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7 ways to be the best you- Afsal Khan

Don’t leave success to chance, says health transformation coach Afzal Khan. Boost your holistic wellbeing with these simple steps…

  1. Get more zzzz

Aim for at least eight hours of sleep each night. Try to be in bed before 10pm as the body detoxes the liver between then and 2am.

  1. Drink more 

Water is vital to human life and is the second essential after oxygen. Try to drink at least two litres of water each day starting 30 minutes after you wake up. Try substituting your regular tea or coffee for a herbal brew, many of which have healing properties, can improve digestion and reduce stress. Green tea can help promote healthy weight loss, dandelion is good to detox the liver, peppermint is good for digestion and chamomile has a relaxing, soothing effect on the body.

  1. Be grateful

It’s said that, ‘gratitude is the door to more’. It is a great way to dissolve stress. Living in a state of gratitude trains your brain to seek things to be appreciative of. This mindset is open to possibility and seeks abundance and success.

  1. Eat more raw

Water rich foods such as fruits and green vegetables, nuts (providing you don’t have an allergy) and seeds can improve the quality of your digestion, skin tone, mental clarity and energy levels.

  1. Stand up straight 

If your body is not in correct alignment then you place unnecessary tension on your neck, spine and joints. Poor posture leads to shallow breathing, which in turn affects confidence and mood.


  1. Stride right

Be outdoors for 15-20 minutes a day and walk. It promotes deep breathing and relieves stress. In China, locals perform gentle exercises such as Tai Chi early in the morning in parks. The movements are soft, slow and rhythmic. The belief is that life force energy (Chi) can be absorbed from the natural environment and through deep breathing. You can adopt this philosophy when you walk outdoors. Focus on your breathing and imagine you are absorbing energy as you walk.


  1. Invest in yourself

When you invest in your own growth, life becomes much richer with possibilities. As you gain new knowledge you gain a deeper understanding about yourself and others. As you expand your level of awareness you also expand the possibility for success in life.

To be the best you will take an investment of your time, energy and resources. This is how winning happens and growth occurs. Improve in each one of the areas – pick one at a time, one a day for the next seven days.

The Best You

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