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A woman of many facets – Kristen White

The Best You would like to welcome Kristen White, American media personality and host of The Ripple Effect, as a regular columnist. But before we dive right into her opinions, we thought we’d introduce you to her and get to know her a bit.


Kristen White defines herself as life coach, media coach, author, mentor, and a list of various other descriptions, but if she had to pick one, she would have to go with “media host”. “What I do is teach people how to create powerful media messages that can impact the planet”, she explains. “A lot of people out there have something important to say, but they just haven’t quite figured out how to say it – how to be a powerful messenger.”


Primary as her media hosting may be, it is far from the only thing that she does. What Kristen has achieved in her lifetime thus far is more than what most people could achieve in three lifetimes. Keeping busy is certainly a way of life for the woman who has everything. “Oh, I do have everything”, Kristen says happily. “I’m married, and my husband is the executive producer of the show, so we get to travel together. I’m very blessed because I met someone and he’s turned out to be that perfect spiritual partner. It’s very exciting to be able to share your success and to be able to create something together and so that is one thing that I celebrate very much. I have three children. One is nine, one is 13 and the other one is 15, and now I have a stepdaughter who is 18. So I have four kids, all successful.” Kristen elaborates on her busy and successful life: “I’m not always striving, but I am always moving. There’s a distinction between that. At the end of the day, all that matters is our personal relationships. Do we have love within our families? Do we have love within our friendships? Do we have love within our partnerships, and is there balance and harmony? Because in the end that’s really all that matters.”


If you’re living outside of the US, then you may not be familiar with Kristen’s show, The Ripple Effect, the launch of which Kristen sites as one of the proudest moments of her career. “It’s a news style talk show that focuses on wellness, personal development and spirituality”, explains Kristen. “I believe that there are millions and millions of seekers in the world who are looking for a positive channel of energy to transform their lives, and that right now on TV there’s a lot of negative. I call it homicides, house fires and heartache. And it’s interesting because I think a majority of people don’t want to watch that. I think that they would prefer to watch things that uplift, that inspire, that give them hope. That may shed light in an area of their lives that they weren’t even aware needed some light. And so that’s the whole concept around The Ripple Effect”, she says. “I call it transformational TV.”


Transforming television and the people who watch it is a worthy goal, and with her vow to always move forward, Kristen’s future sure looks bright, and fun too. “The truth of the matter is at the end of the day it’s all joyful. I mean it is fun. We’re just having fun. You know I work in the world of media and TV and we need to keep that light.”

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