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How The Boss Of Ann Summers Changed Women’s Sex Lives – Jacqueline Gold

  The UK’s 16th wealthiest woman has been dubbed “the Queen of Sex” and “Princess of Pleasure”, but Jacqueline Gold’s early life was deeply unhappy. When she was born in 1960, her father David Gold wept with disappointment on hearing he had fathered a girl, not a boy. Jacqueline had all the trappings of wealth […]

The Amazing True Story Of Mahatma Gandhi

  How can one man bring down an empire that ruled one-fifth of the world? Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi did just that in his fight for Indian Independence from the British Empire. Though mediocre at school in India, Gandhi’s parents urged him to study law in England. Once qualified, he was too shy to appear in […]

Dame Evelyn Glennie – Good Vibrations

  Dame Evelyn Glennie is the first person in 20th Century Western Society to make a full-time living as a solo percussionist. She is also profoundly deaf. Born and raised on a farm in Aberdeenshire to musical parents, Evelyn started to go deaf from age 8, almost completely losing her hearing by age 12. Initially […]

Steve Jobs: The Elements of a Genius

  Born to unmarried college graduates in a judgemental era and then adopted by an accountant and carpenter, Steve Jobs’ birth mirrored his unconventional life. Able to read before he attended school, Jobs became a class prankster who had to be bribed to work. In 1973, he dropped out of university after six months. He […]

Are your kids safe? by Nia Jones

  You wouldn’t let your children take candy from a stranger in the street but would you let them talk to them on the Internet? Nia Jones looks at how to keep your children safe on the world wide web … We read horror stories every week in the media about vulnerable child being easily […]

The Best Candidates

  Many employers in the current job market report how difficult it is to find a suitable candidate from the many young people who come to interview. The employers’ perception is often that young adults leave school with few interpersonal skills and no idea what an employer wants. Mix this with perceived poor attitude and […]

5 Foods To Maximise Your Brain Power

  Feeding your brain the right food will mean that you stay more alert, smarter and focussed for longer. The Best You gives you 5 Brain-boosting tips. 1. Remember To Boost Your Memory – the skill of remembering things is connected with the activating brain cells to build new pathways. The more excited they are, […]

Are diets doing more harm than good?

  The clubs, organisations, diets and plans spreading across the world are meeting a general hunger for weight loss. Organisations like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Rosemary Conley and Slimming World create a sense of camaraderie that makes people stay with the programme. But with obesity an ever-growing problem, we have to ask: Diets are supposed […]

Master Your Goals In 2013

  An inspirational speaker, author and teacher, Brian Mayne, creator of the world-leading achievement system ‘Goal Mapping’, shares his experience on how you should start off 2013 … The New year is here and it’s the perfect time for setting goals. goal-setting is actually something that everyone does all the time, but don’t know they […]

Lucky Roger Federer?

  Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis player, and is currently ranked number two in the world, perhaps the best ever. He holds many records, but players are ultimately judged on how many grand Slam titles they have won. Federer holds the current record with 17, and notably demonstrated his versatility and adaptability by winning […]

Jungle Shirley – Shirley Thompson

  In another life, Belfast born Shirley Thompson would probably be a mogul in the entertainment industry. Born into a musical family, Thompson grew up surrounded by names like Van Morrison and Rory gallagher. As the main financial backers of Radio Caroline, Thompson’s father and uncle helped bring pop to the UK airwaves. But music […]

Looking Backward To Go Forward by Matt Wingett

  As the New Year comes in, we naturally make plans for the coming 12 months. There can be exciting things ahead – but now might also be time to do the New Year’s stocktake. Matt Wingett reports …   Whether you wake up on New Year’s Day 2013 bright-eyed or hungover, I can guarantee […]

Dream on – How to become a golf pro in a year by John Richardson

  When John Richardson was a boy growing up in Northern Ireland, he watched with deep fascination as Seve Ballesteros won the Irish open. “He was incredible at that stage,” he says, comparing him to his other sporting heroes, george Best, Mohammed ali and ayrton Senna. “The pinnacle of sporting achievement.” For a fleeting moment, […]

Get Your Mojo Working – 5 Ways To Build Motivation by The Best You

  Whether it’s getting that fantastic idea to come to fruition, or just getting over that feeling of the blues at work, the one ingredient everyone needs is Motivation. So, how do you light that fire? Maybe a few days’ holiday will make you realise what really makes you shine. or maybe you need to […]

Your Most Enjoyable Year Yet – by Michael Neill

  Since 1994, I have begun each year by going through a wonderful process developed by Jinny Ditzler called your Best year yet. I would review my achievements and failures from the year before, look for any limiting beliefs that might be holding me back, check in with my values and set my goals for […]

When Motion Creates Emotion

  “Just a few years ago I’d never heard of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, NLP, and had no idea that Barnes & Noble had the entire section dedicated to “self help and personal development”. But in 2007 my whole world turned upside down… “Back then we were expecting our first child. I was […]

The Best You’s Wellness in the Workplace survey 2013

With the world’s economy in the doldrums, businesses and the people who work in them are feeling the pinch and suffering more and more from stress. The Best You’s Wellbeing In The Workplace Survey finds out the attitudes of those at the sharp end.   The effects of stress at work are very real – […]

Nicky Hambleton Jones – How She Did It In Her Own Fashion

  Nicky Hambleton-Jones is a gutsy woman, knowledgeable and educated, both as a doctor and nutritionist. When I met her, what I really liked about her was the way she decided to give it up all in her late twenties to start life anew in London. Like many others, she didn’t know what she wanted […]

Fire In The Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay by Cherie Saunders

  Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself as a straight-talking celebrity chef, who intrigues TV audiences with his foul-mouth rants in the kitchen. The Best You caught up with him to find out what sparks his fire.    Ramsay has carved a name for himself as the Simon Cowell of reality TV cooking […]