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Are you ready for the new season?

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s almost time for shorts, flip flops and bathing suits. The sun is out (if you don’t live in London it has probably been out for a long time already). It’s time to get our bodies into shape and prepare for the effects of the heat and sun. […]

Snap to success – Sara Blakely

One could argue that Sara Blakely grew up as a perfect blend of both her parents. Raised by a lawyer father and artist mother in Clearwater, Florida, USA, Blakely was raised to achieve and succeed, but ultimately did it with a focus and flair reminiscent of both of her parents. After college, and toying with […]

Past interference – Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner was born in Iowa in 1971, and was raised there through high school. All was not an ideal dream in America’s heartland however. Warner’s parents divorced when he was still a small child. He went to live with his mother and brother during his formative years. It was here that he turned to […]

Fantasy, reality and prosperity – Chuck Palahniuk

An American West Coast success story, Chuck Palahniuk had a rise to prominence not often imitated. Palahniuk was born in Washington State and spent part of his childhood living in a trailer home. Subsequent to his parents’ divorce when he was in his teens, Palahniuk lived off and on with his grandparents, who offered a […]

Unbroken broker: Amanda Staveley

    While her father was an influential part of Amanda Staveley’s life, she spent much of her formative years with her grandparents in and around Yorkshire. Her maternal grandfather owned a betting shop, making good, if not exactly clean money. Staveley has surmised though that she learned most of everything she knows about business […]

Start the stopwatch by Nigel Botterill

A serial successful entrepreneur, Nigel Botterill says he has built his business successes in 90-minute chunks of time. For most people who have started a business, the story usually goes as follows. Have a great idea. Decide to go for it. Get busy. Get really busy. Tick over. What then, if you could take your business […]

Moving On

It’s ten years since Paul McGee’s straight-talking book, S.U.M.O (Shut Up, Move On) first hit bookshelves. With a special anniversary issue out this month, he reflects on the impact the title has had. Life has a curious knack of leading us towards our purpose. When Paul McGee became unwell and lost his management job with a […]

The Best You’s Q&A Annabel Karmel

Annabel Karmel rose to fame with her first book, The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner, and has since written 37 books on infant nutrition alongside numerous columns for magazines and newspapers. With her own food ranges and a new book, Mumpreneur, we caught up with her. Your new book, Mumpreneur, is a practical guide […]

What does it take… to be an author by Stephanie J Hale

Stephanie J Hale is a publishing expert who helps high-profile entrepreneurs and speakers to write best-selling books. She is the founder of Oxford Literary Consultancy and author of award-winning books including How to Sell a Million Books. How did you come to write your book, Celebrity Authors’ Secrets? Well I thought about the question that […]

Shark tale by Jim Aitkins

Jim Aitkins believes the way we act when we are afraid can make a big difference to the outcome The fear of being attacked by a shark is, by many people, exceeded only by the fear of speaking in front of an audience. This is odd because I have yet to hear of an audience attacking a motivational […]

The wobbly revolution- Actress Francesca Martinez

 Comedian and actress Francesca Martinez  is on a mission to make us rethink our definition of normality With her striking looks, the genetic inheritance of her Spanish father and half-Swedish, half-English mother, gamine haircut and sparkling wit, Francesca Martinez is the stand-up artist who can cut a politician down to size with a quick one-liner […]

Super natural healer by Beth Greer

Her book is endorsed by Deepak Chopra,Dr Jospeh Mercola and Ralph Nader, and her inexhaustible knowledge of the toxins around us have saved lives – including her own. Meet Beth Greer, AKA Super Natural Mom Air pollution, unhealthy takeaways, intoxicating perfumes. We all know the bad stuff that can damage our health, don’t we? Scratch […]

Eat yourself well by Rachel Kelly

Author Rachel Kelly believes that food can be a valuable tool in achieving a positive state of mind “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said the Greek physician Hippocrates more than two thousand years ago. Despite such age-old wisdom, it was only after two serious bouts of depression that I’ve followed […]

Tour De Force: The Power of Bradley

Famously focused, outspoken, confident to the point of cocky yet respectful, kind and even shy, he is a powerful role model. The Best You celebrates the achievements of cycling genius, Bradley Wiggins With his gnarly carves, lean figure and famed sideburns, he looks like the typical hero from an earlier age of cycling history. Yet […]

What’s new at The Best You?- Bernardo Moya

With a range of upcoming events, editor Bernardo Moya shares the latest developments at The Best You. As our audience continues to grow on both sides of the Atlantic, we are excited to announce our plans to extend the ways that our readers can interact with the UK’s leading personal development magazine and channel to […]

Selling it – Chris Cardell by Bernardo Moya

As a child, Chris Cardell dreamt of owning a microphone, so how did a Capital Radio producer become a marketing mastermind? Bernardo Moya found out Chris Cardell tells me that everyone in business is in marketing. He says it with the confidence of one who has helped numerous businesses succeed. “Everybody asks the question, ‘What should […]

Who dares wins – The adventurous life of Bear Grylls

He’s an ex-SAS trooper, climbed Mount Everest after breaking his back, his shows have more than a billion viewers, he’s a heartthrob, a deeply committed Christian and family man. So how did Bear Grylls get to be… Bear Grylls?   First, that name. His real name is Edward Michael Grylls, but the nickname was awarded […]

Top 6 inspiring gardens

With this month’s Chelsea Flower Show (19-23 May) in full bloom, The Best You picks the finest gardens to add a little magic to your own patch of green Hampton Court Palace Celebrating its 500th year, Hampton Court Palace has more than 60 acres of gardens, along with a grapevine planted in 1768 by Capability […]

Mind over matter- Ruth wolever & Beth Reardon

 Knowing the nutritional make-up of your diet is one thing, but have you ever thought about the psychology of what you eat? A new book combines both to help you lose weight and keep it off for life.   If you’ve ever overeaten, rushed your meal, eaten comfort or junk food, you’re not alone, but […]

7 ways to be the best you- Afsal Khan

Don’t leave success to chance, says health transformation coach Afzal Khan. Boost your holistic wellbeing with these simple steps…   1. Get more zzzz Aim for at least eight hours of sleep each night. Try to be in bed before 10pm as the body detoxes the liver between then and 2am. Drink more  Water is vital to […]

Fit for life by Shea Vaughn

Energy, stamina, strength and the power to succeed – it’s what we want in every aspect of our lives. Shea Vaughn has a plan to help us achieve it   When Shea Vaughn arrives for The Best You’s interview, there’s an immediate energy in our conversation. The creator of SheaNetics, a unique blend of wellness and […]

Fix your feelings by Guy Winch

Psychologist Guy Winch wants us to pay as much attention to our emotional health as our physical wellbeing Is your medicine cabinet bulging with painkillers, plasters, bandages and all manner of medicines to cure the physical symptoms of illness? How about a first aid kit for your mental health? Hmmm, not so much. You’re not alone, […]

Just call me Steve – Dame Stephanie Shirley

From Jewish child refugee to leader of a billion dollar software company and philanthropist, Dame Stephanie Shirley’s life storyis both incredible and inspiring. When I wrote my memoir, the publishers were confused. Was it about me as a child refugee, or as a woman who set up a high-tech software company back in the 1960s, one that […]