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Apple vs. Android by Matt Wingett

  There’s no doubt about it, Apple is going to be around for a long time. With its dedicated band of followers and its reputation for great design, it is the product of choice for hundreds of millions of people around the world. But, asks Matt Wingett, will its massive profitability continue unabated, or are […]

The True Story of Soichiro Honda – The Japanese Henry Ford

The son of a blacksmith born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1906, Soichiro Honda spent his early years with his father repairing bicycles. He had little interest in school, forging his father’s family stamp to show receipt of school reports. However, he was curious about engineering and his love of invention was born on seeing an […]

The Secrets Of Bill Gates’s Success

  Competitive and Precise Born in 1955, the founder of software giant Microsoft has a staggering personal fortune estimated at around US $65 billion. His world influence is difficult to overstate. As a teenager, Gates first programmed a computer to play tic-tac-toe, then exploited bugs in his school computers to allow him more computing time. Banned […]

The Rocky Road to Success Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: Curiosity and Analysis

  Not a household name, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin is one of the unsung heroes of 20th century science. Born in Wendover, England, as Cecilia Payne, her father died when she was just four years old, forcing her mother to raise the family alone. With her mother deciding to spend no money on her higher education, Cecilia […]

The missing element to the law of attraction by Tamsen Garrie

Success just doesn’t happen, it requires you to act to attract it! Have you ever wondered why it is that some people appear to create success in their lives with ease whilst others appear destined to struggle? The answer lies in ‘Attraction’. Attraction is working for you right now. That’s right – you are already […]

Shine at that Interview!

The Best You asked eight business leaders what advice they would give to someone looking for a job. Here’s what they told us:   Jo Haigh: partner in FDS Corporate Finance “Understand what we do. There is no reason for you to not be prepared – Google will tell you all. Understand the market we […]

Spring is in the Air! By Nicky Hambleton Jones

Spring clean your wardrobe with expert beauty and style tips from The Make-Over Queen, Nicky Hambleton-Jones.   With Spring in the air, it is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and regime, taking inspiration from others and polishing off your look for the new season. Just a few subtle changes can sometimes be all […]

Great Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You! by Matt Wingett

Chocolate is one of those products that can cause deep cravings for some, and great pleasure for others. An ancient food, its roots stretch far back in time and it wasn’t always the sweet confection we think of today.   A brief history of chocolate Chocolate was first eaten around 2,000 years ago in Central […]

How to make (and keep) friends! by The Best You

When we are little kids, we never seemed to have problems making friends. And while we still remember how important friendship is as we grow older, we tend to forget how to find new ones and retain the ones we already have. Here are some tips from The Best You to do just that…   […]

The Colour of Magic by Kay Cooke

Education expert Kay Cooke knows many creative ways to facilitate changes in people. Here she describes how she uses colour to bring about transformation. Sitting at traffic lights a few days ago, I remembered a seven-year-old called Adam whose rage I had helped to manage by associating his feelings with colours. We’re conditioned early on […]

Which Celebrity Relationship Are You? by Ali Campbell

  1. It’s Friday night and your man calls you from work saying his meeting ran late and he’s not going to make the film you were planning to see, do you: a. Drive to his office and sit outside the meeting until he is done. b. Take another guy friend, to teach him a […]

Your feet are made for walking…

The Best You looks at the health and mental benefits of stepping on out and walking to fitness and creativity… Keeping fit needn’t be a chore. In fact, raising your fitness level, getting your heart beating faster and flooding your mind and body with a sense of wellbeing can be as easy as putting one […]

The Best You Investigates, What is T’ai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial arts system that is also a gentle form of relaxing exercise. It’s that graceful set of slow, flowing moves one sees on films and in real life in parks around the world wherever the Chinese live. Although the martial art is much older, T’ai Chi Chuan was […]

Input and output and something in between by Laura Spicer

Voice specialist Laura Spicer explains how NLP can help you be better understood I am often asked what NLP is and what I do as an NLP consultant and Voice Coach. As with any tool that has myriad uses, it’s difficult to describe in few words. How would you describe what a car is to […]

The Best You investigates, Do Self Help Books Really Help?

It’s a provocative question, but recent research shows what people in the self help world have known for some time: Making the effort to invest in yourself really can have a positive effect. Recent research by the Scottish NHS shows that prescribing books really can make a difference. Focussing specifically on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), […]

7 Ways To Beat Binge Eating by Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams, an NLP trainer, Hypnotherapist and Expert in Eating Disorders and Addictions from Birmingham UK, gives 7 tips to beat the compulsion to binge… Binge eaters consume large amounts of food that is often high fat, not because they are hungry but because it activates pleasure centres in the brain that numb negative emotions. […]

It’s All About Relationships. Feature Penny Power

  Penny Power, entrepreneur and social networking specialist reveals how businesses are built in the IT Age. When Penny Power was a girl, her parents paid a careers adviser to give her a psychometric test. She was advised to be a Butlins redcoat. Recalling the moment, this 48-year-old entrepreneur in the IT industry laughs and […]

Tom Ford is the Measure

Famed for his legendary design skills and his film directing talent, Tom Ford is a fascinating man who seems to make success wherever he goes. The Best You asks him about suits, success and his approach to life, design and art. When he’s not hobnobbing with James Bond icon Daniel Craig, looking after his other […]