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How to be a Media Magnet by Fiona Harrold

You cannot be a secret and a success. Make the decision to get known and get seen and start getting in the media!



Hi, I’m Fiona Harrold. You may know me from articles and appearances in the media where I’m known as Britain’s leading coach or as the best-selling author of Be Your Own Life Coach. But I didn’t always have this kind of success. In fact, there was a time when my business was non-existent and I struggled to pay the bills.

Then one day, something amazing happened and I was literally flooded with clients clamouring to work with me.

I was an overnight success. And it was just one article that did it.

My guess is, you’re reading this because you’d like to reach more people, get more paying customers, and make your business more profitable.

You’re tired of being invisible and struggling to find clients and customers.

You’re not recognised and respected as the expert you are.

You’re not making enough money.

You feel resentful of other’s success.

You feel frustrated that you’re not having the impact in the world that you could and should.

I know that being featured in the media is the most powerful way to grow your business, make the money you need and have the impact you want… providing you do it right.

I’ve lost count of clients who want to get massive exposure for themselves and their businesses but don’t know where to start. They don’t have a strategy. They don’t know what to do.

Some of them have tried and failed because they got things fundamentally wrong from the start. They sent out bad press releases, ones that were too wordy, never going to get picked up – because they didn’t know any better. They probably sent them to the wrong people too! I understand that right now you may be a little fearful.

Maybe you’re worried about getting it wrong.

Maybe you’ve tried in the past with no success.

Maybe you don’t have the confidence to put yourself out there publicly.

Perhaps you’re fearful about ‘bad press’, the exposure and what that could mean for yourself and your family and not having professional advice on how to get over that.

Maybe you don’t feel you’ve got anything interesting that the Media would want.

Or maybe you’re just a bit overwhelmed because you’ve never approached the media before, and you don’t know where to start. I know what that feels like. When I started out in business, I only had a trickle of clients.

I didn’t just want to get my business up and running and make money; I wanted to reach people as well. I had a message.


It wasn’t just about filling my appointment diary, and I guess it’s the same for you. You want to reach people. Yes, you’ve got to make your business work, but you’ve also got a message you want to get out.

I knew that I needed journalists to come and try it out for themselves, so they could write about it for their readers. Then they could say: “Hey, this is new, it’s exciting, it worked for me…”

And that’s EXACTLY what happened! I made a decision to get in the media. I offered my services to a journalist who then wrote about it.

I was featured in a weekly magazine, and the day it came out, with my phone number at the bottom of the page, my phone started to ring at 7.10am. It was somebody wanting to book an appointment with me. And that’s how it was all day long.

I went from having five clients a week to 50. I was solidly booked for three months. My income went up ten-fold and I never looked back. So you can see why I’m so evangelical about this marketing tool.

In fact, I was so good at getting in the media that companies were calling me to find out who was doing my PR, and they then paid me to advise them on their campaign. And the rest – as they say – is history.

I continued to get features in the press, which led to a publishing deal, speaking engagements around the world and my dream lifestyle. Since then, I’ve used the press to get free promotion for my business and fill my programmes.

I’ve helped launch multi-million pound businesses, and make them into household names. So, I hope I’ve convinced you to make getting in the media a priority for you and your business.

In my new Media Magnet programme, I help people like you get your message in the media.

Diane, a counsellor, got a double page feature in the Daily Express, bringing 1,500 new people to her website in one day.

Yvonne, a bed and breakfast owner had an interview in the Daily Mail and saw her business increase by 20 per cent overnight.

Deirdre opened a healing centre in Belfast and got on the front page of the Belfast Telegraph, launching her business instantly.

Here’s what you need to get YOU in the Media:

* YOU! You need to be able to see what’s interesting about you and present yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

* A ‘killer-pitch’ – to convey your idea in a compelling way in seconds. Journalists reject 97 per cent of all press releases.

* A great ‘hook’ that you can hang your idea or your business off. This might be a new statistic that proves the need for your service or a time of year, such as Christmas, that you can link your business to.

Fiona Harrold

Fiona Harrold is the pioneer of coaching in Europe. Known as the ‘Queen Bee of Coaching’, she has brought coaching to the general public through television and radio appearances and columns in magazines and newspapers. She works with individuals and businesses to become the stars in their field, ensuring they have no competition through helping them cre-ate a media profile. The Times call her ‘one of the new gurus to get inside our minds.’ Her books include the best-selling, Be Your Own Life Coach, The 10-Minute Life Coach, The 7 Rules of Success, Reinvent Yourself and Inde-structible Self-Belief. She travels throughout Europe and the US working with businesses and entrepreneurs to catapult their profits through becoming a media star.

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