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An Eternal Inspiration by Kelle Bryan

From the highs of pop stardom to the lows of challenging health issues, Kelle Bryan has stayed the course, driven by her own dreams. Now she is inspiring others to follow their visions too


It could be argued that as a former member of one of the world’s biggest girl bands, Kelle Bryan, should know how to work an audience.

Yet the energy and inspiration that she exudes as she takes to the stage at The Best You Expo is more than a stage school-learned skill. The inner qualities of dynamism and warmth, which Bryan oozes, are clearly inherent to her personality, and of course these are the characteristics which make her the perfect speaker on a Saturday afternoon at London’s ExCeL.

While most of us remember Bryan as a member of pop sensation Eternal, since then she has bravely battled and led the drive for awareness of lupus through her patronage of the Saint Thomas Lupus Trust. She has also founded her own artist management company, Advocate Agency, which champions those who – like Bryan – have an inner goal that they want to achieve, even when the odds are stacked against them.

To kick off the session at The Best You Expo, Bryan challenged the audience to work as two teams to circulate and return an egg to the front of the stage, unbroken, in the fastest time.

It’s a fun, energetic few minutes as the eggs set sail, carefully passed between each audience member.

By the end of the eggs’ journey, it looks likely that one side of the audience is leading – yet curiously, the slower team returns its egg to Bryan at the front of the stage first, due to the final recipient’s determination to move swiftly and determinedly to be the winner.

Amid the laughter, surprise and excitement, Bryan swings the energy back to the start of her presentation, explaining that,

The egg is your vision, your dream. It took several steps to make it back to base. Many hands made light work – it took a careful approach, measured steps, energy, momentum, drive, focus and patience but you were focused entirely on the egg and these are the skills you need to succeed. My goal today is to help you begin a chain reaction and kick start your dream into becoming a reality.”

Next, she challenged the audience to define their personal motive for being at The Best You Expo, to look inwards at the unfulfilled goal or challenge that they want to realise in their lifetime.

”What are you afraid of?” Bryan asked. “What is stopping you? What is the worst thing that can happen, and does it matter if it does?” As she posed the questions, she shared one of her core beliefs, ‘You will not fail as there is no failure in trying,” and went on to explain that it was this attitude that enabled her to realise her dream to become a pop star, when her father urged her to find a ‘proper job’ as a teenager. Persevering, she described how she had gone on to earn more than £1m during her singing career.

“Opinion should always come with love,” said Bryan. “Whether it’s from a parent, spouse or best friend, do not allow anyone else’s opinion to damage you.

Be on your guard, not unkind, but selective in what you take on board from others. No-one has the right to tell you what you ‘should’ do unless they love you.”

While external encouragement is important, Bryan continued to say that for many people the barrier to moving ahead with their dreams often comes from within, saying, “Are you afraid of vulnerability, being laughed at or humiliated? What’s the worst that can happen?”

She urged the audience to be brave and share their vision with someone else as the first step to making it a reality.

“Fear can keep you locked still, busy thinking and ultimately procrastinating,” she said. “But while you’re convinced you’re giving it careful consideration, time is ticking away along with your inspiration and confidence to try.

“Don’t wait until you can’t, do it while you can. You, your ideas, feelings, thoughts and opinions all count – they all matter and will make a difference.”

Leaving The Best You Expo’s audience uplifted and ready to move ahead with their vision, Bryan proved that she is still every bit the inspiring star.

To find out more about Kelle Bryan’s Advocate Agency, visit www.advocate.agency.com


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