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Paul McKenna – A Self-Educated Man

  In the past 20 years, Paul McKenna has been one of the world’s widest-reaching life-changers. With his groundbreaking book Change Your Life In 7 Days selling over 3 million copies worldwide, a revolutionary weight-loss program and numerous TV shows revealing how easy it can be to change, it’s difficult to underestimate his influence. So, […]

Michael Neill’s Revolution

Michael Neill is one of the world’s top life coaches, whose books sell worldwide and whose radio broadcasts are massively popular. Bernardo Moya interviews Michael Neill to find out how he came to be one of the most popular figures in the world of Personal Development – and what really makes people happy. Michael Neill’s […]

The mojo behind the MOBOs, Kanya King

A pioneer in the urban music industry, Kanya King, founder of the MOBO Awards, has quite a story to tell. Bernardo Moya gets her to tell it to us. Effortlessly stylish with an air of old school charm, Kanya King breezes into the studio and settles down for our interview. But life hasn’t always been […]

Success… Or Your Money Back by Matt Wingett

  Shed Simove’s new book “Success… Or Your Money Back” is a unique accumulation of observations on creativity, the nature of success and just getting out there and doing it for yourself. The Best You decided to find out what’s important to Shed, and the thinking that shaped his latest book. With a background in […]

What does the future hold in store for Russell Grant?

  I didn’t start as an astrologer,” says Russell Grant with a smile. “I actually started in show business.” Growing up in the village of Harefi eld in Middlesex, Grant was surrounded by theatrical types – his mother worked for Pinewood Studios, his father was a set designer on blockbusters like Cleopatra. No surprise that […]

I wouldn’t say I am lucky… Interview with Johnson Beharry, VC

  It isn’t often you meet a man who has put his life on the line to save others, who has looked death in the face and been wounded so badly that doctors didn’t think he would survive, but that is the story of Johnson Beharry, VC.   Johnson is a quiet, self-contained man who […]

Sarah shines

Sarah Storey is jointly the UK’s most prolific Paralympic medal winner alongside Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and Dave Roberts. Her life has been a story of focus and success, which involved her overcoming bullying and switching from swimming to cycling. Bernardo Moya chats with her and finds out more about Sarah Storey, Paralympian extraordinaire.   Sarah […]

Nicky Hambleton Jones – How She Did It In Her Own Fashion

  Nicky Hambleton-Jones is a gutsy woman, knowledgeable and educated, both as a doctor and nutritionist. When I met her, what I really liked about her was the way she decided to give it up all in her late twenties to start life anew in London. Like many others, she didn’t know what she wanted […]

Laughing all the way to the bank

With the economy in the state it’s in and the banks refusing to lend money to people, no matter their credit rating, Dave Fishwick was convinced he could do a better job than the high street banks. The Best You finds out how it went.   Dave Fishwick, a minibus salesman from Burnley, England, and […]

Sasha Wilkins – Taking liberties by Zane Henry

Meet Sasha Wilkins, whom you may know better as Liberty London Girl: journalist, blogger, editor, broadcaster, media consultant and business owner. Zane Henry, writer, editor and networker extraordinaire, got to know her a little better.   She is the name and face behind media brand LLG Media and social media consultancy business LLGConsults. She is […]

Who Is The Man? Bill Curbishley

Bill Curbishley has led the most amazing life. Promoter and manager for The Who and Led Zeppelin, a film producer of such classics as Tommy and Quadrophenia and a man who mixes with the elite in society, his stories and experiences could fill a library, let alone a magazine article. With his background very similar […]

The Midas Touch: an interview with Jacqueline Gold

The Best You chats to the woman behind Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold, about challenges in the business world and whether or not the modern woman can ‘have it all’.   Powerful, immaculate and full of self-belief, Jacqueline Gold is an inspiration to women all over the UK. She may have the demeanour of someone who […]

Love sees no Colour. Interview with Jessica Huie

  Entrepreneur Jessica Huie has worked for 10 years at the pinnacle of the British media, including seven years under the wing of PR mogul Max Clifford. She’s worked with the likes of Simon Cowell and Peter Jones and now at the age of just 32 runs the London Branch of Forward Ladies, a support […]

Keeping the vision. Interview with Dr Janet Gray MBE

  One woman’s amazing journey from blindness to world class sport – and her return from near-death. When Janet Gray was 14, she was told she could lose her eyesight, just like her brother and her father. “Though it was genetic, it was under control. Then a blow to the eye socket exacerbated the disease,” […]

Harvey Goldsmith – How A Rock Legend Made It Happen by Bernardo Moya

  When Harvey Goldsmith was growing up, his house was awash with music. But he puts his ability to organise some of the most impressive musical events of the last 50 years down to being in the Scouts! “We used to go to camp and we were trained
how to look after people, to think about […]

It’s All About Relationships. Feature Penny Power

  Penny Power, entrepreneur and social networking specialist reveals how businesses are built in the IT Age. When Penny Power was a girl, her parents paid a careers adviser to give her a psychometric test. She was advised to be a Butlins redcoat. Recalling the moment, this 48-year-old entrepreneur in the IT industry laughs and […]

Turning Points. Interview with Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, author of Turning Points, reveals how he learned to take financial control in his life – by doing the things that made him feel most alive. He tells The Best You there’s a system to it we all can learn.     When in the 1980s 18-year-old Rohan Weerasinghe’s students friends were […]