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Social light by Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell has worked for some of the biggest global brands, yet her advice for social media climbers is to always be true to yourself


London’s advertising agencies are world-class, recognised globally as the pinnacle of any aspiring creative director’s career success. And so thought Rebecca Campbell who left her native Australia to join and rise through the ranks of agency land until she was advising global brands on how they should look, sound and market themselves.

Except, at the age of 30, following the break up of an 11-year relationship and the death of two dear friends, the creative director title no longer felt right and Campbell knew that she needed to start over. What she did next might seem surprising, but Campbell embarked upon a focused process of rediscovering her inner spirituality, and helping others to reconnect with themselves.

“I grew up in Australia,” says Campbell, “and I remember picking up my first Hay House book at the age of 13. Instantly I knew it was for me and I was absorbed by the self-help genre, although I felt a bit weird as no-one else I knew was walking that path. I kept my reading up but I didn’t talk about it too much and I ended up becoming an undercover ‘light’ worker.

“I went into advertising and moved to London. I was quite ambitious and progressed through a number of roles, and I loved coming up with creative ideas, but eventually it started to feel a bit flat. I got into blogging and travelled the world while working for major brands. I could have ended up a social media girl, but it was incongruent with my life.

“I believe every message has energy and I was called into advertising to put positivity out there. Transitioning to becoming a spiritual teacher was hard, and I think whenever you have a strong reputation, fear can get in the way, but once I made the decision it was easy.

“I quit my role as creative director and during my six months’ notice, I started leading monthly spiritual sessions. I leveled with my boss that it was my dream to mentor other women to rediscover their inner being. I set up an intuitive coaching practice and was doing three jobs at once to follow my spiritual path.”


In her book, Light is the New Black, Campbell offers a guide to help readers reconnect with the core of their being, believing that if we follow what lights us up, we will light up the world. “This is the book I wish I’d had when I was growing up,” says Campbell.


Through her work with some of the world’s largest companies and early involvement in social media, Campbell believes it is imperative that both big brands and individuals are authentic in their posts and actions.

“Multinationals spend millions trying to identify their tone of voice, but brands can’t ever be real like we are. 

“As people, we have an authentic spirit but it’s important to be who you really are when you’re posting on social media – let your spirit be your brand.

“You can feel it in your throat if you’re not being true to yourself. I always suggest asking yourself, ‘What is my intention?’, before posting – breed positivity, not negativity in what you say and share.

“Conversely, if people on your news feed are posting negativity, move away. If people are in your face virtually, work out what the trigger is. Focus your energy on positivity.

“Be a good feelings stalker and treat social media as a way of spreading positivity, giving someone a ‘like’ to make them feel great. Whatever we do is mirrored back to us in time.”


Light is the New Black is published by Hay House. Follow Rebecca Campbell at rebeccacampbell.me

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