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5 Steps to Powerful Personal Change by Paul J. Spencer

Change is tricky to accomplish but Paul J. Spencer has the formula for success

Many people are aware that they have something in their life that if they changed, would help them to achieve greater success and happiness.

We are inherently programmed to seek out the possibility of fear, our instincts are designed to scan our surroundings to notice potential threats so that we can keep ourselves safe.

In other words, we are programmed to seek out negativity, so it is no wonder that people look for the problems and the likelihood of failure before they consider the possibilities of success.

Understanding this allows you to see negative situations differently, it helps you think about situations in a way that helps you to find new choices and influence the end result in a way that serves you better. This is the underlying concept behind the process that I call the five steps to powerful personal change.

When most people find themselves in a position to making a change in their life. It is usually because they are experiencing some type of problem and they have decided that they no longer want to keep the problem and want to consider a new outcome.

I have created a simple yet effective technique to help you create profound changes in your life.

I call it CLICK – this stands for CAUSE, LET GO, INSTEAD, CHOICE, KEEP.

So, if you are in a position where you need to make a change then the first thing to do is to take some time to write down, what you think the problem is? What effect is this having on your life?

Is it stopping you from doing something? Does it stir up unwanted negative emotions? What is it stopping you from doing? Or, what is it causing for you that you do not want or like?

Once you have written this down on paper, you then need to move to the first step of the process which is THE CAUSE. So, what is it that CAUSES you to have this problem?

Write down whatever pops into your mind! I wouldn’t spend time analysing this, go with your intuition, your gut instinct. This is important because I want you to start trusting your intuition. It usually has the best answer.

Once you understand what has caused the problem, you then need to think about the ways that you could LET GO of the problem. Using your unlimited imagination, I want you to consider all the ways that you could see yourself letting the problem go.

Would you have to say something to yourself, would you need to do something, or are you just so fed up of the problem that you are ready to just let go?

The next step is to think about what you want INSTEAD. Once you have already seen yourself and or told yourself that you can let go of the problem, then it is far easier to consider the possibilities of a new outcome.

After you have decided specifically what you want INSTEAD, it is then easy to move to the next step, which is to CHOOSE the new outcome rather than the old problem.

Think about it, if your old problem is triggered but you have already made a decision that in the future you have chosen to experience of what you want INSTEAD, then this is exactly what your mind will focus on, rather than that old problem that you used to have!

The final step of the process is to decide to KEEP this new choice.

Many people make temporary changes and then revert back to their old problem. This is because they haven’t made the decision to KEEP the new choice.

If you want to keep something, if you choose to keep something so that you will always have it, then you will always remember where it is, because you have placed it in that space in your mind labelled KEEP.

This is what people that have a traumatic experience do, they decide to KEEP the memory in order to keep themselves safe.

What they need to do instead is to identify the CAUSE of the problem. Consider how to LET GO of it, choose something else that they want INSTEAD, decide that they want this new CHOICE rather than the old problem and then to KEEP this new outcome instead of the old problem.

Now that you understand this you can now use this process to help you, to make new and powerful changes in your life.

Paul J. Spencer is a personal change specialist, helping people to make amazing changes in their life. Find out more at pauljspencer.com

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