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We Support: Challenge for Life

  Set up by the late Elise Roberts in July 2010, Elise for Life aimed to raise money to help the hospital she was at with research, and the treatment, care, and support of so many people affected by cancer.   On 4 January 2010, just 11 days after she got engaged, Elise Roberts was […]

The Good News June 2013

  The news we read in the newspapers and see on the television is so negative that it can often feel like the media are conspiring to get you down in the dumps. That’s why The Best You is bringing you snippets of good news.   We’re giving peace a chance Whenever we turn on […]

A woman of many facets – Kristen White

The Best You would like to welcome Kristen White, American media personality and host of The Ripple Effect, as a regular columnist. But before we dive right into her opinions, we thought we’d introduce you to her and get to know her a bit.   Kristen White defines herself as life coach, media coach, author, […]

8 Places You Must See Before You Die by The Best You

This issue we are starting a regular column – the “Bucket List” column. Every month we will feature eight things to do before you die. And we’re kicking off (excuse the pun) with a classic – places to visit.   There are so many fantastic places to visit on this beautiful planet. It would be […]

7 Little Letters That Spell Emotional Independence by Gillian Jones

Becoming confident and improving your self-esteem can be a scary task. Gillian Jones, co-founder of Emerge Development Consultancy, gives us some advice on how to overcome the fear and do it anyway.   I have coached many people over the years whose irrational fears continuously aggravate their low self-esteem issues and stop them from achieving […]

She’s still standing by Mel Carnegie

We are delighted to welcome new author Mel Carnegie as a regular contributor to The Best You. We asked her a few questions for her first appearance, so you can get to know all about her!   The Best You: Mel, tell us a little about who you are and how you came to join […]

Chris Brasher: A man of many talents

  Chris Brasher, was an Olympic champion athlete, a mountaineer, a writer, a television executive and an entrepreneur whose greatest legacy to British life was the London Marathon, the world’s largest single charity event. Perhaps Brasher was destined to succeed. Born in Georgetown, British Guiana, the son of a radio engineer, he was schooled in […]

Serena Williams – Guidance and Brilliance

  American tennis player Serena Jameka Williams was born in 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan. Her father, a one-time sharecropper decided early to train his girls to succeed. He moved them to Compton, California, a deprived area, to show them their future if they didn’t work hard. When she was three he began practising tennis with […]

Rocky road to Success. Mark Zuckerberg: Technical genius

  As co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most influential men in the world. Born in 1984, the son of a psychiatrist and a dentist Zuckerberg began using computers and writing software in middle school and learned ATARI basic programming in the 1990s. Described by his software tutor as a prodigy, Zuckerbeg […]

Rocky road to Success. Julie Deane: Inspiringly Innovative

  There are many motives for starting a business, and Julie Deane’s is one of the purest. Concerned that her daughter was being bullied at her school in Cambridge, Julie Deane realised that she couldn’t afford the fees to move her to a public school. Determined to protect her, she wrote a list of the […]

Michael Neill’s Revolution

Michael Neill is one of the world’s top life coaches, whose books sell worldwide and whose radio broadcasts are massively popular. Bernardo Moya interviews Michael Neill to find out how he came to be one of the most popular figures in the world of Personal Development – and what really makes people happy. Michael Neill’s […]

Are you making a difference? by Bernardo Moya

  Good day to you wherever you are in the world! Here we have our latest, bright and shiny issue of The Best You. This last month has been a fabulous time for me in which I saw many projects coming to fruition. One of them was the Masterclass Series of seminars. These were two […]

The mojo behind the MOBOs, Kanya King

A pioneer in the urban music industry, Kanya King, founder of the MOBO Awards, has quite a story to tell. Bernardo Moya gets her to tell it to us. Effortlessly stylish with an air of old school charm, Kanya King breezes into the studio and settles down for our interview. But life hasn’t always been […]

A raw deal

    When you hear the word “diet”, the first things you probably think about are all those fad diets – the Atkins, the Ornish, the Pritkin. You’d be forgiven for thinking that rawism is just another fad, but The Best You is here to tell you differently. According to Web MD, rawism, or the […]

A ticking clock on the pensions time bomb by The Best You

  A crisis is going on. It isn’t happening right now, but is due to happen in the coming years. The Best You investigates the pensions timebomb   New research shows that many people are either feeling so squeezed by today’s economic situation or they simply aren’t engaging with the fact that they have a […]

Modern Family by The Best You

  Perceptions of the family unit have changed a lot since the nuclear family heyday of the 1950s, and the transition is giving us something far more interesting. The Best You investigates some of the modern family archetypes.     “When I was younger, like most kids from interracial and / or gay adoptions, I […]

Shifts in the workplace by Liz Barclay

  The world of work is changing. Jobs as we know them – working for one employer to do a particular task – are becoming a thing of the past. Small business journalist and adviser, Liz Barclay, says fortune favours those thinking out of the box. Almost one million – that’s more than a fifth – […]

6 Ways to Overcome Jealousy by Therese Borchard

  The fastest way to despair is by comparing one’s insides with another’s outsides. Therese Borchard, author of Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety, gives us some tips on overcoming that nasty habit.   As Max Ehrmann, author of the classic poem “Desiderata”, said, “comparing yourself with others will make you either vain or bitter.” […]

Out of the darkness, came the light by Sophia Husbands

  Bad news is inevitable, whether it is from the TV and newspapers, or in a personal capacity. Wellbeing blogger, Sophia Husbands, gives us some advice about turning bad news into life lessons. The way in which we react to news tells us a lot about our characters. People don’t like to receive bad news […]