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Vloggers making a difference: Physics Girl

Name: Physics Girl aka Dianna Cowern Joined YouTube: 21 October 2011 Subscribers: 125,312 Views: 7,662,479 YouTube channel description: Physics video for every atom and eve     What inspired you to create your YouTube channel? I had just graduated with my Bachelor of Science in physics and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for […]

The advantages of Evolution by Bernardo Moya

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”right-to-left”]In an article of the Harvard Business Review of Larry E. Greiner, he discusses how, ‘In stressing the force of history on an organisation, I have drawn from the legacies of European psychologists who argue that the behaviour of individuals is determined primarily by past events and experiences, rather than by what lies ahead’. It […]

Lynda Resnick: Start up, stay up

Lynda Resnick began life with a need to do her own thing. Born in 1944, Resnick grew up in the shadow of her father, who was a distributor in the film business. Perhaps learning the grit and fortitude it took to make and launch a film, she was no stranger to rolling up her sleeves […]

Benjamin Franklin: The crafting of a nation

Considered a founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin spent much of his life striving to find his inner entrepreneur. Born in the early 1700s in Boston, Massachusetts, Franklin’s father attempted to steward his young son into a religious career, however had little money to pay for a proper education. Franklin showed an appetite […]

Marilyn Monroe: The leading lady

Born with the name Norma Jane Mortenson, Marilyn Monroe came into the world via a hospital charity ward in 1926 Los Angeles. It seemed destined that Monroe’s mother would pass her hardship-prone life onto her daughter; indeed her mother became pregnant with her first child at age 15, went on to divorce her first husband […]

Steve Wozniak: Finding the core of success

Born in 1950 in the place that would become Silicon Valley, one could say Steve ‘the Woz’ Wozniak was born with a circuit board in his brain. Far from what many would consider a model student in school, Wozniak was nevertheless fascinated by electronics as a child. His father was an engineer at Lockheed Martin, […]

My inspirations by Farzana Baduel

Farzana Baduel is founder and managing director of Curzon PR, a public relations agency representing clients ranging from  international government projects, to clients in the field of arts and culture. Her business is now global, with offices in London, New York, Dubai, and Delhi. She was recently awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at […]

Youth movement

Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis and entrepreneur Amber Atherton are backing the Ryman National Enterprise Challenge’s mission to expose 500,000 kids to business skills by 2020. Co-founder Ben Dyer explains the idea behind the inter-school competition.   Experts in delivering business skills, cousins Ben and Michael Dyer have experienced the highs and lows of enterprise. […]

What does it take to be a curator? By Belinda Hall

Belinda Hall is founder of Home of Artisans, an online community marketplace that supports and promotes local artists of craft from around the world    Tell us about your transition from ad exec to curator. I’d worked in advertising since university, for 14 years, but I’ve always been entrepreneurial and I come from a family […]

What have you memorised? By Jim Aitkins

Jim Aitkins believes that we can create results by learning from the success of experts   Some 30 years ago, my first ‘real’ job was in sales. I was hired by a life & health insurance brokerage firm to sell its insurance products to people who had requested information. It was 100 per cent commission […]

How to mentor a child by Jon Bullock

Jon Bullock is executive director for the Redmond Proficiency Academy, a school that he founded. A lifelong mentor, here he shares his insights into how to nurture a child’s potential A couple of weeks ago I found myself in the midst of a youth soccer tournament. As I stood on the field, observing games being […]

An Inspirational Story by Julie Foster

Julie Foster writes about her experience of surviving breast cancer diagnosis and treatment with a positive outlook   I wouldn’t say that surviving breast cancer is easy, but I do believe that you can choose your perspective and create an easeful experience.   I love the power of thought and have used it to create […]

Think harder by Cathy Lasher

If ‘work hard’ is your daily mantra, critical thinking may offer the key to greater success. Author Cathy Lasher explains why   Deliberate thinking, reflecting on what you have done, what you are doing, what you want to do, is an essential leadership skill that you cannot afford to be without. It underpins virtually every […]

Follow your instincts by Malcolm Levene

Malcolm Levene says our gut feeling is often right   Is it worth paying attention to intuition? A challenging question for many. It certainly continues to be so for me. In saying that, when I allow myself to listen to my intuition, it invariably serves me well. Whenever I don’t pay attention to those gut feelings, […]

Spice for life by Anjula Devi

Celebrity chef Anjula Devi is a champion of authentic and traditional Indian cooking. Winner of a prestigious BBC Good Food bursary, founder of a masala range, Route 207, and owner of a London cookery school, here she shares her recipes for life’s physical and mental challenges      I have been cooking Indian food for […]

Wok stars by The Dumpling Sisters

Lauded by Jamie Oliver, the Dumpling Sisters – Amy and Julie Zhang – are on a mission to make homemade Chinese food accessible.   It’s not unusual to love the food of our childhood, but for the Zhang sisters cooking and eating have been a unifying factor throughout their lives. The ‘Chiwis’ whose parents emigrated […]

Let’s party by John Vincent

John Vincent shares his experience of a raw cacao ceremony that he experienced in the jungle of Koh Phangan   I find that inspiration is everywhere. Opportunity for personal development and getting more of what you want from life is abundant when you have your eyes and ears wide open and the lucidity of thought […]

The event that changed my life forever by Janine Rogerson

For Janine Rogerson, a life-changing moment brought her closer to her spiritual side and shaped the way she lives today For much of my life, I truly believed that my thoughts were pretty much beyond my control. They automatically entered my mind and did whatever they wished to do. Even more so, I actually believed […]

Eye on the ball – Danny Cipriani by Stephen Simpson

At just 27, Danny Cipriani is one of rugby’s best-known stars. Despite controversy off the pitch, many hope to see his talents in action at this month’s World Cup. Dr Stephen Simpson writes   Excitement is mounting as the Rugby World Cup returns to Great Britain this month. Will this be the year that England […]

No limits ahead: Tanni Grey-Thompson by Bernardo Moya

Outstanding Paralympian, member of the House of Lords, television presenter and disability rights campaigner, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson tells Bernardo Moya how disability must never limit your aspirations   Carys Davina Grey-Thompson was born on 26 July 1969 with spina bifida, a birth defect which left her paralysed below the waist from an early age. Brought […]

Man of the people – Benjamin Bonetti

Benjamin Bonetti has already made his mark in the world of self-help. With a string of books and recordings behind him, a regular blog on The Huffington Post, he was also adviser on the hit television show Celebrity Wife Swap UK. The Best You meets the industry’s rising star .     Although he’s always […]

Top 6 universities by The Best You

Back to school… but where are the world’s best universities? According to higher education data specialist QS, English universities still dominate education’s elite   1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Founded in 1861, Cambridge, Massachusetts MIT’s reputation as a tech specialist institution stems from World War II and the Cold War when researchers worked on the […]