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Living with Passion by Andrea Evans


We get one go of it in our lifetime. Yet so many of us our in denial of our dreams, living out a life that was dictated to us by our society or worse, our family. Wellness blogger, Andrea Evans, explains.


If we stop running on auto-pilot in constant motion we may have the opportunity to ask ourselves what we really want, what we desire and what ignites our inner fire. All of us have a unique gift to bring to the world. Many of us never acknowledge it due to overwhelming obligation to the treadmill of our lives. Where does this leave us? Living in a default system? Never getting to know who we really are, what makes us tick, and where our true happiness lies? Our happiness is within us. It is our truth. I wonder why we are content to do things that do not bring us joy and do not fill our hearts. I have dear friends that live trapped in jobs or relationships that stifle them. The excuses are all of the same cloth. “I’ll never find another job.” “I’ll never find another partner.” “It’s not so bad.” “Could be worse.” I hear this all the time along with complaints about the status quo of life, and endless miserable tales of routine activity.


The definition of passion according to Wikipedia is: “An intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.”


We all have desires that we suppress and back up with endless excuses. Isn’t it exhausting? Our passion is what really makes us tick, what brings out the best in us. It is truly where we can experience the best, most alive version of ourselves. I recently wrote a blog questioning our suppression of passion:


“I wondered if talking about our desires together is too deep an ocean to dive in… And why I would think that thought? Why do we allow our true desires to be diminished? Why don’t we have conversations regularly around our truest, deepest love and passion? My passion is participating in these conversations and exploring what makes us tick. I find it exciting to speak authentically about what drives us and the energy that sustains us, that life-force energy that makes us go, our heart beat fast and our smile widen. I wonder why passion is not on our to-do list. Why are there only some who have the courage to follow their heart? Living our dreams and being honest about our true desires should be a priority. When we are living from our centre that guides us to our deepest happiness, we are in our true power, being real and loving ourselves fully. Shouldn’t passion get the respect it deserves?”


I invite you to open up this conversation with yourself. I invite you to discover your gift. When we are living in our own authenticity, we are living in our greatest power, where intention and desire marry, and happiness is the result. Some of us don’t know what are true passion is. We try many different things hoping one of them will feel right, and we can wake up saying “Aha… this is what I am supposed to be doing! This is were I feel my inner fire burning.”


I remember when I discovered my true passion. I thought it sounded crazy at the time. 
I mean, whose passion is making others smile? Other than a clown, of course? And I had no desire to be a clown. I had a deep desire to encourage others to know their own truth. To know they are beautiful inside and out, no matter what past conditioning or society may say. I had a desire to wave a flag for equality, humanitarianism, faith and love. I did not know how I was going to do that. I only knew I wanted to spread the word. With no road map and only faith, my ideas weaved themselves together like a beautiful tapestry. My passion still leads the way. I do find roadblocks and uncertainty, but they do not stop the fire from burning. I know as long as I listen to my heart and feed my desire, the road I travel is paving itself.

The Best You

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