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August 2013


We have a great issue for you this month. Our cover star is the esteemed First Lady of television, Oprah Winfrey. She has had a tough life, but she has managed to turn those difficulties into strengths and has become one of the wealthiest and most successful women in the world. We also talk to Dr Richard Bandler about NLP, the therapy that put him on the map and how it got its catchy name. Last month Andy Murray won Wimbledon for the first time, making him the first British man to do so in 77 years, so we asked some experts what changed for Murray since last year.

Our Deputy Editor attends her first NLP seminar and gives us her thoughts and we take a look at Compulsive Hoarding and what help for hoarders is out there. Then we continue with our Bucket List column, this time looking at the world’s greatest cities.

Ever dreamt about winning the lottery? Of course you have. We look at some of the ways the National Lottery contributes to our community, which makes us all winners. Marisa Peer gives us some advice about overcoming the most common phobia – public speaking and we feature some of the Good News that has been gracing the newsrooms.

Our Best Candidates column this month is all about starting your own business, so we ask some successful entrepreneurs for their top tips, while new contributor, Sue Plumtree, guides us through what to do in a financial crisis. Then we finish the issue off with our techie guru, Rahul Gulati, telling us all about hackers who work on the right side of the law.

All this and so much more!

All contributors include: Stephen Simpson, Zoë Henry, Matthew Wingett, David Saunderson, Mike Clayton, Marisa Peer, Kristen White, Michael Neill, Sue Plumtree and Rahul Gulati.



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