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The Pokemon Go craze and how it can boost your marketing by Sharon Callix

  If you keep up with the news all over the world, you will notice that even with all of the serious world crisis issues that we are taking place right now, there is one report that is becoming extremely common in all newspaper and social media news report sites. That one thing is Pokemon […]

Be Twitter-Wise by Lon Safko

  Twitter, the 140-character social media phenomenon, has more than 646 million members who collectively generate more than 58 million tweets per day. It is considered one of the three most influential digital marketing platforms on earth. Lon Safko offers some advice on how to use it wisely.   If used in the right ways, […]

Present & Correct by Dani Dipirro

Dani DiPirro is founder of PositivelyPresent.com, an inspirational site to help people live more happily in the moment. With the release of two gift books, Gratitude and Living in the Moment, penned and illustrated by DiPirro, we discover the story behind her work   In the jumble of life that most of us lead, it […]

My New Year’s business resolution… by The Best You

Will 2016 be the year that you enjoy business success? Follow the advice from The Best You’s business experts and see what you can achieve     “Know who your clients are. I cannot tell you how much time I wasted trying to serve everybody. Cash will only flow into your business when you concentrate […]

Social light by Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell has worked for some of the biggest global brands, yet her advice for social media climbers is to always be true to yourself   London’s advertising agencies are world-class, recognised globally as the pinnacle of any aspiring creative director’s career success. And so thought Rebecca Campbell who left her native Australia to join […]

The Apprentice’s Lauren Riley talks business

Straight-talking Lauren Riley may not have won Lord Sugar’s heart but her determination and effort are opening many doors With his Marmite approach, Lord Sugar may have missed an opportunity with The Apprentice contestant Lauren Riley when he uttered the infamous, ‘You’re fired’ in last year’s show. At 29, the family lawyer is set to revolutionise the legal […]

Let’s Get Social

  We all have deeply personal attachments to our online social networks, but did you know that you were having experiments conducted on you?   The social media landscape is an ever-changing one, with protocols and rules of engagement constantly shifting. Because of this, and the relative novelty of widespread social networking, experiments are part […]

Who are you calling a dropout?

    Dropping out of the formal education system doesn’t mean dropping out of life. Some of the most influential people in the world never got to don the robe and throw their hat in the air. The Best You looks at six people who dropped out of college and became wildly successful.   Naughty […]

Streaming Stars by Kelsey Anderson

There are many YouTube sensations out there, but how did they pull it off? The power of social media is still proving that an unknown artist can seek and find fame via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Kelsey Anderson has some examples.   It’s quite simple really: someone stumbles upon a video that they enjoy, and […]

A social media deity: an interview with Lon Safko

  Social media has changed to the way we live and work, for sure, but has it been for the better? We chat to Lon Safko, who has dedicated the last few years of his life to understanding it and learning how to take full advantage of its powers.   When you think of social […]

The strongest link: an interview with Steven Burda by The Best You

Social media is a whole industry on it’s own these days. From the personal to the professional, there’s a networking platform for everything. The Best You chatted to Steven Burda who, with over 50,000 connections, is the most connected person on LinkedIn.   Becoming LinkedIn’s most connected member isn’t something that Steven Burda set out […]

Doing It Right, Not First by Andrew Dumont

​ There’s a common misconception among first time entrepreneurs that the only way to win is to be the first. The first to attempt an idea, the first to enter a specific market. It’s something I’ve been meaning to touch on for some time, then this came across my feed. Elegantly said. Too many put […]

It’s All About Relationships. Feature Penny Power

  Penny Power, entrepreneur and social networking specialist reveals how businesses are built in the IT Age. When Penny Power was a girl, her parents paid a careers adviser to give her a psychometric test. She was advised to be a Butlins redcoat. Recalling the moment, this 48-year-old entrepreneur in the IT industry laughs and […]