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The Pokemon Go craze and how it can boost your marketing by Sharon Callix


If you keep up with the news all over the world, you will notice that even with all of the serious world crisis issues that we are taking place right now, there is one report that is becoming extremely common in all newspaper and social media news report sites. That one thing is Pokemon Go. This game has become so popular that there are actually hordes of people moving around from one place to another just to catch the latest Pokemon.

The way the game works is very simple. You start playing and the application makes you go out and discover Pokemon Monsters all over the world. This was an amazing marketing stunt by Nintendo and their shares have gone up significantly since they release Pokemon Go for mobile devices.

The craze has been such that there are people driving miles just to be able to catch the latest Pokemon that is out there. It seems like the popularity of the game has encouraged people who would normally not have any interest in video games too and this has made it incredibly powerful.

This is something that can be a great opportunity for business owners to take advantage off and it will allow you to get the very best results when you are looking for the most powerful way to boost your engagement and your exposure with your audience.

What you can do is create a pokestop, which is basically a location that attracts Pokemon monsters and gives people bonuses for being there. This location could be your business and this would be an excellent way for you to start attracting people to come into your store.

Keep in mind that the Pokemon craze can go away just as fast as it came. This is the main reason why you have to make the most of it now that you can. Always consider the importance of catching these trends as soon as they get started because that is going to give you a chance to make things work for you in ways you never expected before.

Remember that all trends have a window of opportunity and you need to work hard to make sure that you can catch the wave and the fever for the Pokemon Go app now that it’s still attracting thousands of people from all over the world and of all ages.