Top Tips for Loving Life


1. Give yourself permission to be happy – why not, it is your life? If people choose to be miserable around you there is no reason for you to join them.

2. Analyse what needs to happen to make you happy, write a list and do one of the things on it today.

3. Be firm about people who drain your happiness. Talk to them about what you want and if they can’t give it to you get them out of your life.

4. Tell other people how happy you are and how great you feel – your brain will search for the state of happiness and give it to you.

5. Each morning when you wake up set your “state” to what you want it to be. Write a “to be” list next to your “to do” list (Today I want to be energised and confident….)

6. Take time to enjoy your happiness – when things are good avoid thinking about what next, tomorrow just be in the moment and thoroughly immerse yourself in that wonderful feeling.

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