clients by Matt Kendall

Matt Kendall shares his insight into marketing your coaching practice   When working as an NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist or coach, you need to ensure that you work with the right clients. A lot of time and money is often wasted by practitioners targeting potential clients that are just not suitable to work with. The more […]

The psychology of pitching by Paul Boross

The Pitch Doctor Paul Boross debunks the mindset of pitching The word ‘pitching’ is entering everyday business vocabulary, thanks to TV programmes like Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice. But where does pitching fit into the range of activities for today’s professional, and how can we understand the psychology of pitching in order to do it […]

Game Changer by Darren Stanton

Human lie detector Darren Stanton is back with a new project that aims to get to the heart of what makes people successful, and how we can find our own inner potential   They say that a mind once stretched by new ideas will never again return to its original dimension. Like many of you […]

The Best You March/April 2016 – Expo Edition


At the inaugural The Best You Expo on 27-28 February 2016, great names and practitioners from the world of personal development came together at London’s ExCeL to deliver insight, advice and knowledge for those who came in search of answers. In a special edition of The Best You, we capture the event and share some […]

Master of Success by Bernardo Moya

Many people have asked how Bernardo Moya became CIO of The Best You Corporation. At The Best You Expo, he spoke about his own story, about resilience and the desire to keep on going, and finally gave six steps to help keep us on track   Bernardo Moya has seen setbacks in his life, and has learned […]

What’s great about you? by Janey Lee Grace

At The Best You Expo 2016, Janey Lee Grace guided a rapt audience through the skills you need to be noticed in business. The Best You records some of her fabulous, transformative advice   Janey Lee Grace’s message at The Best You Expo was clear: in an age of social media and big media, whether you’re […]

Mixing it up by Jason Vale

At The Best You Expo, Juice Master Jason Vale inspired the audience to take his juice challenge   The stage is set, the music is pumping and, as he is announced to the podium, Jason Vale leaps onto the stage. Dressed in shorts and a shirt, despite it only being February and chilly outside, he is […]

Born Wisdom by Robert Holden

Psychology and spirituality are central to our happiness and success says author Robert Holden   He’s the man who was famously ‘made up’ by personal development guru Louise Hay and went on to co-write a book with her, using Hay’s uplifting mantra, ‘life loves you’. So when Robert Holden spoke to the Great Minds Seminar at The Best […]

What makes a Champion? by Sir Clive Woodward

Speaking at The Best You Expo, Rugby World Cup-winning head coach Sir Clive Woodward explained what it takes to be the best   Nature or nurture? It’s the perennial question surrounding success, and so when Sir Clive Woodward presented ‘DNA of a champion’ at The Best You Expo’s Great Minds Seminar, he tapped into the heart of […]

Accelerating Growth by Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley was an entrepreneur who was making $10m a year at the age of 21. At The Best You Expo, he talked about the key skills an entrepreneur needs   After selling his business in his twenties, Daniel Priestley decided to look for a new venture and fresh opportunities. Having had a company involved […]

An Eternal Inspiration by Kelle Bryan

From the highs of pop stardom to the lows of challenging health issues, Kelle Bryan has stayed the course, driven by her own dreams. Now she is inspiring others to follow their visions too   It could be argued that as a former member of one of the world’s biggest girl bands, Kelle Bryan, should […]

Shifting Souls by Dr. Barbara De Angelis

One of the highlights of the first day of The Best You Expo was the powerful talk given by Dr Barbara De Angelis. Her European fans came out in force to meet her, and she did not disappoint, spreading her own brand of wisdom and common sense in her truly unique way   It has […]

The Best in You by Michael Neill

At The Best You Expo, supercoach author and presenter Michael Neill explained that it’s how things look to us, not us that’s important   Support and encouragement are part of a coach’s arsenal to help clients move towards their goals, but when it comes to changing behaviours it often takes challenging questions to disturb the […]

A Lesson In Catching Affluenza by Gill Fielding

Gill Fielding is a woman on a mission, and that’s to spread financial savvy and wealth-making potential to as many people as possible. She calls it affluenza – and her talk at The Best You Expo was highly contagious   When Gill Fielding was a little girl, money was a dirty word. Growing up in […]

Next Steps… by Bernardo Moya

We have just completed our first personal development Expo, and I would like to thank all of those who supported us, exhibited, spoke at the event or came along to attend and find out more about The Best You.   I also want to thank my team, for their support, loyalty, belief, hard work and […]