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June 2013

It’s that time of the month again – the latest issue of The Best You is out, and we’ve got some great stuff for you. Our cover star is the lovely Kanya King, founder of the MOBO Awards. She has overcome adversity and succeeded against all odds. And done it all with effortless style. Bernardo […]

A ticking clock on the pensions time bomb by The Best You

  A crisis is going on. It isn’t happening right now, but is due to happen in the coming years. The Best You investigates the pensions timebomb   New research shows that many people are either feeling so squeezed by today’s economic situation or they simply aren’t engaging with the fact that they have a […]

The Inspiring Life Of Helen Keller

Early childhood and illness Born in the US in 1880, Helen Keller was struck blind and deaf by a mystery illness at 19 months. Though she had the basic ability to communicate using hand signals, her life was one of frustration at not being able to understand what was going on around her. She had […]

We Support: The Children’s Trust

The Best You backs worthy causes that support our community The Children’s Trust is a UK charity for children with complex disabilities. The Trust helps children from all over the country and is probably best known for providing rehabilitation and support to children who have suffered a brain injury after a tragic accident or serious […]

The Midas Touch: an interview with Jacqueline Gold

The Best You chats to the woman behind Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold, about challenges in the business world and whether or not the modern woman can ‘have it all’.   Powerful, immaculate and full of self-belief, Jacqueline Gold is an inspiration to women all over the UK. She may have the demeanour of someone who […]

Jon Smith: The Super Sports Agent

  The man who practically invented the modern sports agent in the UK, brought the American National Football League to Britain and took Mikhail Gorbachev out to dinner talks about success, entrepreneurship – and the art of communication.   It isn’t everyone who tells you that having a stammer beaten out of them as a […]

No one is coming to the rescue…by Bernardo Moya

    Welcome to a new issue of The Best You I must say it’s a great feeling to have such amazing talent contributing. The people I am meeting and interviewing for the Magazine make me feel truly blessed and inspired by their knowledge and wisdom. This month will see St Valentine’s Day celebrated all […]

Which Celebrity Relationship Are You? by Ali Campbell

  1. It’s Friday night and your man calls you from work saying his meeting ran late and he’s not going to make the film you were planning to see, do you: a. Drive to his office and sit outside the meeting until he is done. b. Take another guy friend, to teach him a […]

Turning Points. Interview with Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, author of Turning Points, reveals how he learned to take financial control in his life – by doing the things that made him feel most alive. He tells The Best You there’s a system to it we all can learn.     When in the 1980s 18-year-old Rohan Weerasinghe’s students friends were […]

March 2013

It’s a classy month here with The Best You in March with our cover featuring top US fashion designer Tom Ford. We’ve also got a great video interview with entrepreneur Penny Power and why social networking is so important. Hypnotist Debbie Williams gives us tips on how to stop binge eating; Laura Spicer shows how […]

February 2013

Video interview with Harvey Goldsmith – the legendary music promoter who staged concerts with The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney – the list goes on! We profile Golf supremo Tiger Woods to see what makes him Roar! Bernardo Moya talks with entrepreneur Jessica Huie about how she went from being […]

January 2013

New Year and there’s is no better way to start than grabbing your January edition of The Best You! Inside January 2012 edition: We talk to Kitchen King Gordon Ramsay about how he went from failed footballer to the head of a culinary empire Bernardo Moya talks with the Style Queen Nicky Hambleton-Jones about her […]

December 2012

With world-leading Master of Change, Paul McKenna on the cover, you just know the December of The Best You magazine is going to be fantastic! Inside the December 2012 edition: Bernardo Moya interviews Paul McKenna about the world-famous hypnotist’s views on education and training Video interview with Paul Connolly, author of Against All Odds, about […]

November 2012

Our first FREE preview edition of The Best You is packed full of great features, amazing interviews, intriguing videos and helpful and life-changing articles. Inside the November 2012 issue: The lowdown on the London Olympics legacy, including an exclusive interview with Paralympics Golden Girl Sarah Storey Heartwarming Video interview with showbiz celebrity and royal astrologer Russell […]