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Two sides to a story by Bernardo Moya

Today I was thinking of a discussion I had with a close friend about the outcome of a particular day that has changed so much in Europe. The fact is, we have known each other for years, but we see the circumstances of that day in a completely different way and that’s OK! In life, […]

7 Steps to transform your life and build a business by Steve Consalvez

Steve Consalvez explains how firewalking could help you achieve your life goals in seven easy steps Step #1: Know what you want Most people have a general idea of what they want, but a great many more of what they don’t want. They say, “I just need to get out of here and get a new […]

Standing Out From The Crowd by Paul Boross

In my work as The Pitch Doctor, one of the most common questions that comes up is “How do I make myself memorable?” Visit ThePitchDoctor.tv   “Standing out from the crowd is actually one of the easiest things to do. Standing out for the right reasons is one of the most difficult.” Put yourself in someone […]

Long Live The Queen by Fiona Harrold

Want to be a successful life coach? Experience and results are key, says ‘queen bee of coaching’ Fiona Harrold “Life coaching is saturated to bursting point, and the market is over,” opens Fiona Harrold, as we sit down to talk about her own incredible career which has mentored and created wealth for hundreds of clients. “Of […]

Rocky Road to Success: Sean Combs Making – Records and breaking records

Sean Combs was born in a low-income housing project in New York City’s Harlem district. His father was murdered after being associated with drug-related crime in the city. Raised by his mother, he grew into a teenager that cherished athletics as a way to channel his energy and anger; indeed he played football throughout high […]

Rocky Road to Success: Janis Joplin – Singing for her soul

One would not expect an icon of the 1960s west coast rock and roll counter culture movement to hail from a small southeast Texas port city, but that is where Janis Joplin was born and raised. Her father was an oil engineer, and it seemed to be an idyllic southern life for a church-going couple […]

Rocky Road to Success: Fred Smith – Betting on Himself

Fred Smith’s father also had a keen interest for ways to create business when it came to the basic needs of people; in his case he founded a passenger bus company. But Smith’s father died when he was just four years old, and Smith himself was infirmed for much of his early years with a […]

Rocky Road to Success: Dolly Parton – A life-long song

Dolly Parton was born in rural Tennessee in 1946. She was brought up in the rustic Smoky Mountains in a cabin that was really one large room. Parton’s parents did what they could to keep her and her siblings clothed and under a roof; indeed they were known for trading for goods and services because […]

Beating Diabetes by Dr Sarah Myhill

A new book by Dr Sarah Myhill examines the harmful effects of sugar on the modern diet For decades, dietary advice for diabetics has concentrated on alleviating immediate symptoms rather than addressing the underlying disease mechanisms. This has led to a culture of managed decline for diabetics, resulting in multiple illness complications and an early […]

Feeling adventurous by Alastair Humphreys

In 2001, Alastair Humphreys set out to cycle around the world. Today he wants each of us to find the big adventure inside of us, and achieve it! Throughout history, adventurers have dared to be different, explored parts of the world that most of us will never see, stretching their levels of endurance and realising […]

Crack Your Lady Code by Lisa Lister

Lisa Lister believes a woman’s menstrual cycle has the power to reveal superpowers that can be used to enhance relationships, build businesses, improve our sex lives and get the most from every month It’s not uncommon for many women to have days when they feel on top of the world, days when they could do […]

Telling Beauty’s story by Rita Edah

For abuse survivor Rita Edah, writing her first novel helped her recover her life and move forward   Beauty’s Story is bigger than me. That is why I am able to tell it.  Even now, I recall the tears rolling down my cheeks as I typed the very first lines for the very first time: […]

Hill of gold – Jessica Ennis-Hill

She is currently preparing for her latest challenge – defending her title at the Rio Olympics this summer, after victory in the 2015 World Athletic Championships. The Best You looks at the power and the glory that is Jessica Ennis-Hill If Jessica Ennis-Hill wins a medal at the upcoming Rio Olympics, she will be only the […]

The revolution begins here – The Oola Guys by Bernardo Moya

There’s a movement spreading across America. It’s called Oola, and it was created by the Oola Guys – Dr Dave and Dr Troy. With its simple methods of finding balance in an unbalanced world, it looks set to grow and grow. Bernardo Moya speaks to The Oola Guys What is Oola? “Oola,” Dr Dave tells […]

Against all odds – Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr is a man who has succeeded as an actor, despite being blessed with talent, parents in the business, natural charm and a photographic memory. It sounds like a paradox, but The Best You explains why, in his case, it is not Chaos is probably the best word to describe the early years of Robert […]

Are you earthed? by Patrick Holford

Connection with the world around us could be key to improving our health and wellbeing, says Patrick Holford How well connected are you to the Earth and your body’s needs? When we surveyed the habits and beliefs of the super healthy in my 100 per cent Health Survey online at patrickholford.com, which has involved more […]

What does it take to be a…Farmer? By Jimmy Doherty

Suffolk farmer Jimmy Doherty captured the nation’s imagination with his show, Jimmy’s Farm, sharing the world of his family-owned Essex Pig Company. This month, he opens the gates for Jimmy’s Harvest Festival of Sausages and Beer on 23-24 July. We chatted with him about life on the land   What’s the story behind the Festival […]

Top 6 Festivals with a difference by The Best You

1. Darwin Beer Can Regatta, 17 July, Darwin, Australia Now here’s a festival with a difference. Launched down under in 1974, entrants to the Darwin Beer Can Regatta handcraft boats out of recycled beer cans before taking to the water to test their tin tubs’ buoyancy and stability. The locals call it ‘can-struction’ and we […]

10 ways to tell you’re being lied to by Darren Stanton

 The Human Lie Detector. He is one of the world’s leading body language experts, and is a master of uncovering deception. Here are his ten things to look out for to tell if someone is lying to you…   1. There’s no eye contact For the most part, people are uncomfortable when it comes to […]

Manifest your dreams by Cissi Williams

How can we learn to listen to our soul, so that we can be guided by our own unique, divine GPS?   To manifest our soul’s dreams we need to take the time to truly get to know our soul, by tuning into its divine energy, wisdom and love. Doing this, we allow our soul […]

July – August 2016

Cover July August 2016

If you’re headed away for a summer break, The Best You’s bumper issue of inspiration is your perfect inspirational read. This issue we profile Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr, Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill who is preparing for Rio. We chat with celebrity farmer Jimmy Doherty, adventurer Alastair Humphrey, media expert Fiona Harrold and hot […]