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Making Wealth by John Demartini

When John Demartini set himself the task 43 years ago of understanding how wealth was created, he couldn’t have foreseen how he would find the keys to wealth. At The Best You Expo 2016, he revealed the mindset of the most successful people on the planet   John Demartini is a fascinating individual with extraordinary […]

How to sell (even if you think you can’t) by Tony Morris

Being able to ‘sell’ is key to business success, but what if you’re not a natural? Sales doctor Tony Morris offers his top tips to close a deal     People often hear the word ‘sell’ and panic and think of all the negative connotations that they don’t wish to be associated with – pushy, […]

7 ways to save cash

As the tax year turns, The Best You has 7 ways to save you cash in the financial year ahead. 1. Pay yourself Once your salary drops in to your account, make sure it’s not frittered away. Set up a direct debit for a set amount and have it transfer to a deposit account each […]

What are you worth? Ann Wilson

For Ann Wilson, self value should be your first consideration if you are to achieve your maximum financial potential Do you ever say any of the following? I’ll start saving and investing when I’ve got some spare money I’ll go dance/paint/ride my motorbike (apply whichever excites you) when I’ve got some free time I’ll play […]

Life after debt by Ann Wilson

  There is life after debt. In fact, it’s a pretty glorious life. Sadly, for many people mired in debt who feel desperate and unsure where to turn, that life seems like a pipe dream. Ann Wilson has seven steps to break free.   Step 1: Imagine Get very clear on what you want and […]

How To Be a Money Magnet by Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

    Having helped thousands of people on the path to Financial Freedom across nine different countries, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe believes that creating more money in your life starts with learning how to be a Money Magnet.   What is a Money Magnet?   Over the last decade, the term ‘money magnet’ has become widely […]

Snakes and Ladders by Vincent Wong

    As the Bank of England raises interest rates by one quarter of a per cent (July 2014) some industry ‘experts’ claim this news will leave the first-time-buyer (FTB) market unscathed. The UK’s leading expert on lease options and co-founder of Wealth Dragons Vincent Wong considers the day-to-day reality for any FTB and also […]

Don’t lose financial autonomy by Ryan Eidson

    Though it might be a drag to do paperwork for you and your family, it’s necessary. The easy option is to allow your partner to deal with it all, trusting them to take care of everything. Best-selling author Ryan Eidson highlights some of the dangers of doing this.   One husband started a […]

The Creative Entrepreneur: an interview with Michael Jacobsen

Michael Jacobsen tells The Best You about his brand of entrepreneurship. Although the millionaire businessman comes from a showbiz background (his father promoted large-scale concerts in Australia when Michael was a boy), his first calling was business.   Strongly influenced by a teacher at school who was also a successful businessman, Michael Jacobsen sought his […]

10 steps to financial nirvana by Vishal Khandelwal

  Ever dream about financial freedom? Of course you do. We’re sure friends and family give you all sorts of advice, but take it from Vishal Khandelwal, a financial analyst and founder of Safal Niveshak, gives us some advice that has worked for him.   I feel I am too young to dispel any life-changing […]

The joy of giving by Bernice Bowmaker-Falconer

  Some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. People like receiving, but they like giving too. Bernice Bowmaker-Falconer, serial charity giver and all round do-gooder, tells us the benefits of giving around this time of the year.   Shopping is terrifying for me. Shopping malls intimidate me: I never find what I […]

10 Reasons to Go Small by Tammy Strobel

  Friends and family always inquire about our tiny house obsession. Usually they ask: “Why a tiny house?” Living a tiny lifestyle appeals to us on a number of levels. Below are the top 10 reasons for choosing a tiny solution:   1. Exiting the Consumer Lifestyle   Living in a tiny house is one […]

The Mindset for Making Money by Pam Grout

Is being wealthy a state of mind? Pam Grout says the time to be wealthy is right now by looking at wealth from a quantum physics perspective. And she says that money isn’t real anyway.   In 1937 when Napoleon Hill wrote his now-classic tome, quantum physics was still in diapers. Einstein, of course, had […]

10 Things A Business Needs To Be Valuable by Jo Haigh

  How do you present your business to make it really saleable, by business and finance expert Jo Haigh. There are numerous ways of valuing a business but only one that works; that is the price you are prepared to accept and the buyer is prepared and is able to pay. What you can do […]

Is Alan Sugar a self made man, or was he born brilliant?

  Alan Sugar is convinced that entrepreneurs are born and not made. But is he right? The Best You finds out. “Entrepreneurial spirit is something you are born with, just like a concert pianist’s talent. Stick me in a room with a piano teacher for a year and maybe I’ll end up being able to […]

Secrets of the Secret Millionaire- Gill Fieilding

  Gill Fielding grew up in London’s East End and left school when she was 16 with no formal qualifications. She is now a multi-millionaire. What does she know that we don’t? Bernardo Moya talks to her to find out. Gill Fielding first came to prominence in the UK as a “secret millionaire” on the […]

For the love of Money by T.Harv Eker

  Internationally acclaimed author and coach T. Harv Eker shares some wise lessons for financial-phobes on how personal and financial wellbeing may be linked, particularly during or post- recession…     On the face of it, a partnership between two people in love shouldn’t be affected by our own view of ‘The Mean Green’. Yet, […]

Laughing all the way to the bank

With the economy in the state it’s in and the banks refusing to lend money to people, no matter their credit rating, Dave Fishwick was convinced he could do a better job than the high street banks. The Best You finds out how it went.   Dave Fishwick, a minibus salesman from Burnley, England, and […]