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The No-Diet New Year by Holly Bell

Former Great British Bake Off star Holly Bell says January isn’t a time to deny yourself – it’s a time to load up on hearty, nutritious food Here we go again. It’s January and the house is finally free of tinsel and pine needles. There’s a vague memory of a never ending turkey and ill-advised […]

The mindful way to lose weight – forever by Susan Hepburn

Accredited hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Susan Hepburn developed her Hypnodiet programme in order to help anyone to achieve their perfect size – including many celebrities   Hypnodiet is not a diet. It’s a mind-body revolution: a way to change the way you eat – forever. It changes the negative learned-behaviour eating patterns into positives. It works […]

Beating Diabetes by Dr Sarah Myhill

A new book by Dr Sarah Myhill examines the harmful effects of sugar on the modern diet For decades, dietary advice for diabetics has concentrated on alleviating immediate symptoms rather than addressing the underlying disease mechanisms. This has led to a culture of managed decline for diabetics, resulting in multiple illness complications and an early […]

From one goddess to another by Mel Wells

Love food? That’s a good thing, says Mel Wells in her new book The Goddess Revolution, who wants us to love our bodies and reclaim our lives Our stories around food, weight and body image are all so very personal. We keep them tight to our chests, for fear of being judged or misunderstood. Yet […]

Gut Instinct by Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey is on a mission to improve our wellbeing through our stomachs. Autoimmune diseases, allergies, arthritis, fatigue and depression can all be treated with the right diet, she says   ‘You are what you eat,’ the saying goes, but a better truism might be, ‘Your gut knows best’. Gut health is critical to our […]

Mixing it up by Jason Vale

At The Best You Expo, Juice Master Jason Vale inspired the audience to take his juice challenge   The stage is set, the music is pumping and, as he is announced to the podium, Jason Vale leaps onto the stage. Dressed in shorts and a shirt, despite it only being February and chilly outside, he is […]

Beat the winter blues by Jason Vale

Juice master Jason Vale has the perfect recipes to stay healthy all season long   With the chill of winter in the air there’s no better way to warm up than with tasty low HI (Human Intervention) soup or a beautiful, freshly extracted healthy juice with a kick. I recommend getting more nutrition in over […]

You can lose it! by Ali Campbell

NLP practitioner Ali Campbell has the answer to successful weight loss – and it is within you to achieve If you could bottle the ‘secret’ to easy, effective weight loss you could sell that bottle for a LOT of money. The bad news is that no such bottle exists, the good news is that you don’t […]

Novak Djokovic: Appetite to win

The usual ingredients for success are often cited as natural talent, a childhood dream, a burning desire to win and support from early on… but sometimes even these aren’t enough to win. Novak Djokovic’s extraordinary story reveals that for him there was another ingredient needed to make it all come right   Novak Djokovic was […]

Super natural healer by Beth Greer

Her book is endorsed by Deepak Chopra,Dr Jospeh Mercola and Ralph Nader, and her inexhaustible knowledge of the toxins around us have saved lives – including her own. Meet Beth Greer, AKA Super Natural Mom Air pollution, unhealthy takeaways, intoxicating perfumes. We all know the bad stuff that can damage our health, don’t we? Scratch […]

Eat yourself well by Rachel Kelly

Author Rachel Kelly believes that food can be a valuable tool in achieving a positive state of mind “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said the Greek physician Hippocrates more than two thousand years ago. Despite such age-old wisdom, it was only after two serious bouts of depression that I’ve followed […]

Mind over matter- Ruth wolever & Beth Reardon

 Knowing the nutritional make-up of your diet is one thing, but have you ever thought about the psychology of what you eat? A new book combines both to help you lose weight and keep it off for life.   If you’ve ever overeaten, rushed your meal, eaten comfort or junk food, you’re not alone, but […]

Keep it real

Her last book, Eat, Fast, Slim, was published in 20 countries, she advises the nation on television and radio, but nutritionist Amanda Hamilton’s dietary approach is everyday simple With her Scottish burr, healthy looks and sensible approach, Amanda Hamilton’s outlook on nutrition offers a voice of reason in a world where sugar has become the […]

What’s the diet down low? by Rhiannon Lambert

  With a new diet craze making the rounds every few weeks, it’s tricky to know what dietary advice to follow. The demonization of ‘fat’, the calorie restrictive diets, and complete elimination of carbohydrates are just a few examples of confusing media surrounding nutrition and health. Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert offers some advice on the diets […]

Are you eating emotionally? by Lisa Turner

  When it comes to weight loss there’s really no magic to it. We all know the ‘secret’ formula for losing weight: eat less, move more, drink more water, breathe more deeply. If we all know what we should do, why is losing weight so hard? Dr. Lisa Turner offers some answers.   Why do […]

Be diabetes aware by Libby Dowling

  There are 3.8 million people in the UK with diabetes, the vast majority with Type 2, and by 2025 that number is expected to grow to more than 5 million. Libby Dowling, a clinical advisor from Diabetes UK, explains how you can reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.   Left undiagnosed or […]

The healthy alternative: an interview with Carol West

  It’s not always easy to turn your life around, but for Carol West and her husband Andrew, it came from as simple a thing as changing their diet.   Carol was working in a nursery and Andrew was working as a police officer in Leicestershire before they struck out on their own. They were […]

Diary of a juice cleanse by Zoë Henry

  Health and beauty magazines are filled with different types of diets and cleanses, all offering to help you fit into your favourite pair of jeans that you bought in 1998. The Best You Deputy Editor Zoë Henry took on a three-day juice challenge to find out what all the fuss was about.   I’ve […]

Obesity: someone else’s problem? by Susannah Gilbert

If you are not overweight, it can be easy to think that the obesity is not your problem. But with around 60 per cent of our adult population overweight or obese, Susannah Gilbert explains that it is an issue that is going touch all our lives.   Even if you don’t have a weight problem, […]

What’s the big deal? by Bernardo Moya

  We are constantly being bombarded with adverts telling us to get our cholesterol and blood sugar checked and we all know someone who has been affected by the ‘Big C’. It is debatable whether the percentage of people affected by cancer has actually increased over the years, or if it just seems like it […]

How A Virgin Is Changing The Way We Eat by Kristen White

You are eating all of the right things, but you can’t seem to lose weight. Kristen White speaks to fitness expert and bestselling author JJ Virgin, who reckons your “diet foods” may be to blame. One day we wake up and we start to feel less energetic, more bloated, perhaps even achy in our joints […]

A raw deal

    When you hear the word “diet”, the first things you probably think about are all those fad diets – the Atkins, the Ornish, the Pritkin. You’d be forgiven for thinking that rawism is just another fad, but The Best You is here to tell you differently. According to Web MD, rawism, or the […]