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We Support: The Children’s Trust

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The Children’s Trust is a UK charity for children with complex disabilities. The Trust helps children from all over the country and is probably best known for providing rehabilitation and support to children who have suffered a brain injury after a tragic accident or serious illness. They also provide expert nursing care and education for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs.

Thanks to the generous support of the public, The Children’s Trust is able to continue providing the very best care for children at their specialist facilities in Tadworth, Surrey. They are also using charitable support to reach more children and families around the UK than ever before: in March 2013 the Trust funded a new clinical post in Nottingham Children’s Hospital to help children with brain injuries; and they are reaching out to the thousands of families who have a child with a brain injury through their Brain Injury Hub website, which provides information and support to parents.

By supporting The Children’s Trust you’ll be making a difference to the lives of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children. To make a donation or find out how you can help, visit www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk

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