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Beating Diabetes by Dr Sarah Myhill

A new book by Dr Sarah Myhill examines the harmful effects of sugar on the modern diet For decades, dietary advice for diabetics has concentrated on alleviating immediate symptoms rather than addressing the underlying disease mechanisms. This has led to a culture of managed decline for diabetics, resulting in multiple illness complications and an early […]

Feel-Good Food By Kirsten Hartvig

Acclaimed nutritionist Kirsten Hartvig says berries and spices have the power to heal and improve our wellbeing You are what you eat is a saying that has been with us for centuries, and so it makes absolute sense that eating naturally and seeking goodness from simple, unprocessed foodstuffs is the right way to ensure our […]

Are you earthed? by Patrick Holford

Connection with the world around us could be key to improving our health and wellbeing, says Patrick Holford How well connected are you to the Earth and your body’s needs? When we surveyed the habits and beliefs of the super healthy in my 100 per cent Health Survey online at patrickholford.com, which has involved more […]

From one goddess to another by Mel Wells

Love food? That’s a good thing, says Mel Wells in her new book The Goddess Revolution, who wants us to love our bodies and reclaim our lives Our stories around food, weight and body image are all so very personal. We keep them tight to our chests, for fear of being judged or misunderstood. Yet […]

Gut Instinct by Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey is on a mission to improve our wellbeing through our stomachs. Autoimmune diseases, allergies, arthritis, fatigue and depression can all be treated with the right diet, she says   ‘You are what you eat,’ the saying goes, but a better truism might be, ‘Your gut knows best’. Gut health is critical to our […]

Janey Lee Grace – Life of Grace

Today known as a DJ on Radio 2, Janey Lee Grace’s career has been wide, varied, artistic and exciting. From pop singer to DJ to self-help author and brand specialist, she has a welter of experience to share – and unique knowledge of the levers of success   “I was born to show off – […]

Take the January Juice Challenge by Jason Vale

Jason Vale has a plan to set us up for a healthy new year… and beyond!   Amidst a time of good cheer, festivities and plenty of food and drink, January can seem extremely far away… yet we fail to remember that the time really does fly in a haze of overindulgence. In this case, […]

Janey loves… by Janey Lee Grace

The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   Your life in 7 days As you sit down to map out your new year’s resolutions I’d like to chip in one important suggestion – don’t set yourself up to fail! Instead […]

Top 6 Fitness Gurus by The Best You

They’ve made us sweat, made us ache… and made us fitter. These are the exercise icons we love to hate for their punishing but perfecting routines     Jane Fonda Top of our list is the fitness queen herself, Jane Fonda. In 1982 her first exercise video, Jane Fonda’s Workout, burst onto our screens, becoming […]

Beat the winter blues by Jason Vale

Juice master Jason Vale has the perfect recipes to stay healthy all season long   With the chill of winter in the air there’s no better way to warm up than with tasty low HI (Human Intervention) soup or a beautiful, freshly extracted healthy juice with a kick. I recommend getting more nutrition in over […]

The good life by Shea Vaughn

Wellness and fitness expert Shea Vaughn reminds us that what we eat plays an essential part in our health Treating ourselves well is one of the keys to being well. It begins by feeding our bodies the right kinds of food. The first step is to be a good student of what is on the […]

The 5:2 juice plan by Jason Vale

Juice master Jason Vale is back with a new book that takes the 5:2 diet into a new, highly effective health plan     The practicalities of the 5:2 Juice Diet are ridiculously simple, but the effects it can have on your mental and physical health are extraordinary, especially given its simplicity. This isn’t just […]

Janey loves by The Best You

The Best You welcomes Janey Lee Grace as a columnist with a regular round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   Age is just a number How old are you? You’re right it’s none of my business and I hope you won’t ask me either. Ever since my dim […]

The reconnection man- Simon Parke

From priest to supermarket shelf-stacker, Daily Mail columnist and now CEO, Simon Parke wants us to tackle the tricky stuff inside “Mine is a story of failure,” begins Simon Parke, CEO of The Mind Clinic, when asked about his amazing journey. Of course he is being entirely self-deprecating, but there is an intense modesty about […]

NLP and the NHS – Kay Cooke

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is associated with success and personal development, but what if we could use it as a tool to tackle mental health? Dr Louise Golightly is a consultant psychiatrist working on an Acute Admission Ward looking after men with severe mental illness, she is also a SNLP master practitioner and medical trainer of […]

Too fat to run? – Julie Creffield

No, really, you’re not. That’s the unwavering belief of Julie Creffield who is on a mission to get more women physically active  Boot camps, too aggressive. Triathlons, too competitive. For anyone who’s ever contemplated trying to get fit after too many years on the couch, the entry point to exercise, and specifically running, can seem […]

Moving On

It’s ten years since Paul McGee’s straight-talking book, S.U.M.O (Shut Up, Move On) first hit bookshelves. With a special anniversary issue out this month, he reflects on the impact the title has had. Life has a curious knack of leading us towards our purpose. When Paul McGee became unwell and lost his management job with a […]

7 ways to be the best you- Afsal Khan

Don’t leave success to chance, says health transformation coach Afzal Khan. Boost your holistic wellbeing with these simple steps…   1. Get more zzzz Aim for at least eight hours of sleep each night. Try to be in bed before 10pm as the body detoxes the liver between then and 2am. Drink more  Water is vital to […]

Fit for life by Shea Vaughn

Energy, stamina, strength and the power to succeed – it’s what we want in every aspect of our lives. Shea Vaughn has a plan to help us achieve it   When Shea Vaughn arrives for The Best You’s interview, there’s an immediate energy in our conversation. The creator of SheaNetics, a unique blend of wellness and […]

What does it take to be a bird-spotter?

Described as the Banksy of the bird world, top spotter and illustrator Matt Sewell shares his love for our feathered friends. How did you become an illustrator? After I left university, I got into illustration and street art doing lots of different projects for magazines, newspapers, clothing brands, even painting on walls, which is how […]

Hacking happiness by Sebastian Nienaber

  Do you remember when Western science scoffed at meditation? When it was considered pseudo-scientific (if not New-Agey) to talk about a mind-body connection or the possibility that our brains remain malleable and plastic throughout our lives? Sebastian Nienaber asks if you’ve noticed how things have changed.   Nowadays, hardly a day goes by without […]

Secrets of Wellbeing Series – Part 1: Authentic Happiness by Mary Jaksch

  This is the first of a seven-part series on the Secrets of Wellbeing. The reason I’m launching into this series is because I’m excited about what is happening in the field of psychology and how new research supports ancient teachings. A new direction called Positive Psychology has started to take center stage. Instead of looking at problems and […]

Secrets of wellbeing series — part 1: authentic happiness by Mary Jaksch

  This is the first of a seven-part series on the Secrets of Wellbeing. The reason I’m launching into this series is because I’m excited about what is happening in the field of psychology and how new research supports ancient teachings.   A new direction called Positive Psychology has started to take centre stage. Instead of looking at problems […]

Men, Let’s Talk about Depression – by Todd Patkin

  For men especially, depression is something that’s uncomfortable to talk about. Unfortunately, our society tends to believe that “real” men shouldn’t get depressed. Men are supposed to be tough, the thinking goes, and not let their emotions “get the better of them.” Please understand: If that’s how you tend to think about depression, you’re […]

Hot blogging! by The Best You

With so much of our time spent online these days, and so much of the content being of the negative variety, we’re letting you in on one of our secrets. These are 10 of our favourite cyberspaces our top 10 list of wellbeing blogs.   Being a predominantly digital magazine, we are always looking for […]

The Best You’s Wellness in the Workplace survey 2013

With the world’s economy in the doldrums, businesses and the people who work in them are feeling the pinch and suffering more and more from stress. The Best You’s Wellbeing In The Workplace Survey finds out the attitudes of those at the sharp end.   The effects of stress at work are very real – […]