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The Best You welcomes Janey Lee Grace as a columnist with a regular round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month


Age is just a number

How old are you? You’re right it’s none of my business and I hope you won’t ask me either.

Ever since my dim and distant past in the music biz I have refused to give my age (I was once told by a not-to-be-identified-but-now-hugely-famous music mogul that I was ‘over the hill’ at 28). I remember Madonna once saying,

“Why is my age relevant? I’m not a vintage car – or a cheese!”

It was great to hear Dr Christiane Northrup, whose new book is Goddesses Never Age, speak recently and her top tip is to stop celebrating milestone birthdays (after 25) and refuse to be defined by the label of age.

She believes that getting older is inevitable but ageing is optional. By stating our age we are putting ourselves in a box. In the US, at least, many more people are reaching the grand age of 100. The event I saw Christiane speak at was the Hay House ‘I can do it’ event – the founder of that publishing company is Louise Hay – she is still going strong at 87 and indeed last year she just started learning to play the piano!

Christiane suggests when someone asks you your age, look them in the eye and say…’What’s your real question?’

A magical stocking filler

Over the next few months I will be sharing some great recommendations for natural and organic skincare and beauty products, but right now I’m feeling just downright ‘bling’ with the launch of a remarkable range of high quality classic nail varnishes, The Nail Enchantment Law of Attraction range. The creator, Easy Detox expert Amanda Nelson, wanted to create a range that was Detox Approved Skincare and 5-Free ingredients, meaning they don’t contain the usual suspects such as:


Di-butyl Phthalate



Formaldehyde Resin

What’s really kooky is that each bottle includes a pre-programmed quartz diamond which turns the liquid varnish into a ‘crystal elixir.’ Amanda believes that The Law of Attraction states ‘Like attracts like’ so we can Invoke this universal law with every stroke of varnish applied!

Great names too, Sincerely grateful, Infinitely blessed, Fabulously abundant, Magnetically connected and Passionately loved.

Natural magic at your fingertips! If you’re doing the Christmas shopping early it’s the perfect stocking filler.


Time to ferment

It won’t have escaped your notice that celebs, cool chefs and the great and the good are talking kefir. No that’s not a strange language, it’s the ‘wonder drink’ of fermented milk (usually cow or goat) that’s full of fantastic ‘good’ bacteria that can give you a health boost – especially for gut health, and we all know the importance of the gut, indeed it’s our ‘second brain’.

Talking about it more than most is Shann Nix Jones, a former San Francisco radio talk show host who moved to Wales, fell in love with a Welsh goat farmer, and learned to run his goat farm by the sea. After goat’s milk cured her son’s asthma and eczema, Shann found herself fighting to save her husband’s life from a superbug infection, using only kefir and essential oils. Her diaries have now been turned into an Amazon #1 Best Seller, ‘Secrets from Chuckling Goat: (Hay House). Kefir (pronounced ke-feer) from either the Arabic ‘keyf’(joy and pleasure) or the Turkic ‘kopur’ (milk) is a fermented drink that originated with shepherds of the North Caucasus region.

Kefir is a natural probiotic drink, it contains live active, growing living cultures of very strong strains of normal flora, powerful enough to overtake harmful organisms – a feat that yogurt can’t match. Kefir made with raw goat’s milk is the most powerful – and the most widely tolerated – of all fermented milk probiotics. It’s also a great alternative to probiotic capsules!

For hand-made kefir using real grains (not powdered sachets, which is much less powerful) and raw goat’s milk, delivered to your door, try chucklinggoat.co.uk

There’s also a range of probiotic skincare – you’re your face from within!

Don’t miss The Best You Exhibition

I’m so thrilled to be asked to speak at The Best You Exhibition. I can see I am in great company alongside Jason Vale, Sir Clive Woodward and Gill Fielding. I love these kind of events where you can make some great connections and be re-inspired all over again to literally be the best you! I look forward to meeting you there, I’ll be speaking about how to get clarity on your USP and how to use it to attract PR and media attention for the work that you do. See you there!

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