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Fit for life by Shea Vaughn

Energy, stamina, strength and the power to succeed – it’s what we want in every aspect of our lives. Shea Vaughn has a plan to help us achieve it


When Shea Vaughn arrives for The Best You’s interview, there’s an immediate energy in our conversation. The creator of SheaNetics, a unique blend of wellness and exercise, is the perfect embodiment of how the power to be our very best lies within each of us. “My mom said I came out turning somersaults from the beginning,” laughs Vaughn, “and as I got older I was a kid that loved to move.”

With an impeccably well-toned physique and perfect posture, Vaughn’s lifelong love of physical activity is evident. “I’ve been a dancer all my life,” she says. As a young child I attended ballet, tap and gymnastics classes.

“Later on, the fitness and wellness industry chose me and, even when I studied and worked in other areas, I always taught classes. I loved the performance of exercise, but I also enjoyed the gratitude that came from others whose lives changed and benefited from those sessions.”

Inspired by the people that she taught, Vaughn embarked upon creating a unique and powerful programme that combines positive mental wellbeing with physical exercise to achieve optimum health and fitness. Blending Eastern and Western values and physical activities, she aimed to balance and satisfy the needs of both the body and the mind.

“I was teaching so many different platforms, and conflicting ideas didn’t make sense to me,” explains Vaughn. “Plus each discipline was self-limiting, for example I taught Pilates two or three times a week, but originally there were just 36 moves with the programme, so it was limiting.

“I realised that a mix of things would work far better. That was the breakthrough. I started experimenting with a blend of disciplines and my students encouraged me as they were really reaping the benefits of doing different things combined in a single session.

“Slowly SheaNetics was born and students enjoyed its many benefits. Meditation is directed focus. In yoga we are encouraged to listen to our breath as it clears the mind and enables us to be stress-free. SheaNetics is meditation in motion and thought.”

SheaNetics draws upon yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts, ballet along with Shea’s own Tri-Core Power Training, and advocates achieve high levels of strength, flexibility and balance. Simultaneously many say SheaNetics reduces stress, improves their ability to relax and enhances positive energy.

While many exercise programmes provide short-term benefits, SheaNetics offers a lifetime resource for mental and physical strength.

I’ve always had the mantra, ‘mind, body and heart – not soul, as the heart is the first cell that is formed and to me it starts there and comes back to it,” Vaughn adds.

While Vaughn radiates the physical benefits that SheaNetics provides, she says the same core principles can be applied to almost any life challenge – from business goals to weight loss.

“Mental and physical strength are necessary to achieve every life goal,” she says. “In order to be truly a well human being, you need to be healthy and joyful and SheaNetics helps you to achieve these things.”


Download the APP [LINK] to watch Shea Vaughn’s introduction to SheaNetics and discover her five living principles of wellbeing.

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