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10 tips to a Happy bride by Michelle Paradise.


Michele Paradise has worked with 1000s of brides, giving them confidence and up-to-the-minute tips and techniques. An ex-fashion model, life-coach and hypnotherapist who was trained by Paul McKenna PhD, she is recognised as
the world’s leading expert on coaching brides.

Always buy your wedding shoes in the afternoon or early evening when your feet are at their largest. Feet swell during the day.

Cover new wedding shoes with cut off tights, wear them every day for 15/30 minutes to break them in at least a month before the wedding.

Know your body shape before buying the wedding dress. Are you a triangle, circle, rectangle, inverted triangle or hourglass? Know before you buy!

Practice smiling daily so that your face doesn’t hurt on your wedding day! Smiling releases endorphins so you will feel great as well.

Looking for your best angle? Get a friend to photograph you with a digital camera, up-load the photos on your laptop and repeat until you get it right.

Not sure about wearing hair up or down. Do both. Half up, half down. It will give you length and glamour at the same time.

Choose a classic makeup look for your wedding. It’s timeless and will look good in the photos 10 years from now.

Let go of the things you can’t control like the weather and relatives. Focus on the things you can change.

Planning a wedding is great and very exciting but remember to focus on the relationship. Without it there won’t be a wedding.

Take a notebook with you everywhere to keep your mind decluttered. Record everything and decide what to do with  it later.

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Michele Paradise

My life has been interesting to say the least. I was born and raised in the USA and whilst getting my communications degree at American University in Washington DC, I worked for a magazine, the Pentagon and then decided to follow my dream to become a fashion model. My journey took me from New York, to Milan, Paris and London, where I settled over 20 years ago. During my time as a model I had a difficult and sometimes dangerous relationship with food, which caused me to be anorexic for over a year. I then went on to train models, actors and presenters in confidence and presentational skills, which led to several appearances on TV such as Britain’s Next Top Model, ASBO Teen to Beauty Queen, Britain’s Missing Top Model, 10 Years Younger, Model Behaviour and more. I fell in love with London and decided to stay and eventually married and had two children. My children are now teenagers and I am single. I tell you this as I think it is important to know that I have been through some life altering situations myself and had issues that have now been resolved through changing my perspectives and beliefs. I trained with Dr Richard Bandler, co creator of NLP, and Paul McKenna as well as Michael Neill, John LaValle and Katherine LaValle, who are all well recognised in the field of change and therapy. I have qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer. I now assist Dr Bandler and Paul McKenna on their courses and training. I also present my own seminars and continue to work with people who want to feel more confident in their life as well as having the freedom from phobias, smoking, making bad choices, developing better relationships, addictions and anything else that is holding them back. I have a private practice at 1 Harley Street in London and also see clients at my home in northwest London. Because of my vast experience in training and life, I welcome all issues and know that I am able to quickly and effectively change your mind for good. Your good! I am fully certified and insured as well as a member of the Society of NLP.

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