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Vloggers making a difference: Siobhan Freegard

At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others We’ve always cherished parenting gurus with their no-nonsense advice on bringing up junior, but Siobhan Freegard is leading the way for millennial mums with her YouTube Channel Mum. Launched in January 2015, Channel Mum […]

Vloggers making a difference: Carly Rowena

At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others   Originally a marketing manager for BMW and MINI, Carly Rowena knew she wasn’t following her dream career, and so she started making videos about fitness. A qualified personal trainer, she uploads new videos […]

Vloggers making a difference: Physics Girl

Name: Physics Girl aka Dianna Cowern Joined YouTube: 21 October 2011 Subscribers: 125,312 Views: 7,662,479 YouTube channel description: Physics video for every atom and eve     What inspired you to create your YouTube channel? I had just graduated with my Bachelor of Science in physics and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for […]

We support MIND – The mental health charity

The mental health charity campaigns to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding For more than 60 years, Mind has worked to improve the lives of all people with experience of mental health problems. Recently the charity has been working on new research which shows that people with mental health problems are put off of […]

Great Outdoors by Bryan Szabo

With summer upon us, we’ve found a few items to help you make the most out of the great outdoors. Throw them in your backpack or boot and enjoy those warm temperatures before they start to head south for the winter   Wink Relay Touchscreen While the Wink Relay won’t make your home smarter with […]

Ava DuVernay: producing history

    Ava DuVernay was raised in the infamous city of Compton, near Los Angeles, California. Growing up she spent summers travelling between old world and new, spending summer months with family in a small town between Montgomery and Selma, Alabama. While she was attending UCLA in the mid-1990s, DuVernay was intrigued by journalism. She […]

Ellen DeGeneres: funny on the up

Ellen DeGeneres spent most of her formative years in a place not many would expect: the Southern United States. Metairie, Louisiana was the setting for early hardship in DeGeneres’s life; her family was in and out of practicing different religions, and when she was just a teenager her parents divorced. Perhaps knowing her future career […]

Jesse Ventura: a better body of work

Born in Minneapolis to parents who had each seen service in the Second World War, Jesse Ventura could be described as having hard work and grit in his DNA. Indeed, after finishing high school, Ventura went directly into the United States Navy’s SEAL programme. He served as a SEAL during the Vietnam War, braving wartime […]

Winston Churchill: no impediment to liberty

During the first part of his childhood, Winston Churchill lived in Dublin, Ireland with his mother and father, who themselves were of mixed descent, including American lineage on his mother’s side. His parents were very much an integral part of Irish political society, where his grandfather served as Viceroy. As such, Churchill was always tended […]

Vloggers making a difference: Scola Dondo

Scola Dondo is a 19-year-old qualified personal trainer and food lover, but just five years ago she was an obese teenager. Having lost more than 50lbs through healthy eating and exercise, she shares her tips and tricks to get healthy along with inspiring ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots that prove anyone can achieve change with determination. […]

Vloggers making a difference: Marie Forleo

Lauded by Oprah, Marie Forleo describes herself as the imaginary love child of the chat show host, blended with Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Jay-Z – quite the combo! With a best-selling book, fitness DVDs and MarieTV, she has inspired dreamers to put their plans into motion and achieve big time. Creativity, productivity, health and […]

Vloggers making a difference – Charlotte Eades

At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others   Charlotte Eades Diagnosed with cancer at 16, vlogger Charlotte Eades recently teamed up with young people’s cancer support charity CLIC Sargent to create a powerful short film to raise awareness of the devastating […]

Expert advice by Samir Parikh

Fancy yourself as a consultant? Author Samir Parikh knows when the time is right to advise others Consulting can be a very rewarding profession. It offers exposure to diverse and often leading-edge issues, the opportunity to work with a wide variety of client stakeholders and offers an accelerated career path paralleled by few other professions. […]

Happy Campers by Laurence McCahill

Business conferences. Scary? Uninspiring? Soul-destroying? The Happy Startup School is out to change all that with its Summer Camp, taking place next month     As anyone who’s ever been to a conference knows, there’s a certain protocol of behaviour that starts with putting a badge on your suit, listening to highly lauded speakers for […]

The running man by Gary Hawke

Whether you are visiting London or looking for a new way to get to the office, Gary Hawke wants you to enjoy an early morning run with a difference     6.30am, Central London. As the capital begins to awaken, a small band of runners, led by licensed Run England group leader Gary Hawke, is […]

You can lose it! by Ali Campbell

NLP practitioner Ali Campbell has the answer to successful weight loss – and it is within you to achieve If you could bottle the ‘secret’ to easy, effective weight loss you could sell that bottle for a LOT of money. The bad news is that no such bottle exists, the good news is that you don’t […]

What does it take… to create perfect summer food? by Gillon Meller

Gillon Meller is group head chef at River Cottage, which holds its Summer Fair later this month   Tell us about the River Cottage Summer Fair Twice a year we open the farm up to a larger number of guests, suppliers, partners and food producers who we love to work with and showcase their wares […]

It’s on your bookshelf by Jim Aitkin

Summers are made for reading, but before you head to the store, take a look at the books you already have, says Jim Aitkin   We generally buy books we want to read; books that we believe will make an impact in some way. And those are the books we keep on the bookshelf after […]

The bright side by Jon Gordon

Keeping upbeat and others in good spirits really can bring about positive results, says author Jon Gordon   Positive energy… It’s a term being talked about a lot more frequently in conference rooms, classrooms, locker rooms, and even living rooms. Perhaps it’s because there is an abundance of new research that shows that positive people, […]

Follow your paths by Emilie Wapnick

For multipotentialite Emilie Wapnick, life’s about following every opportunity that ignites something within you     When I was 17, a school advisor asked our class to anonymously submit our college-related questions. As the advisor read my question aloud, a look of confusion swept over the room. ”Are we allowed to take maths classes?” she […]

Top 6 European cities by The Best You

Culture, history, architecture and culinary experiences – what’s not to love about a European city break? Here’s The Best You’s hit list of weekend wonders   Barcelona Top of the list with its architectural maze of Gothic facades and modern buildings. But that’s just this city’s starting point, with a thriving arts scene, designer clothes […]

Setting the mood by Stephen Doran

Stephen Doran says that the way we present ourselves can have an enormous effect on our mindset   What came first – the frown or the bad mood? We know that one’s internal state is often clearly demonstrated through an overt physiology. Slumped shoulders, drooping head and frowning face. Yet physiology and mind state are […]

Sensory pursuits by Sam Red

How deeply do you experience life? In her forthcoming book, author Sam Red explores a life led by our senses The ability to connect more closely with our senses is related to the capacity to be more deeply and consciously aware of the moment. Being in the moment is something that’s recommended as a practice […]

Get ready to train for your success by Bernardo Moya

    A summer of sport is one of the season’s treats, and each year I am astounded by the levels of physical achievement that athletes around the globe reach in every event. If, like me, you’ve ever pondered what it takes to become an elite sports star, we have real insight in this month’s […]

Zest for life by Bernardo Moya

Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton has had a varied and fascinating career, also publishing hugely popular self-help books on communication, motivation and much more as well as starting zestology – a podcast pulling big audiences. Bernardo Moya finds out how NLP helped him draw massive radio audiences and accompanied him every step of the way to success   Tony […]

John Amaechi: the force to succeed by Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya speaks to basketball pro John Amaechi to find out whether the force in Star Wars helped him succeed – or whether it was something a little bit more down to earth   It’s not everyone who turns down the offer of a $17 million contract to play for one of the world’s top […]

Track Master by Dr. Stephen Simpson

Lewis Hamilton’s dominance of the F1 circuit is legendary, with a recent second win at the British Grand Prix – but what has been key to his success? Dr Stephen Simpson reports   Lewis Hamilton is a British racing car driver, and current Formula One World Champion. He has broken almost all records in this […]