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Transformational NLP As A Tool For Healing With The Spirit by Cissi Williams

Cissi Williams is a certified NLP trainer, transformational coach, osteopath, naturopath and energy medicine practitioner. Here she writes about the power of transformational NLP   Would you like to be able to tap into the creative power and wisdom that exists within each and everyone of us? If you do, then transformational NLP may be […]

Top Tips for Loving Life

  1. Give yourself permission to be happy – why not, it is your life? If people choose to be miserable around you there is no reason for you to join them. 2. Analyse what needs to happen to make you happy, write a list and do one of the things on it today. 3. […]

How to mentor a child by Jon Bullock

Jon Bullock is executive director for the Redmond Proficiency Academy, a school that he founded. A lifelong mentor, here he shares his insights into how to nurture a child’s potential A couple of weeks ago I found myself in the midst of a youth soccer tournament. As I stood on the field, observing games being […]

Love is in the web

  Less than a decade ago, the concept of meeting someone online had a stigma attached to it. Now it is pretty much commonplace, and with the existence of apps like Tinder and OkCupid, it seems to be something all the cool kids are doing.   According to a study led by John T. Cacioppo […]

5 Ways To Bypass All Excuses And Get To Happiness by Amit Amin

    This is the first in a series of posts that explores a question that deserves a lot more attention than it currently gets. Why don’t we more actively pursue happiness? We think hard work and delayed gratification will get us there. We think its selfish. We think we see the world as it […]

Beware of the Catfish by Jess Fletcher

  According to Jess Fletcher, there’s no denying it: we live in a digital age. These days, nearly everyone has a website, or a Twitter profile, or a Facebook account. In this online world we live in, a new term has been coined. Ladies and gentlemen, beware of the catfish.   A catfish is a […]

Who are your roots? by Lindsay Curtis

  We all (hopefully) have them – the people who are in our lives and love us no matter what. For some of us, it is family. For others, it is our chosen family (friends). For me, I have a couple of ‘roots’ and I try to let them know how grateful I am for […]

The Thin Line Between Love And Obsession by Alexandra Truta

Love can get a bit of a bad rap. They say it’s blind, that it can cloud your judgement, and can easily turn into obsession. Alexandra Truta takes a critical look at love and begs the question, “Have I caught a cold, or am I in love?” Love is one of the most attractive, best-selling, […]

Unconditional Love by Andrea Evans

  Today I had the pleasure of visiting Luv-a-pet animal rescue and adoption services. I was greeted by a very loving black kitty looking for a home. Anyone who knows me personally is well aware of my obsession with animals, and craze for my own cats. These little furry pals of mine are the perfect […]

Les Brown: Inspirational Figure

The Best You catches up with motivational speaker and achievement guru Les Brown, to find out who inspires him – and what he sees as the ingredients of success.   Les Brown is one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles. For three decades […]

Leave your divorce in 2013 by Sara Davison

  With any relationship break up there is heartache and pain. Some splits are more manageable than others and some people cope better than others but even then there will be dark times. Sara Davison lets us know how to get past the pain.   Getting divorced can mean a lot of change in your while […]

Why Your Longest Friendships Are The Most Meaningful by Andi Evans

  Just last week I had the extreme pleasure of attending my oldest friend’s wedding. We met when we were three in Ms. Sue’s dance class in the Lawrence Park Shopping Center in Broomall, Pennsylvania. My family and I flew up from Florida to attend. It was glorious! There are a few things I noticed […]

The joy of giving by Bernice Bowmaker-Falconer

  Some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. People like receiving, but they like giving too. Bernice Bowmaker-Falconer, serial charity giver and all round do-gooder, tells us the benefits of giving around this time of the year.   Shopping is terrifying for me. Shopping malls intimidate me: I never find what I […]

Make Love Your Habit by Wayne W. Dyer

  It’s true that the Yuletide is a time for giving, but that doesn’t mean giving has to be confined to this time of the year. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer had an experience while in Turkey that changed his attitude to one of gratitude.   On the recent Hay House Mediterranean cruise, “In the Wake […]

I Can Mend Your Broken Heart by Paul McKenna

  Paul McKenna and Hugh Willbourn on the skill of Moving On.   Moving On   For most of us, it still feels hard to let go of a secret desire that somehow a miracle will make everything all right again. So, it’s time to take the first steps towards your new future. The steps […]

A labour of love by James Colquhoun

Are you interested in knowing more about natural birth? Australian filmmaker James Colquhoun of Hungry for Change and FoodMatters fame tells us about his and his partner, Laurentine’s, experience. You Are Welcomed, You Are Loved, You Are Accepted! We would say this on a daily basis to baby, as we knew this was important in […]

Having a restful Christmas

  Give Yourself The Rest You Deserve This Christmas A recent report tells us something about Christmas that most of us already knew: The approach to Christmas can be a stressful time. A build-up of “Christmas hormones” in the body over the festive period can lead to over-eating and fatigue, with many people seeking to […]

Time for a hug? By Bernardo Moya

    In London last year, we’ve had the “hugging saint” over from India. Amma (born Sudhamani, meaning “Ambrosial Jewel”) was born into a low caste in the fishing village of Parayakadavu in the district of Kerala in 1953. She has been living a life dedicated to “unconditional love” ever since. Considered a saint by […]

Living with Passion by Andrea Evans

  We get one go of it in our lifetime. Yet so many of us our in denial of our dreams, living out a life that was dictated to us by our society or worse, our family. Wellness blogger, Andrea Evans, explains.   If we stop running on auto-pilot in constant motion we may have […]

The Dalai Lama’s Rocky Road To Freedom by The Best You

Tenzin Gyatso, Tibet’s 14th Dalai Lama was recognised in 1937 at the age of two as the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama, the spiritual and political leader of Tibet. He looked set for a life of mysterious obscurity on the Tibetan plateau as head of a mediaeval government until the People’s Republic of China […]

Calling it quits by The Best You

According to a 2011 census in England and Wales, 42 per cent of marriages end in divorce. The Best You chats to people about their experiences, and asks a few experts for their advice.   His story For me, divorcing was a sad occasion. Because of the lack of understanding, my parents disowned me and […]

Love is great, Love is Kind, Love is All by Sophie Keller

  Each February comes Valentines Day. Best-selling Happiness author Sophie Keller says the day is time for both singles and couples to think about what love means to them …  If you’re single and looking for love, remember, there are 7 billion people on the planet and that means there’s someone out there for you. […]

Which Celebrity Relationship Are You? by Ali Campbell

  1. It’s Friday night and your man calls you from work saying his meeting ran late and he’s not going to make the film you were planning to see, do you: a. Drive to his office and sit outside the meeting until he is done. b. Take another guy friend, to teach him a […]

10 Inspirational Love Quotes by Bernardo Moya

  This week with Saint Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’d like to give you 10 quotes from some great minds about love. Some are funny, some are silly and some are profound. I hope you enjoy them and that whatever you are doing in your life, there is also time to celebrate Love! 1. “Love […]