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Transformational NLP As A Tool For Healing With The Spirit by Cissi Williams

Cissi Williams is a certified NLP trainer, transformational coach, osteopath, naturopath and energy medicine practitioner. Here she writes about the power of transformational NLP


Would you like to be able to tap into the creative power and wisdom that exists within each and everyone of us? If you do, then transformational NLP may be able to help you. This is a magical transformational tool, enabling us to heal any area of our lives by harnessing the power and wisdom of a greater force – a force I term the spirit.

I believe we are divine, spiritual beings, in a physical body. The pain we experience in our lives is because we have forgotten who we truly are – that we are the light, we are love, we are an expression of divinity. To heal our pain we have to connect again with this eternal truth.

The pain is just an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. However, it is still an illusion, consisting of darkness, and the moment you shine your higher conscious awareness on to it, it disappears. It’s the same as when you light a candle in a dark room; the old darkness disappears and instead a beautiful light shines forth.

The key is to find the structure of the illusion, of this darkness, and then guide your higher consciousness toward a deep understanding of it. When you do this ’magic’ happens – a profound transformation takes place, from darkness to light. You begin to shine ever more brightly, ever more strongly, because your divine light is able to flow ever more freely through you and out into the world.

Transformational NLP is an exquisite tool for this, but it is important to remember it is just a tool. It is a bit like money – it is neither good nor bad, just a type of energy. It is how you use that energy that determines whether it results in something positive or negative.

As human beings we can never experience reality as it actually is, since we have to experience it through our five senses and our senses are limited in how much information they can receive. So the information streaming in from the outside world is already limited by our senses.

Despite this around two million ’bits’ of information stream through our senses into our nervous system. To ensure that we are not overwhelmed by this, the unconscious mind screens out most of it and only five to nine ’chunks’ of information reach the conscious mind.

This inner screening system is our inner map of reality. This is why we don’t react to reality, only to our perception of it. We communicate our outer experience to ourselves by translating it into an inner experience through our own physiological reaction – the inner pictures we have, the sounds we hear, as well as the emotions stimulated within. All of this is a neurological interpretation of the experience.

We also interpret the experience linguistically through the words we choose when we talk to ourselves. These interpretations form the inner map of our reality.We all have our own reality of the world around us and this is based upon which type of neuro-linguistic inner map we have formed. This map decides how we interpret an outer experience, how we react to what is happening around us and which meaning we attach to our behaviours and experiences. We never experience reality as it is, but how we are.

This is why it is usually never outer reality that limits us and causes us problems, but our inner reality, our inner maps and screening systems, which either help us to be happy in life or cause us to feel pain and unhappiness. The information that is filtered through the brain and how it translates it affect how we experience life, which in turn influences our behaviour.

Using NLP you can change your inner screening systems and maps. This can help you to let go of inner blocks and negative thought patterns, which may have stopped you from healing your body, mind, relationships and life.

Forgiveness forms a central role in transformational NLP, because when you forgive you release yourself from the bondage of the past and this frees you to live fully in the now, enjoying your life. This frees your mind from the past. It is such a miracle when you do forgive someone, because you feel as if you have been freed from a prison.

Whereas when you are angry with someone, you keep thinking about them. Often they pop into your head on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. Once you have forgiven and let go, you stop thinking about them. You have given your mind the antidote to a bitter and negative poison.

This is your true gift to yourself, so please realise that you forgive someone in order for you to be happy and not to let the other person off the hook. You actually let yourself off the hook because you hooked these negative thoughts onto yourself.

Once you fully understand this it becomes so much easier to forgive, because you realise that it is truly the only wise choice to make, because this choice will lead you to your own inner peaceful heaven.

So give yourself the most amazing gift ever, and first find the structure of the illusion of the problem, and then connect with your higher divine wisdom, and you will notice how this starts to shine a light into the ’problem’ transforming it from darkness to light, from a feeling of being blocked, to amazing freedom, from fear to love.


A fuller version of this article was published in Inspired Wellbeing magazine. For more information visit inspiredwellbeing.net



Transformational NLP – the spiritual approach to harnessing the power of neuro-linguistic programming is published by Watkins


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