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How to Create Effective Social Media for Increased Awareness, Clients and Influence by Arthur Partridge


Arthur Partridge, from Launch Pad Social Media shows you how to make your social media work for you.

Establishing an effective social media presence is becoming more and more important in this rapidly changing world. We have seen a marked shift away from traditional forms of advertising and a migration toward platforms which have the ability to instantly communicate with our audience.

So just how can someone relatively new or confused by social media take concrete steps in making an impact in their market? We have put together a few simple tips to help you along the way.

1. The purpose of social media is to be social.

Social media is a way to engage with your audience and prospective clients and customers. Whichever platforms you use, or intend to use, remember that being interesting is of more value than being dull and irrelevant to your market.

2. The biggest mistake is to sell.

Unfortunately, many new comers to social media make the fundamental and common mistake of going direct to sale, believing that their new audience will rush forth with credit cards waving in the air. This is rarely the truth. The old axiom of know, like and trust is the basis for success on social media. This is why an ‘overnight success’ plan does not really work. Posting valuable, interesting and engaging content should be built into a mid to long-term plan.

 3. Learn to write effectively.

If you want to really engage with your audience it will be important to consider your skills as a writer and communicator. Experience has demonstrated that for many busy people engaging writing is not a natural skill. If this is so with you, then you will either have to work on your own skills or find someone else more skilled to do so. As we say, writers write. Most posts that we see (estimated at 80%) are plain and boring. There tends to be a lack of powerful verbs and subtle calls to action, and these are things we can learn by studying great copy and other posts we have previously liked.

Quality time spent on writing and copy skills will pay handsomely over time when it comes to increasing the readership, engagement and success of your business.

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