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The Best You’s Wellness in the Workplace survey 2013

With the world’s economy in the doldrums, businesses and the people who work in them are feeling the pinch and suffering more and more from stress. The Best You’s Wellbeing In The Workplace Survey finds out the attitudes of those at the sharp end.   The effects of stress at work are very real – […]

Stressbusting at work.

    Last month The Best You released the results of the 2013 Wellness in the Workplace Survey. It is clear that work in the 21st Century in modern offices is a very stressful place to be.   Respondents overwhelming requested more assistance for keeping stress free at work. 67.7% said they felt they would […]

Ten Questions to Kickstart Your Business Idea

    In an age when banks are far more cautious about where they invest, how do you fund that world-beating project? Crowdfunding might be the answer. The Best You finds out about this innovative way of raising cash – and what it can do for you. Crowdfunding – what is it? Crowdfunding is a […]

For the love of Money by T.Harv Eker

  Internationally acclaimed author and coach T. Harv Eker shares some wise lessons for financial-phobes on how personal and financial wellbeing may be linked, particularly during or post- recession…     On the face of it, a partnership between two people in love shouldn’t be affected by our own view of ‘The Mean Green’. Yet, […]

The Inspiring Life Of Helen Keller

Early childhood and illness Born in the US in 1880, Helen Keller was struck blind and deaf by a mystery illness at 19 months. Though she had the basic ability to communicate using hand signals, her life was one of frustration at not being able to understand what was going on around her. She had […]

Nikolai Tesla – The Amazing Life Of A True Genius by The Best You

Born in Croatia in 1856 to an illiterate mother and a priest, Nikola Tesla was no doubt a genius. At college he showed how he could perform integral calculus in his head, prompting his teachers to accuse him of cheating. During his first year at University he worked from 3am to 11pm every day, but […]

Increasing the value of your company by Andy Hurst

  Andy Hurst tells us why it is important to add value to our businesses. A business owner said to me last week: “Why should I be interested in driving asset value when I have no intention of selling my business?” It’s a reasonable question. And one to which there are lots of answers. Here […]

The first 10 seconds matter by Emma Vites

  Part of The Best Candidates Job interview tips.  Top careers and sales coach Emma Vites gives job seekers advice when they walk into their interview. There are so many articles written about how to be the best in a job interview and most of them centre on finding out about the company and the […]

10 tips to a Happy bride by Michelle Paradise.

  Michele Paradise has worked with 1000s of brides, giving them confidence and up-to-the-minute tips and techniques. An ex-fashion model, life-coach and hypnotherapist who was trained by Paul McKenna PhD, she is recognised as the world’s leading expert on coaching brides.  Always buy your wedding shoes in the afternoon or early evening when your […]

Love is great, Love is Kind, Love is All by Sophie Keller

  Each February comes Valentines Day. Best-selling Happiness author Sophie Keller says the day is time for both singles and couples to think about what love means to them …  If you’re single and looking for love, remember, there are 7 billion people on the planet and that means there’s someone out there for you. […]

A guide to protecting Kids through divorce by Janet Murray

  Janet Murray, author of Divorced But Not Desperate, discusses how you help your children manage the stress and anxiety of divorce and separation. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons my clients give me for staying in unhappy relationship is the fear of what a separation will ‘do’ to their kids. So many of them […]

Love sees no Colour. Interview with Jessica Huie

  Entrepreneur Jessica Huie has worked for 10 years at the pinnacle of the British media, including seven years under the wing of PR mogul Max Clifford. She’s worked with the likes of Simon Cowell and Peter Jones and now at the age of just 32 runs the London Branch of Forward Ladies, a support […]

Tiger’s roar, the possible secrets of Woods’s success by Dr. Stephen Simpson

  Eldrick Woods is more commonly known as Tiger Woods, or just Tiger. He is an American professional golfer, whose fame spreads far beyond the narrow world of golf. Until recently he was the highest paid athlete in the world, although he has now slipped slightly to second place. Elite performance coach Dr. Stephen Simpson […]

Keeping the vision. Interview with Dr Janet Gray MBE

  One woman’s amazing journey from blindness to world class sport – and her return from near-death. When Janet Gray was 14, she was told she could lose her eyesight, just like her brother and her father. “Though it was genetic, it was under control. Then a blow to the eye socket exacerbated the disease,” […]

Beware of emotional vampires by Matt Wingett.

  So, you’re buoyed up with enthusiasm and you’re ready to take on the world with your big plans and your optimistic attitude. Then you meet that person. The one you know is going to make it all feel so very very wrong. You spend a few minutes with them and you part with no […]

Influencing persuasion by John LaValle

  John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP, is one of the most sought-after business trainers in the world. Here he gives us an insight into the art of persuasion. When most people consider
the idea of Persuasion and Influence, they automatically think: Business and Sales. And, yet, we are engaging in these activities […]

Jon Smith: The Super Sports Agent

  The man who practically invented the modern sports agent in the UK, brought the American National Football League to Britain and took Mikhail Gorbachev out to dinner talks about success, entrepreneurship – and the art of communication.   It isn’t everyone who tells you that having a stammer beaten out of them as a […]

Harvey Goldsmith – How A Rock Legend Made It Happen by Bernardo Moya

  When Harvey Goldsmith was growing up, his house was awash with music. But he puts his ability to organise some of the most impressive musical events of the last 50 years down to being in the Scouts! “We used to go to camp and we were trained
how to look after people, to think about […]

No one is coming to the rescue…by Bernardo Moya

    Welcome to a new issue of The Best You I must say it’s a great feeling to have such amazing talent contributing. The people I am meeting and interviewing for the Magazine make me feel truly blessed and inspired by their knowledge and wisdom. This month will see St Valentine’s Day celebrated all […]