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Blast away those winter blues! by Mel Carnegie

  With rugby season upon us, Mel Carnegie reckons you might be interested in exploring how a bunch of rugby bums might actually be able to help blast away winter blues.   It’s that time of year again. Memories of summer are fading into the distance, children are back at school, and there’s a chill […]

“I Want” Doesn’t Get… by Mel Carnegie

  Mel Carnegie often ponders the idea of wealth. It brings to her mind the saying her mother used to repeat to her when she was a child: “I want doesn’t get!” This phrase, once understood, provides a wisdom that offers freedom and growth.   The links between language (thoughts we have) and results (experiences that […]

How To Take Control Of Your Life by Mel Carnegie

If you often find yourself in situations where you feel helpless and resign yourself to that feeling, then Mel Carnegie suspects you’re missing out on a good deal of enjoyment. I’d like to explore the power of choice, and how the more conscious you are with your responses, the better you can handle situations, enjoy […]

She’s still standing by Mel Carnegie

We are delighted to welcome new author Mel Carnegie as a regular contributor to The Best You. We asked her a few questions for her first appearance, so you can get to know all about her!   The Best You: Mel, tell us a little about who you are and how you came to join […]