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From one goddess to another by Mel Wells

Love food? That’s a good thing, says Mel Wells in her new book The Goddess Revolution, who wants us to love our bodies and reclaim our lives

Our stories around food, weight and body image are all so very personal. We keep them tight to our chests, for fear of being judged or misunderstood. Yet so many of us are secretly letting them rule our days, which in time allows them to rule our lives. Talking about how we feel around food, and living in our flawed bodies, can feel like we are baring our naked souls.

I’m sure, like me, you’ve seen those ‘before and after’ diet photos on social media. Transformation stories that compare the difference in body shape or size, and congratulate the dieter on her ‘huge achievement, hard work and willpower’.

But… what if, despite losing weight, nothing really changed inside that woman’s head, when it came to how she felt about herself?

What if she was still at war with her body, despite it changing physically due to a gruelling regime? What if she was still not at peace with what she saw in the mirror, despite celebrating such a ‘win’ with weight loss, and being commended by her trainer and fellow dieters? What if she still agonised every day over her food choices and criticised herself in every photo? Where would that leave her? Is that still a success story?

The real transformations that last for life are the game-changing, show-stopping, quantum shifts in mindset – which, in turn, are reflected back at you in every area of your life. Not just your body shape or fat percentage. No one woman’s experience is the same as another around food or her body.

You are on your own unique journey with food and your body, based on your experiences and conditioning, up to this very point of you picking up this book and deciding to start reading.


In this book, I’ll share my personal revolution around food, weight and my body, and give you the life-changing tools and principles you need to break out of what may feel like body jail, for life.

I’ll also be sharing a few of the stories from inspirational Goddesses who have joined the revolution and made quantum shifts too – way beyond what any diet club could compete with – real, raw transformational stories, where the change has happened from within. You might not relate so much to my story – but one of theirs might hit you so hard that you fall off your chair and get smacked awake.

Yep – this journey goes way deeper than celebrating a number on the scales or a size in the back of a dress.


You are not alone. Millions of women feel like they are living in a body that doesn’t feel like theirs, while others are living day to day, consumed by dieting rules and obsessive thoughts around food and weight. It’s time we speak out and have those conversations around food, weight and body image that we have been keeping inside our own heads.

Through my own journey, my healing and my self-practice, I’ve discovered the key to finding total freedom around food and in my body. It is now my life’s work, to pass this on to you, and for you to be rewarded with waking up every day feeling absolutely comfortable in your own skin, free from rules, free from fear or guilt surrounding food and ready to create whatever you want from life – without being held back by how you feel about your body and your unwanted food patterns.

The revolution is here, Goddess.


The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells is published by Hay House.

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