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7 Steps to transform your life and build a business by Steve Consalvez

Steve Consalvez explains how firewalking could help you achieve your life goals in seven easy steps

Step #1: Know what you want

Most people have a general idea of what they want, but a great many more of what they don’t want. They say, “I just need to get out of here and get a new job!”, or “I need more money”, or even, “I’d like to pay off the mortgage”, or “Get more new clients or customers”. Psychologists and NLP modellers all know that things need to be framed in the positive. But what does that mean?  We now know that there is a specific part of the brain that tracks your unconscious awareness, searching for things that you’ve asked it for, and leading you toward them. The problem is that your unconscious, is non-judgemental, so it has no idea until you embed something very specific, what to look for, and doesn’t know that the thing you’ve put in there, isn’t really what you want. It’s often what you don’t want, and as I’m sure you know, the old cliché that, ‘What you resist, persists’, allows people to stay exactly where they are, doing exactly what they don’t want to do. When you are taught the mechanics of firewalking and experience the fact, the fiction, the mystical and the truth, you learn at the deepest level of your anatomy and psyche how to control your conscious thoughts. We teach you how, in any moment, you can take control of your thoughts, concentrate on what you want, then use this and your NLP, or even if you’re not NLP-trained, just this, to get going. It’s also what you’ll learn to teach. When firewalking, you’ll need to be able to focus your mind and body in unity. You’ll need to be able to repeatedly focus on the positive.

Step #2: Discover what is needed to start experiencing an extraordinary life

Many people know what stops them from being the best they can be. They have reasons, situations, previous experiences, background stuff. But there is one truth that you will learn that you cannot get anywhere else other than by putting into action what we teach, and that is what needs to be there for you to start on your journey. It’s not about finishing, that’s way down the line but more than that, it’s about what’s at the start of the start. Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes you need to understand what stops you from starting. Experiential learning is why we have fears, but it is also our own source of strength, and cannot be explained in logical terms because the effects and the processing is done at every level of our thinking. That’s why one-off incidents can often define people’s lives, and why our empowerment intensive creates massive personal enhancement to everyone who attends.

Step #3: Write down your goals and their blocks

Then answer these questions: Are they real? Is it just me? Can someone else with my capabilities start their journey? If I was truly committed, could I? Are they personality-based? This last question is critical, because in the last 25 years, I have found that people judge their future abilities based upon spurious knowledge or experiences from their past. We use personal descriptors about who we think we are to define what our abilities are. For more than 35 years, Tolly Burkan (our teacher, Tony Robbins’ teacher, T. Harv. Eker’s teacher), has used the acronym FEAR to depict, False Evidence Appearing Real. In other words, your reasons for not doing something are probably just pure rubbish! When we teach personal power, it’s instantly there!

Step #4: Do something that you fear

Does the first step seem too big? Have you created scenarios that are scary and that lead to where you don’t want to be? What about your clients and seminar customers? If you are already coaching, just how big do clients make these things? In that case, do something small. In a recent book on attraction, the author referenced a group of guys who were teaching timid, shy introvert guys, to become super-confident ‘lady magnets’. How did they start this process? Well, they got the guys to ask random girls for directions to a shop. Next, they asked for the best shop in the area, then lastly their opinion about where he should shop – three separate exercises, building confidence in easy steps. This is what Tony Robbins calls building the emotional muscle and what Ziglar calls boiling the frog. In the FIT, we teach you from experience, this emotional and psychological ‘sequencing’ – how to create it and how to ensure its effectiveness.

Step #5: Take positive action now!

The author I spoke of earlier implements a rule in all of their ‘in-field’ experiments, or coaching. That is, if you see someone you like, you have three seconds to think about it, before you actually move, take action and go for it. The important thing is to do something, and to do it now. When you do it straightaway, your brain is still focusing on the question of whether and why and so doesn’t get bogged down in the outcome, or the what. This is important, because no matter how much we prepare, we simply cannot predict accurately what the outcome will be. You just need to take your best step. Once you have taken enough positive steps, fear will no longer stall you, and your goals will become way more appealing and easier to achieve. ‘Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain’ said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Step #6: Repeat as soon as possible

Do not take initial success or defeat and analyse it. That is not as important as simply taking the steps, especially if you’ve taken ‘baby’ steps.  Simply repeat it and make it easily the right activity, until the decision to do it or to not do it, is based upon elements other than fear, procrastination or any of the items you identified in step #3. This is why, during our training, you’ll walk on over 120 firewalks in four days. That’s right, over 120, and typically it’s more like 130. You’ll repeat it so many times, you’ll be completely impervious to mental interruptions that stop you moving toward your goals, and understand at the central nervous system level, the power of momentum. I call it quantum empowerment, because it becomes intrinsic to who you are. Repetition is the key.

Step #7: Live at 100%

In other words, create a habit of activity. Thinking about things that you can do, and aren’t doing is spiritually regretful, whereas if you want a life where you get to experience all of the juice and everything you can be, you owe it to yourself to live it at 100 per cent. You will get to see physical examples of where delegates don’t give something 100 per cent. You’ve seen it in others; you’ll know what it feels like in yourself. If you can take everything that you and others really know that they want to do and get them to take the appropriate action at the appropriate time, then that’s where the magic begins. All the books written in the last few years, The Secret, The Alchemist, The Celestine Prophecy, to do with the law of attraction, all converge on this fact:  if you know what you want, and are clear on what it is, and take action constantly to achieve it, very few things can stand in your way. So finally, step #7 is create a new habit of doing what could make your life better, and every time you hear yourself using disempowering internal dialogue, or disempowering pictures or feelings, take action immediately to move forward towards your objective, and these feeling will change, and the results in your life will be massively different. If you do this enough, your life will change. If you do this constantly for four days, your life will change so much you’ll affect other people in ways you could never imagine.


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