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Changing lives, inspiring people, one at a time by Bernardo Moya

With our sister company NLP Life Training, we’ve just delivered eight seminars in 19 days to more than 1,000 people who attended our courses. We love what we do and we love to meet the people who attend our courses and when we see a sparkle in their eye. We have seen this many times […]

Their inspirational stories

  There are so many challenges in the world, and everyone goes through a fair amount of these in their lives. But some have to go through more than others, so we have three amazing survival stories from people who have overcome these challenges.   Dries Millard T8 complete paraplegic Before my disability, the course […]

15 Ways to Spread Kindness in Your World Today by Henrik Edberg

  “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” Henry James   “Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.” Confucius   Kindness is often a pretty simple thing to spread in the world. But we often forget about it. Or […]

Reach for the Stars! by Tamsen Garrie

  On the day when everyone is making New Year resolutions and/or setting goals, I received this text from my mum:   “New year, new intentions: keep your sights high and your feet on the ground”.   As a teenager, I was described by one astrologist as an Idealistic Realist (My birthday falls on the cusp of […]

Seeing With Your Ears

  Lucas Murray is a boy with an extraordinary skill. Although Lucas, from Poole in Dorset, is completely blind, he can throw a basketball accurately into a hoop, he can walk around his street and he can even identify what objects are made of without touching them. What’s more, he’ll never need to use a […]

It’s never to late by Bernardo Moya

  It’s Never Too Late   As time goes by, we often think that we have missed our opportunity to do something. But the truth is you’ll never get something done unless you start it. And the story of the following two women should make anyone who thinks they’re “too old” to think again. Mary […]

5 Golds in 5 Olympics – The story of Steve Redgrave by The Best You

  With the Olympics in full swing, remembering the amazing achievements Olympic greats will inspire anyone to get out there and succeed.   One of the great Olympian athletes of all time is Sir Steve Redgrave – not because he won Olympic gold in his sport of rowing – but because he won Olympic gold […]

More Confidence in Spain – and everywhere else, too! – by Bernardo Moya

  Bernardo Moya, the CEO of The Best You, writes about his new venture – bringing his Personal Development ethos to the Spanish-speaking world. Athough I grew up in a bi-lingual household, spending part of my childhood in the UK and part of it in Spain, my first experiences in Personal Development came via an […]

Weekly Inspirer: Positive Attitude and Hard Work Wins!

  Positive Attitude and Hard Work Wins!  The Best You Can  would like to congratulate James O’Shea for getting into the GB Paralympics Swim Team.   James lost his legs in a accident as a teenager and while he freely admits that making that adjustment was tough for him at first, he has gone on […]

Nikolai Tesla – The Amazing Life Of A True Genius by The Best You

Born in Croatia in 1856 to an illiterate mother and a priest, Nikola Tesla was no doubt a genius. At college he showed how he could perform integral calculus in his head, prompting his teachers to accuse him of cheating. During his first year at University he worked from 3am to 11pm every day, but […]

Who Is The Man? Bill Curbishley

Bill Curbishley has led the most amazing life. Promoter and manager for The Who and Led Zeppelin, a film producer of such classics as Tommy and Quadrophenia and a man who mixes with the elite in society, his stories and experiences could fill a library, let alone a magazine article. With his background very similar […]

Keeping the vision. Interview with Dr Janet Gray MBE

  One woman’s amazing journey from blindness to world class sport – and her return from near-death. When Janet Gray was 14, she was told she could lose her eyesight, just like her brother and her father. “Though it was genetic, it was under control. Then a blow to the eye socket exacerbated the disease,” […]

The True Story of Soichiro Honda – The Japanese Henry Ford

The son of a blacksmith born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1906, Soichiro Honda spent his early years with his father repairing bicycles. He had little interest in school, forging his father’s family stamp to show receipt of school reports. However, he was curious about engineering and his love of invention was born on seeing an […]