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Which Celebrity Relationship Are You? by Ali Campbell


1. It’s Friday night and your man calls you from work saying his meeting ran late and he’s not going to make the film you were planning to see, do you:

a. Drive to his office and sit outside the meeting until he is done.
b. Take another guy friend, to teach him a lesson.
c. Immediately get on the phone to you girlfriends and explain he’s def having an affair.
d. Demand he finishes the meeting early to meet you on time.
e. Call the cinema and book a later showing.

2. A new scantily clad Cheryl Cole music video pops on TV and he doesn’t immediately look away. Your response?

a. Switch the TV off
b. Scream about why he’d rather watch that than look at you
c. Shut yourself in the bathroom and sob
d. Force him to give you 10 reasons as to why he’d rather be with you than her
e. Laugh it off- he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell anyway!

3. It’s coming up to his birthday and you want to plan something special, he however is happy to go for a drink in the pub. You:

a. Whinge until he does what you want to do
b. Tell him fine, the pub sounds great then dress up in your skimpiest outfit, flirt with his friends and glare at any woman within a 10 metre radius
c. Accept that he doesn’t want to spend any quality time with you and leave him to get hammered with the lads
d. Book something anyway, then call each and every one of his friends telling them to back off from the birthday weekend
e. Do both! Remember it’s his birthday and he’s entitled to do what he likes, but suggest what you’d like to do and built it into the day, too!

4. Summer holiday time is approaching and you’ve been dreaming of a summer beach getaway all year. But your man is an adventure buff and wants to go hiking. What do you do?

a. Hide his passport and miraculously ‘find’ it again shortly before your planned beach trip giving him no time to organise another trip
b. Assume it’s because he wants to check out other sporty types so book a girlie holiday and decide you will def pull
c. Presume it’s because he doesn’t want to be seen with you in a bikini
d. Book the beach holiday, he knows he has no choice
e. Choose a destination that has both the beautiful beaches and the adventure trips, use the opportunity to try something new!

5. You’re out at a restaurant with a group of mutual friends, and the waitress has that cute girl-next-door thing going on. You’re convinced your man is ogling her. Do you:

a. Drape your arms around his neck ready for some serious PDA next time she brings the drinks over
b. Have a loud, indiscreet slanging match with your man then call her an appropriate swear word before flouncing out.
c. Order the biggest burger and fries on the menu whilst silently admitting you’d never look that good in an apron
d. Demand that you all have to leave the restaurant as the staff is not up to scratch
e. You enjoy your food, the drinks and the company, because you know you’re the one going home with him – everyone looks now and again

6. It’s your ‘quarter anniversary’ but a premier league match is on at the pub. He announces he wants to watch the game. Do you:

a. Sit at his side the entire game, only allowing him space for bathroom breaks.
b. Go to the pub, but spend 90 minutes chatting up the fit guy at the bar.
c. Sit at home and mope.
d. Enforce an absolute ban, no pub, no mates, no footie
e. Suggest a late dinner or drinks after the game where you can have his full attention

Find out your strengths and weaknesses in relationships with dating expert Ali Campbell. His fun questions about the way you react in relationships will not only reveal which celebrity you compare to in love, but also gives some serious advice about how to bring more harmony to your (and his) life!

Here are a few tips from top celebrity Life coach and hypnotherapist Ali Campbell, AKA the UK’s ‘Mr Fix It’ on combating negative thought processes and maintaining the positives that will not only pick up our spirits but also help keep us happy in our relationships.

If you have answered mostly…
A: Your ‘celebrity relationship type’ is that of Hollywood crusader Angelina Jolie.

Ali’s Advice
Stop telling yourself horror stories about what will happen if you relax your grip a little. Relationships are like a handful of water. The tighter you try to hold on the more you lose, as you squeeze it between your fingers. Hold on to your man lightly, the real secret to him not leaving is simply in you being the person he wants to hang out with.

B: You’re closest to UK shock-wave Katie Price AKA Jordan

Ali’s Advice:
Think about what you’re doing. If you think feeling good rests in the attentions of a random bloke, then the source of your happiness is outside of you… That makes you Girl Power-less!

C: Hello Brittney Spears!

Ali’s Advice
If you are lacking self-esteem and trying to please everyone else for validation it is important to check in with who you really are. The average person has six close friends and there are 6,910,000,000 people on the planet. Take the pressure off, it’s a fair bet that whoever you ‘really’ are you can find six people who like you just for being you.

D: You are close to one half of British entertainment Royalty, Victoria Beckham.

Ali’s Advice
Focus on attraction vs. containment. Try letting him fly a bit and trust that he will come back to you. If you want to attract wildlife into your garden you could
A – build a cage, stock it with animals and then spend your time trying to stop them escaping, or
B – create an environment that wildlife wants to hang out in. If you ever doubt this, just try keeping blackbirds away from your raspberries!

E: You’re type is closest to the partnership formed by Will and Jada Pinkett- Smith

Ali’s Advice
Keep your thoughts at bay and trust that all you have to do to keep him is just be you. When you being you and him being him naturally makes the other happy then you have it cracked… if that’s not the case you’re probably in the wrong relationship in the first place.

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Ali Campbell is one of the world's leading life coaches and NLP'ers. He has built an enviable reputation as a highly motivational Coach, Therapist, Author and Presenter. Ali is the creator of the internationally acclaimed weight loss solution, The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets sold in over 44 countries and any internationally bestselling author with Just Get On With It - A caring compassionate kick up the ass published last year by Hay House even outselling the Dali Lama. As a trusted advisor to celebrities, business leaders and even royalty around the world. in the UK Ali is widely featured in the media, on television, radio and in print. With expertise gained right at the cutting edge of personal development Ali's no nonsense 'arm round your shoulder and a kick up the butt' style makes him truly unique in a field often dominated by more spin than substance.

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