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Inspired Moments by The Best You

With our recent and upcoming seminar programmes, The Best You is creating even more opportunities to be inspired by the personal development industry’s biggest names At The Best You, our mission is to guide people on the path to their greatest selves, and October saw an incredible series of events including our first ever NLP […]

Track Master by Dr. Stephen Simpson

Lewis Hamilton’s dominance of the F1 circuit is legendary, with a recent second win at the British Grand Prix – but what has been key to his success? Dr Stephen Simpson reports   Lewis Hamilton is a British racing car driver, and current Formula One World Champion. He has broken almost all records in this […]

The Zen of motorcar racing by Stephen Simpson

In this edited extract from his book, The $447 Million Secrets Of Sport, top mind coach Dr. Stephen Simpson examines the mental qualities that separate Spanish F1 racing driver Fernando Alonso from the pack.   Alonso has won the coveted World Championship on two consecutive occasions. He was the youngest driver to achieve this honour, […]

August 2013

  We have a great issue for you this month. Our cover star is the esteemed First Lady of television, Oprah Winfrey. She has had a tough life, but she has managed to turn those difficulties into strengths and has become one of the wealthiest and most successful women in the world. We also talk […]

Andy Murray, Best of British? the experts tell us.

  Love him or hate him, there is no doubt that Andy Murray has come leaps and bounds since this time last year. But what’s changed? Elite Performance and Confidence Coach Stephen Simpson gives us some idea, followed up by more expert opinions. On 7 July 2013 Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Championships, one of […]

A Becks Retrospective

    Tim Lovejoy Broadcaster I spent a few months with David Beckham making a documentary about him after he moved to Real Madrid.  It’s hard to say a bad word about him as he was a genuinely nice guy with a huge desire to play football. He loved his life, especially his job. He […]

Usain Bolt – The World’s Fastest Man by Dr Stephen Simpson

Dr Stephen Simpson profiles Usain Bolt – the world’s fastest man     Jamaican runner Usain Bolt is the world’s most famous athlete. The 100 metre and 200 metre Sprint and 4 x 100 metre relay World Record Holder has massive popular appeal drawn from a huge “sport” and “non-sport” fan base. He’s also the highest paid […]

The Secrets Of Ronaldo’s Success by Dr Stephen Simpson

  In the first of a series of articles looking at the secrets of the world’s top sportsmen and women, leading mind coach Dr Stephen Simpson looks at the skills of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and asks what makes Ronaldo Kick?   Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Real Madrid’s star players, holds numerous records and has won […]

Lucky Roger Federer?

  Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis player, and is currently ranked number two in the world, perhaps the best ever. He holds many records, but players are ultimately judged on how many grand Slam titles they have won. Federer holds the current record with 17, and notably demonstrated his versatility and adaptability by winning […]

February 2013

Video interview with Harvey Goldsmith – the legendary music promoter who staged concerts with The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney – the list goes on! We profile Golf supremo Tiger Woods to see what makes him Roar! Bernardo Moya talks with entrepreneur Jessica Huie about how she went from being […]

January 2013

New Year and there’s is no better way to start than grabbing your January edition of The Best You! Inside January 2012 edition: We talk to Kitchen King Gordon Ramsay about how he went from failed footballer to the head of a culinary empire Bernardo Moya talks with the Style Queen Nicky Hambleton-Jones about her […]

December 2012

With world-leading Master of Change, Paul McKenna on the cover, you just know the December of The Best You magazine is going to be fantastic! Inside the December 2012 edition: Bernardo Moya interviews Paul McKenna about the world-famous hypnotist’s views on education and training Video interview with Paul Connolly, author of Against All Odds, about […]