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“Home is where the heart is”. by Ali Bastian

Actress Ali Bastian writes about her life as a yogi on the road – this issue she shares her experiences with London-based teacher Mollie Morris My pursuit of a yoga practice has often been accompanied by the notion that I need to travel far and wide to get to the ‘root’ of yoga, or perhaps […]

Rocky Road to Success: Elizabeth Taylor – Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Elizebeth Taylor was born in a suburb of London during the all-too-short years of peace between World War I and World War II. By happenstance, Taylor’s parents had chosen to pursue financial gain in an industry seemingly impervious to The Great Depression: art dealing; they escaped much of the fallout from the economic hardship in […]

Rocky Road to Success: Chelsea Handler – A Handle on Success

It’s a bit difficult to be noticed when you’re the youngest of six kids and everyone in your neighbourhood has more money than your family. That’s how Chelsea Handler came into the world in 1975-New Jersey. Her father was a used car dealer, and the Handlers were used to the sort of workman-like mentality she […]

Rocky Roads to Success – Carrie Fisher: Forcing A Balance

Carrie Fisher was born into wealth, fame and privilege; she went on to international acclaim and superstardom with her roles in the Star Wars movies and lived happily ever after. Perhaps Fisher herself wishes her life had been so streamlined, but it wasn’t so for the daughter of two famous parents. Fisher was raised in […]

Eternally positive – Kelle Bryan

As a teenager, Kelle Bryan enjoyed chart success with Eternal, but after pop stardom, lupus struck. Despite this she hasn’t let the illness stop her achieving her ambitions and helping others too   Sitting in a Winnebago on a farm in 500 acres of green countryside, having her hair and make-up done for new reality […]

Jane Fonda: Miss fortunate

For a woman with such a well-known and celebrated family name, Jane Seymour Fonda never walked an easy path to success. Born to actor Henry Fonda in 1937, Jane Fonda, curiously, was a distant relation to Jane Seymour, a wife to Henry VIII. The first of many hardships in Fonda’s life arrived when she was […]

Emily Blunt Talk of the town

Emily blunt

Not your typical ‘rocky road’ to success story, Emily Blunt was born to a well-to-do London family in 1983. Amidst three siblings and a father who was a career-barrister, Blunt early on began to struggle with being heard. Around the age of seven, she found that she couldn’t speak like other children; not fluidly nor […]

Still Jenny from the Block

  Pop superstar, actress and TV judge Jennifer Lopez on juggling her career, being a single mom-of-two and dealing with the pressures of being in the public eye.   She’s been a Fly Girl, a movie star, a pop superstar, a tabloid staple, a businesswoman, a philanthropist and, most importantly to her, a mother. It’s […]

Catherine Zeta-Jones: All The Right Moves

  “I hope I can help remove any stigma attached to [bipolar disorder], and that those who don’t have it under control will seek help.”   In 1969, Catherine Zeta-Jones was born to Welsh and Irish parents in Swansea, Wales. She began performing from a very young age for friends and family whenever she could, […]

Sarah Jessica Parker: Success and The City

  “When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?”   It’s fitting that Sarah Jessica Parker is sometimes known as America’s sweetheart. Parker was the youngest of four children born into a struggling family in an Ohio coal-mining town. Her parents divorced when she was two. Soon after, her […]

What does it take to be a director?

  Part of being the best you can be is focusing on what it takes to get there. We’re continuing the “What does it take…?” column, which looks at this aspect of being the best. This month, we’re chatting with award-winning director Lisa Gifford.   How do you become a director? For anyone who isn’t […]

Queen Latifah – A Royal Tale

  A moniker truly befitting of someone who has turned herself into American royalty, Queen Latifah was born as Dana Elaine Owens. Latifah’s work ethic and moral compass was fortified from a very young age. A natural choice for her tall stature, she played basketball in high school; from there she stepped onto the theatre […]

Angelina Jolie: an angel in disguise

  Beautiful, talented, with a father nominated for Oscars and an actress mother, it’s tempting to think that Angelina Jolie had it all handed to her on a plate. But that only tells half the story. The Best You reveals all.   Despite the apparent good fortune of being born into Hollywood glamour, Angelina Jolie […]