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Let’s party by John Vincent

John Vincent shares his experience of a raw cacao ceremony that he experienced in the jungle of Koh Phangan


I find that inspiration is everywhere. Opportunity for personal development and getting more of what you want from life is abundant when you have your eyes and ears wide open and the lucidity of thought to spot opportunity.

Today I want to share with you a powerful three-step NLP process that I’ve been developing since being inspired by a magical raw cacao ceremony in a remote location deep in the jungles of Koh Phangan.

At its core this is about you becoming the best you!

The essence of the cacao ceremony revolved around three distinct and very powerful notions…


1) Letting go of things that don’t serve you

2) Feeling grateful for what you do have

3) Setting a powerful and positive intention for the future


At the heart of this sacred ceremony was a simple idea: change your experience of the world for the better. An idea that resonates with me and I hope resonates with you too.

It is about YOU becoming the conscious architect of your thoughts, allowing you to shape your own future in line with your desires, so you get more of what you want from life.

The focus starts on letting go of worries, stresses, anxieties and anything that doesn’t support you. Then you begin flooding your body with feelings of gratitude. Focusing on what is wonderful in your life right now and being grateful for the wonderful people you share your time with.Finally you will be giving energy and power to your unfulfilled desires and goals.

Getting to the truly breathtaking location of the ceremony that I experienced was an adventure in itself! Half the time the boat flew above the waves, the rest of the time the ocean was trying to get in the boat. It was an exercise in ‘state control’, the ‘spinning of feeling’ to remain calm while the tiny boat was buffeted by huge crashing waves as we clung to the sides trying to avoid an unplanned swimming session.

Then there was an insane ride across something completely unrecognisable, what we would normally call a road, over the mountainous terrain in an open top 4×4.

After trekking through hot, humid weather, up steep winding paths into the jungle, just as the last rays of the awe-inspiring sunset filtered down through the trees we came to the location for the cacao ceremony.

We stood outside a large bamboo structure in the rapidly fading light as we waited to be taken inside. 
A small group consisting of around 15 people were all seeking more from life.

Suddenly it was my turn, the door opened and I stepped inside. There was a powerful aroma of incense infused with the humidity in the air. The door closed, Daisy our host and facilitator greeted me with a warm smile, a hug and a few words that set the frame for our experience.

This process is about letting go of the stuff that just doesn’t serve you anymore, feeling good about where you are right now and grateful for what you do have. Then propelling yourself forward towards your goals creating more of the abundance your can see yourself enjoying in life.

I was told about this experience by a very good friend of mine who had enjoyed it on his last visit to the island. What intrigued me was how this new age idea had at its core a very solid idea that could be modelled and the same results achieved in minutes with NLP.

Now, the NLP process I’ve created for you doesn’t have raw cocoa, but you can easily enjoy some before it (if you’re anything like me you will agree that lots of things in life are enhanced by good quality chocolate.)

The other thing missing is the ecstatic states from all the wild dancing and movement that Daisy incorporated into our ceremony. This, however is where elicitation of good feelings comes into play and that is something at the heart of NLP.

With just a little understanding of Dr Richard Bandler’s neuro-linguistic programming you may quickly realise that the addition of double disassociation in the first step gives a reliable and effective way to actually let go of issues.

Likewise you will realise that ‘spinning feelings’ during step two allows you to amplify the feelings of gratitude spreading them throughout your body and bathing your neurology in ‘feel good’ chemicals.

While ‘timelines’ give you the opportunity to strategically focus your desires and give both your conscious and unconscious mind the structure of what you want to come into fruition during the third and final phase of this process.

Three powerful NLP processes combined making a daily ‘ritual’ that sets you up for success. 

Beginning the day in this way allows you to both feel good and get clear about the achievements you are moving towards as you continue your day.

Experience this powerful three-step NLP process of letting go, feeling good and planning for more abundance in your life by downloading the short audio I’ve created for you.


I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Find out more at johnvincentblog.com

The Best You

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